Sexually insatiable Mom lets her Son play too

My mother works as a Front Office manager at a luxury hotel. During my summer vacation from college, I got a part-time job at the same hotel. This meant that I had exclusive access to places where my mom worked.

One day, I saw my mother and her boss walking towards the conference room. They were a short distance away from me. It all seemed so normal, except for the fact that the boss ran her fingers through mom’s hair.

For some important context, the boss is a gorgeous Hispanic woman in her 50’s. Her name is Alejandra. She beams with confidence, she’s a natural leader, and she has a statuesque figure which compliments her stern face.

By contrast, my mother is demure and proper in every way. She’s equally as desirable, but she has a delicate softness about her.

It was jarring to see Alejandra rubbing mom’s hair as they walked together. Especially since Alejandra was a tall woman, and my mother is so petite. No matter what my personal feelings were, to an average person, this would look sexual. It quickly sunk in, that whatever this was, it certainly wasn’t business.

Before they turned to head down the hall, I saw Alejandra plant a big kiss on my mother’s forehead in the most dominating way.

I was stunned. I had to find out.

Thoughts swirled through my mind as I followed them. How could mom do this to our family? How could she risk everything for sex with her female boss? It was particularly surprising because I had always regarded my mother as being a very conservative, family oriented person. She always kept her body covered, even on hot days. She always greeted people with a warm smile and always taught me to do the right thing. Now here she was…

This area of the hotel was for employees only. No one else was there. And the conference room was mostly private, but there were small openings from glass windows where someone could peek inside.

I walked slowly, hoping this was all a crazy misunderstanding. When I spied on them through the small glass, my worst fear came true– I saw Alejandra naked from behind as she was taking her clothes off. The boss was completely nude facing the other direction. And she appeared to strap something to her crotch.

My mother wasn’t in sight for a moment, until she stepped before the boss while also completely naked. This was the first time I had ever seen my mother naked before. She was so gorgeous. Her body was mouth watering and the boss eyed her up and down.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, Alejandra turned and I saw that she was wearing a strap-on dildo. That thing must have easily been about 7 or 8 inches, compared to my petite 5’3 mother.

As if on cue, my mother turned around and laid her bare breasts on the conference table. She spread her legs, with her bare feet pressed on the floor. Alejandra said a few words in mom’s ear, before guiding the tip of the strap-on to mom’s pussy.

It took a few seconds for Alejandra to get the tip inside before she could begin to penetrate my mother. I could see mom letting out a gasp each time there was a thrust. Alejandra gripped mom’s waist and then really went to work.

The contrast was amazing, with Alejandra’s luscious body and brown skin, compared to mom’s softer physique and thin white figure. The look on their faces also showed their contrast, with Alejandra grinning, and mom’s face grimacing.

I was amazed by how far that strap-on could be rammed so far deep inside my mother’s slender body. I could see mom clenching her jaw from the pain and squeezed her eyes shut, causing all the lines on her face to show, making her look older than she was.

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