Sex with Paula – What others think of your sex?

“Someone will see that,” Paula said looking down at my hard cock tenting my slacks. I’d read her story about exposing herself at an adult movie theater and then having sex with a handful of men. Sitting there in the coffee shop where we had agreed to meet I couldn’t stop thinking about how horny she could be.

“Its the way you like to come,” I whispered. “It makes me hard.”

“Well of course it does. Here, someone will definitely see that,” she said and scooted her chair nearer to mine. “Maybe if I sit real close it won’t be so obvious. You don’t want one of these scary old ladies to get the wrong idea.”

“What idea would that be?” I asked. Her warmth next to me only made my throbbing cock harder. “That I want to orgasm so hard it covers your entire body from head to toe?”

One of her hands moved from her cup under the table and came to rest on my thigh. “Is it very hard?”

I moved in my seat, the sensation of her hand so close to my cock was driving me crazy. “Yes, very.”

“Focus on my eyes,” she said. “Or my lips. Do you want to orgasm right now? I think we should go to your car.”

“You have amazing eyes,” I said. That helped, I looked into them and relaxed but only for a few seconds because her hand brushed closer and closer to my cock. I looked at her lips as she licked them. “Oh god.”

“Your car then?” she asked. Her fingertip ran along the outline of my cock. “Can you walk?”

“If I follow close behind you,” I said thinking of my cock tenting my pants and all the people in the coffee shop knowing how close to coming I was. “Don’t walk to fast.”

Her hand moved to grasp my hard on. “Oh that is hard. You can press it to my ass and push me along. Nobody will know a thing.”

“God!” Her hand was pulling at me just below the swollen head. “If you keep that up I’ll let go right here.”

“mmmm,” she hummed and then let go and stood. Her body looked even hotter than I’d thought moments before when I realized she was naked below her coat. “I bet you’d like that.”

“Sure thing,” I said standing quickly. She moved smooth as anything right in front of me taking the tent pole of my cock right between her barely covered ass cheeks.

I held my coffee close to her shoulder and pushed forward.

“Nice,” she said. “We could just stand here while I check out the newspaper stand.”

I pushed more and she moved slowly forward. Her hands held her drink right in front of her as she shuffled her feet forward and intentionally let her head turn to stare at the news papers.

“See anything interesting?” I asked.

“Huh?” she said.

“Excuse me,” someone pushed by us to grab a paper.

Paula almost dropped her drink and shoved her ass back onto my cock. “Oh!”

“Sorry,” the woman said.

I pushed forward kind of duck walking Paula toward the door. “That’s okay.”

As soon as we were out the door Paula stepped a little away and reached her free hand down to my cock. “That’s fucking hot.”

I took a deep breath but held my tongue as she pulled me toward the parking lot. It took all my self control not to throw her down and fuck her right there. The thing is that I knew she’s love it too. There was something down right exhibitionist in this woman.

We parted long enough to get in on either side. She didn’t waste any time talking and went right to undoing my pants and pulling my cock out.

“I’ve wanted to get a look at you,” she said. Her fingers wrapped the shaft and slid down to cup my balls. “Definitely hard.”

“You think?” I said wanting her to suck it, stroke it, fuck it, anything but sit there and inspect it.

“I like the way the head swells so much,” she said using her other hand to trace a fingernail around the taught bell shaped ridge. “Does that hurt?”

By : formaze

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