Sexy granny returns stud’s oral expertise

Anna was in a cum coma for days. That’s what her best friend, Deb, called it, Deb having a way with words, always blunt, to the point and sexual.

Deb and Anna were in their 60s, Deb a horny divorcee, Anna stuck in a sexless, bland marriage, totally devoid of passion. Deb had convinced Anna to avail herself of the services of Juan, a sexy Puerto Rican lad of 20, muscular, handsome and possessed of oral skills Deb guaranteed would blow Anna’s mind.

And she was right. After some cajoling, Anna acquiesced, and Juan visited her, regaling the sexy older silver-haired granny with adoration and attention, and that most remarkable tongue and mouth. He’d done things to her not done in ages, if ever, and left her completely relaxed. Or in a cum coma, as Deb laughingly told her later, when Anna called to report to her friend.

“Jesus Christ, he’s amazing,” Anna sighed into the phone, still sitting on the couch where Juan had left her after licking her pussy and ass to a scorching series of orgasms. “The poor kid, though, he had this…lord, this amazing boner in his tight little pants, I felt bad for him, but he said not to bother, I was the important one.”

“Bingo, baby, it’s all about you!” Deb laughed, and in the back ground a door bell rang. “Oh, gotta go, girlfriend, got company.”

“Do not tell me,” Anna said with a laugh.

“Yup,” Deb growled. “The boy himself! Don’t worry, sweetheart, he may come in with a hard-on, but I won’t let him leave with one!”

“You’re so bad,” Anna giggled, clicking the call off.

She stayed in the cum coma for a few days, more than happy with how it went, not a shred of guilt felt, which surprised her. Anna was old fashioned in that regard, marrying young, having a decent sex life that evaporated when the kids came along, and just enduring.

But now she was tired of enduring. Bill, her work-addicted slug of a husband, never gave her what she wanted, the glaring difference between him and Juan all the more so after what had happened. She lay in bed with him a few nights later as he went over some papers from work, grunting as he read, checking off what needed to be checked off, totally ignoring Anna, who’d slipped into a tiny negligee to see if she could pique some interest.

“Bill,” she said seductively, running a hand under the covers to cup his pathetic nub of a dick in his pajamas. “How long has it been since….you..licked me…you know, there…”

Bill’s head slowly rolled to look at her. He wasn’t smiling. He looked annoyed.

“Honey, really,” he said. “Haven’t we been over this? You know I don’t, you know, like that stuff….”

She palmed his nub. She felt it stiffen. A sign. She smiled.

“C’mon, Bill, c’mon,” she growled, kissing his neck.

“Sweetheart, listen,” he said, thrusting up into her insistent hand, all four inches of his slim pecker at the ready. “If you want to do something…well…hell, it has been awhile…”

She stopped and glared at him. Taking her hand from his dick.

“Oh, so it’s all right for ME to do oral on YOU, but not the other way around?” she said angrily.

“You know what, fuck it, forget it,” he snapped, sliding out of bed with his damned paperwork. “I’ve gotta finish this for the meeting tomorrow, I’m going down to my office.”

She sat in the stony silence, arms crossed over the exposed cleavage of her tits that she’d hoped would arouse her husband. But in her heart, she knew full well it wouldn’t. She knew what his reaction would be. She counted on it.

This was affirmation, she realized, acknowledging that subconsciously she’d been testing Bill, to make sure her tryst with Juan was justified. Her first tryst outside marriage. Her one and only tryst. So far.

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