Sexy mother-in-law takes chance when her husband is away

My wife Indira was petite and was more of an average girl next door. She had attended a convent boarding school, and was very much influenced by the nuns. She was a very good student and was more of an academic. She was very lovable and was friendly with everyone. Ever since I was married I had however always been sexually attracted to my mother-in-law, Mrs Urmila Shekhawat. Although she was actually about 51 years, she had maintained her figure and still looked like she was around in her 40s. She was of average height and physique. I found that the few extra inches on her waist made her look sexier. She had nice large round breasts, and she had a wide full ass. She would wear her sari very tightly, which would emphasize and accentuate her curves, especially her hips and boobs. The portion of her bare waist and back below the neck that was visible always aroused me. Occasionally she would lift her sari up to her knees to show off her slender legs and feet. However the sexiest part of my mother-in-law was her eyes. They were large and she would take quick focused direct stares, and when our eyes met she quickly would shyly look down and smile.

My wife’s dad was about 9 years older than Urmila. By nature Urmila was very gentle and loving. But I knew she was very hot and had been secretly satisfying her sexual needs by meeting younger men through her friends. Whenever she went out I had noticed she used to go alone. My mother-in-law was a sort of sex goddess to me and I wished I would get an opportunity to spend private moments with her. I had a feeling she too secretly desired me.

My wife’s dad once had to go to the city for work related to his real estate business. As Urmila would be alone, my wife asked me to go and stay over at their place for a couple of days. I was quite excited about going over there, as I always had secretly lusted for my mother-in-law. In the evening she greeted me at the door, led me to the living room. I sat down in the large sofa. She went to the kitchen and returned with a beer and two glasses. When she bent down to put them on the table, I could partially see her large breasts and cleavage. I poured the beer into both the glasses, and offered her one. I knew she used to drink beer, but this was the first time she was having it in front of me in the living room. After we had a couple of beers, she had started touching me and moved very close to me. She was wearing a dark blue chiffon sari, tight blouse, and high heels. She had put on makeup and her perfume was very exciting. The eyeliners, red lipstick and her heavy makeup made her look very sexy and vampish.

We went to the dining room where I noticed everything was already laid out. She started serving everything herself, and as she did she would deliberately come all over me provocatively. I felt uneasy at first, and told her why are you taking all the trouble, and asked her where was the maid. She told me she had allowed the regular maid to go back early today. Now I understood that she had great plans for tonight. During the course of the dinner, Urmila had allowed her sari to fall down, and as she would bend down to serve me I had a great view of her big boobs. Her feet and legs were also touching mine under the table.

After dinner we again went to the living room for coffee. My sexy mother-in-law sat down very close next to me. By the time we had finished our coffee, I had my left arm around her and she had placed her hand on my thighs. I gave her a peck on the cheek. When she noticed my hard-on, she stroked it gently from outside. This really aroused me, and so I put my left hand on her breast. Urmila had large firm boobs, and I could feel her nipples grow harder through her blouse. I massaged both her boobs with my hands. Due to the excitement, our lips found each other, and we kissed passionately. She then led me to her bedroom.

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