Sexy Sisters Foursome

My girlfriend Carrie was 40 years old when I met her and
is hot as a firecracker. I know that it is said a woman
really gets into sex at that age but I guess she has
always been that way. We have been dating for about two
years. She is my only girlfriend but I am far from her
only boyfriend. Even though I am 10 years younger than
her, and considered myself to be a horny stud, I often
can’t keep up with her needs. Carrie craves cocks.

I asked her out because she looked so much like the
younger version of my favorite porn star Lisa Sparxxx. I
was hoping to see those big chest bags swinging over me
as she rode my cock. After a good dinner she invited me
to her house and started making out with me as soon as
the door was closed. When she took me to her bedroom it
was obvious that her bed had recently been used for
carnal pleasures.

After we stripped each other she threw a towel over the
wet spot and led me onto the playground. She insisted I
eat her while she got familiar with my hard parts then
as she aimed my smaller head at her wet spot she
murmured, “Hope you like it slippery!”

It was and I do, and soon her cunt was even wetter.
After a short rest I was enjoying her ample tits with my
hands and mouth as she rode my re-inspired dick. I spent
the night and we fucked about 6 times altogether and
played a lot in between.

After a small breakfast she said she needed some sleep
since she had a lunch date and sent me away. She agreed
to go out with me three nights later since that was her
first free evening.

I jacked off a lot waiting for the next time to be with
Carrie. This time we ate in and got to fucking even
sooner. After an energetic screw we were laying side by
side in her bed when she propped herself up and said we
needed to talk. She explained that she enjoyed variety
in sex too much to ever be exclusive to one man. She
liked me both in and out of bed and I had passed her
tests on our first date.

I looked puzzled and she explained that I was willing to
eat and fuck her even though she made it very obvious
that she was freshly screwed. I had also been ok making
another date when I knew she would be banging other guys
before and after me on the same day. I replied that it
was HER body so what she did with it was her decision. I
would be pleased to enjoy it as often as I could.

That got a BIG hug from her and another vigorous screw.
I couldn’t stay as she had an overnight date already
arranged but I was welcome to have “lunch and more” with
her tomorrow. I accepted. Back in her busy bed after
lunch, the only clue that she had fucked someone else
since our last date was how silky slick she felt to my
cock. When I commented how nice it felt she explained
that she never rinsed her vagina out since semen was
good for a woman and she liked having all the different
sperm inside her at the same time.

As I spent more time with Carrie, usually twice a week
with our schedules, I got to know more about her as a
person. She began to trust me enough to open up with her
story. She had started sex with a neighbor boy at a
young age and his two brothers were soon fucking her
too. She loved the pleasure and attention. Her mother
had neglected sex education and she got pregnant. Then
her mother arranged a cut rate abortion that left her
unable to have children.

She compensated for that loss with even more screwing.
Her first husband got her out of the poor home situation
where her stepfather was banging her several times a
week with no regard for her enjoyment. The marriage
lasted less than a year when the husband couldn’t keep
up or accept sharing her. She got to liking having
another guy over for 24 hours and being naked and
available to every erection they could muster. Hubby got
jealous and feeling inadequate.

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