Sexy Mom

Hi people im new here i have been coming here off and on though for quiet a while reading stories etc. I have been wanting my mom for a few years ever since i was in my teens i suppose i just couldn’t help it no matter how many times i tried to not think about her like that i always did. My mom has always been very religious going to church 2 times a week and she is one of the secretaries there and i was always turned on when she would come home and i would see her in her dresses. I used to go through her drawer in her room when she was gone i loved looking at her panties and dreamed about taking them off of her i has to pairs of her panties in my room under my mattress i would get off to. I forgot to say my mom is indeed still married to my dad although he is gone a lot due to work. Mom has the hottest body and nicest ass even for a 40 year old woman mmmmmm and im 18 at the time. Bare with me im not used to writing things like this and this is first time i have wrote anything about it. One night i was at a friends house all night and when i came home the next morning i walk in my room and notice my mom had been in there to get my dirty clothes to wash and i didn’t think anything of it but she peeks into my room and tells me she wants to talk to me after my dad leaves for work. So a few hours later she walks into my room and closes the door behind her and sits on my bed and guess what she had in her hand? yup the 2 pairs of her panties i had under my mattress! So i freak out don’t know what to say but mom smiles and tells me she found them under my mattress and asked me if i thought about other girls wearing her panties or her i was so damn nervous but i told her the truth i thought about them on her and she clears her throat looks away from me then back jumps up starts walking out of my room but before she gets out of the room she says ….it’s okay it’s normal but nothing can happen and walks out. It was really weird the way it happened like she couldn’t deal with it and she left her panties on my bed. I was shaking like crazy and my heart was about to burst out my chest and i was hard as a rock! I saw mom sitting in kitchen and i told her she left something in my room and she looks at me and says, i know sweetie i meant to and she says fast i gotta go to the store ill be back and rushes out the house and shes gone. Okay what the hell was that all about i thought after all that i have to go rub one out it was craziness! A few hours go by and i hear her come home and i eventually go to bed nobody says anything. The next morning mom is gone which is weird because she always lets me know where shes off to. A few hours go by and i hear my phone vibrating and i see it’s a message from mom and i nearly have a damn heart attack and what it said so i look and all it says is, sweetie after you told me what you did i couldn’t sleep all night and i have been thinking a lot and i think that maybe we both need something so 1 night. My heart is pounding im shaking this can’t be real but it was later that afternoon we had a serious talk we ended up making plans to get a local motel room i later found out that she didn’t think anything would actually happen she though i might touch and kiss but i wouldn’t actually go further than that but she told me weeks later she knew it was going to go much further when i unbuttoned/unzipped her jeans. I will write more about what went down little later but i actually got into my moms panties

By :Chrisp

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