Sexy Sweet Tuesday

We love to have fun with my wife’s sexy body. She has been very open sexually since a kid in school. I have enjoyed her open attitude for over 15 years now and it has been wild sometimes. Yesterday we were home after a work day and she was very flirty. Being many years older than her I was quick to cum and she was not satisfied. She was on the phone and by dark three guys pulled down our drive ready for some of her sexy body. Living out in the country she stays naked all of the time at home and she greeted the guys flirtatiously naked in the yard.

She walked out to the dusty dry drive making sure to let her big tits swing from side to side and she swayed her sexy little ass with every step. One tall black guy grabbed her up and they kissed with sloppy tongues as the other two watched in amazement. They did not know Ellen so this was completely new to them. Later they told me that the whole thing was like a dream. The tall guy and her kept kissing and he groped her big naked tits putting on a great show for the new guys. They stood close smiling from ear to ear. Finally the tall guy pulled his mouth off of hers and Larry introduced the other two middle aged guys. I walked out form our covered patio and they two new guys looked a bit startled.

Larry introduced them to me and reminded them that I was cool with my wild wife fucking other guys. Larry asked me to grab a sack in the car and the other two carried a heavy cooler to our patio. I had a small fire in the pit and the hot tub was bubbling. The guys loved our party pad and told me that my wife was one hot piece of ass and they were afraid that she would be some kind of ugly bitch. I told them to check her out and they did. Ellen was in heaven with the three black guys and they played for the next hour getting to know each other. No one fucked, but the guys were sporting wood as they grabbed her big tits and hot little ass. Ellen was so horny that she had her fingers in her pussy and blatantly played with her own nipples for the guys to watch. It was several drinks and an hour later when she could not handle another minute longer and pulled out a long stiff black cock and started sucking it. Larry watched her for a minute as his friend’s dark skinned cock disappeared down her throat.

He pulled down his shorts and pushed his 9 inch cock into her hungry shaved white pussy. The three fucked hard with the guy in front ramming his 9 inches all of the way down her throat. She is excellent at giving head and showed off for the guys. The guy in her pussy pulled out and he traded places with Larry. Larry slammed his big cock into her pussy and fucked her from behind.

I had some music playing and the three guys took turns fucking my wild farm slut for an hour. It was then that one asked if she liked anal and she stuck her horny ass out and he pushed his cock into it. The other two talked with me and Larry was telling him that he had been fucking Ellen for ten years now. He could not believe it and asked if I was ok with it. I told him, with a laugh, that she was much to wild for one man and I was glad they came out to give me a hand with her!

The new guy asked if I was worried about her leaving me and I told him that she was always welcome to go out for the night but there was no fear of her leaving me. We are much too good with each other and she would never meet a guy as open minded as I am. Another thing is the farm, we have 200 acres of hills and creeks and horsys that she can run naked through all spring summer and fall. About that time the guy came in her ass and she let out a yell that you could hear a mile away. She is very vocal when she cums. Ellen rose up with the guys’ cock still deep in her ass and leaned back and turned her head as they kissed like lovers do.

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