Sexy granny “ambushes” her young oral slave

Anna was feeling mischievous. The lovely 60-something grandmother had been following her good friend Deb’s advice, availing herself of the very pleasant services of Juan, a gorgeous young Latino stud with an expertise in providing older women oral gratification.

Anna had been lamenting her lack of sex life with her long-time husband, Bill, a miserable, work-addicted sort who never deigned to perform oral on his lovely wife, nor provide any sexual satisfaction at all, preferring his work to his spouse. So Deb, a single woman of Anna’s age with a deliciously deviant sex drive that included bedding men 40 years her junior, had talked Anna into meeting up with Juan, to alleviate her stress, to put her into a “cum coma,” as she indelicately called it, that marvelous fog of post-oral sex.

Anna went along with it and was quite glad she did. She’d met up with Juan twice, once at her house when Bill was again at work one night, another time in the backseat of her car in the beach parking lot just down the street from her home. That was the best so far, so forbidden, so romantic, so young feeling in it lustful intensity. The first time, Juan had just performed the most fantastic oral on Anna, devouring her hairy pussy and tasting her ass, the first time anyone had devoted such naughty attention to her bum. And the second time, he did it all, and they made love, Juan cleaning her up after with his magical mouth. His willingness to lick and suck his own cum from her body was nothing Anna had ever experienced before.

She loved it. And wanted more. It had been a few days since their second interlude and she was aching for release again. She called Deb and they talked about it.

“Ya know, baby, I think you need to ambush the boy,” Deb laughed. “You know, find him, take him by force, take that handsome face of his in your pussy and make him satisfy you!”

“Lord, Deb, you are truly too much,” Anna sighed. “Take him? Take his face? He’s such a nice young man, so kind, so gentle, so…”

“Willing to do anything, and I mean anything you want, sugar,” Deb interjected. “Trust me, he’ll play along. I do it all the time.”

“Seriously?” Anna asked, interest piqued, her pussy moistening at the thought of a random attack on the young stud’s face.

“‘Oh, yeah,” Deb said with a low growl. “One time, I went to where he works, he’s a low-level manager at a hedge fund downtown, has a tiny little office in a corner, very hidden away. I marched in, threw my legs over his head as he sat in his chair, and boom, one of the best orgasms of my life! Tell ya, it’s so worth it, I’m grinding away on his face, squeezing him in my thighs as he leaned back in his chair…fuck, getting so horny thinking about it, may have to do that again now!”

“Not so fast there, girlfriend,” Anna laughed, her mind racing with the image of her horny friend slamming her crotch into her young lover’s licking face. “This is me we’re talking about, not you…”

“There you go!” Deb laughed. “See, you got a dominant streak in you, kiddo. Use it. Today. Now.”

Anna looked down at herself. She’d just come back from a five-mile run on this hot morning and was drenched in sweat, feeling not at all clean. But Juan didn’t care, he liked his older women ripe, as Deb once told her.

“Damn right!” Anna said with a giggle.

“He works over on B Street, the mercantile building, Landgrove Investing, fourth floor, office to the far right,” Deb said.

“Jesus, Deb, you want me to be a stalker like you?” Anna laughed.

“Sexy thing, stalking, if you do it right,” Deb said, continuing with “every morning he takes the cross-town bus near his house to work. That gives you some options.”

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