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Hi this is Vish once again and y parents got divorced 15 years ago. I and my sister I got separated mom and her moved to Monaco. The divorce was heavy on the family my parents really hated each other as a result and I rarely see my sister. The years passed on and I grew fast and lost my virginity at young age and I’m 6′ 2 with a beautiful body that I keep tone by swimming.

I’m definitely not as tall as some of my European friends, but I do have the sexiest and most toned shoulders, chest and ass in terms of length, my cock is average; about 6.5 inches. It is incredibly fat though. I have torn many a tight cunt there was a time when I did a lot of drugs mostly LSD slept with many women and was quite aimless. Dad made sure I could live a dream.

The cars, bikes, homes it was his way of playing mind games with mom in a way and I filled that void of a mom with the lifestyle recently, they decided to be constructive and its awesome all you divorced people with kids, BE constructive and allow us sis and me to spend more time with each other with the hope that we would look out for each other in the future.

I will now describe my older sister 22. She has an athletic body with the sexiest Indian skin ever and the most beautiful eyes with long eyelashes. Her body is very petite and shaped curved poised something like Adriana Lima but with a little more flesh. This new living arrangement started after 5 years of absolutely no connection between us. I went to meet her at the airport it was incredibly awkward the instant.

We met because we both realized we were looking at good looking strangers. The moment passed in an instant and we went to the aww bro aww sis. I missed you simultaneously hugs and We went home and she got settled in; slept for aaages; spent almost a month lying in bed flitting between the bed pool and the salon. I had bigger fish to fry. My girlfriend and I had been fighting forever it was too demanding and I really needed my space.

So we took a break and it was excellent and I finally understood how unproductive our union was. A few of the best memories we had as kids were sitting by the televion, munching on microwave popcorn and nutella with rice crispiest one helluva combo. We carried on that tradition and always wound up glued to my giant plasma telly. It became a habit and she almost always dozed off on my bed. In the early mornings and she would sleep walk to her bed.

We often spoke about our personal lives and got really fond of our conversation as normal people do, I got horny at times. I often spend time glued to the screen watching xxx movies big everything during the movies, Id stroke my cock for what seemed like eternity and my balls drenched in pre cum. Now, I’m going to tell you her real name because I know she’d love to see this online.

Sonali would often fall asleep snuggled up curled into my side with the movie still playing. The first time our incestuous relationship began and we were watching an erotic movie called 9 songs. I was wearing these incredibly thin light blue boxers as the movie progressed and I became very aroused. It was evident from the rock hard erection and the tiny puddles of pre cum in the folds of my sac. She dozed off with an arm resting on my chest.

It’s very rare in guys, but I have an incredible visual capacity. I close my eyes and fantasize often when I do this and I can send surges of blood into my cock. It feels great and milks clear sticky liquid from the tip there and I am eyes closed palms flat on the bed fantasizing about a scene in the movie pulses of pleasure juicing my tower of meat suddenly and I feel a hand grab my cock and squeeze it at the same time.

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