Sex With My Own Granny

It happened years ago when I was like thirty years old. I still think about it to this day and sometimes masturbate. I always had the fantasy of being with a much older lady. Well one day it came true!

It all started when I found an ad in an adult magazine. A lady in her sixties was looking for NSA sex. This was back in the day when communication was mostly done by mail. I saw a pic of her. She had thigh high stockings on and was lying on her back. Needless to say my dick was already getting hard!

So I wrote her a letter that contained my phone number. A few days went by and then I got the call! She had a sexy voice and she wanted to meet at a local diner for coffee. I arrived before her and waited out front.

Soon, this short haired German lady walked in. She was very pretty and dressed nice! She had a green blouse and skirt on and I could see she had black nylons on with black three-inch heels! I was really getting excited then. I’m a huge lover of legs especially when they wear nylons.

We chatted over coffee and then she asked if I wanted to go back to her house. We arrived at her place and she offered up some wine. We sat on her couch and drank a couple glasses apiece. She then asked if I wanted to take us back to the bedroom. I knew now that I was about to lay my first grandma! My dick was SO hard!

She told me to make myself comfy and that she had to go to the bathroom. I undressed down to my underwear and lay back on her bed. I was stroking my cock a bit! She returned and walked over to the dresser and took her glasses off and kicked her heels off. She then stepped out of her skirt and took her blouse off. She was wearing pantyhose with green panties underneath and she also had a green bra on. She had really nice tits. More evidence of that was revealed when she popped her bra loose!

I told her to leave her nylons on as she walked over to the bed. She lay down next to me and we started to caress and kiss each other. Shortly after, she reached down and grabbed my manhood and started to stroke it! It felt SO good. I was kissing her tits and her nipples got very hard! I was also rubbing her nyloned legs. She was already starting to moan. I then moved my left hand under her pantyhose waistband and also into her panties. She had very little pussy hair and my middle finger reached her clit. She then whimpered and started to squirm. This went on for like a couple of minutes.

I then grabbed the top of her hose and started working them done her legs! I left one of her pantyhose legs on and then I removed her green panties. Gawd! I was getting so hot that I could hardly wait to mount her! She had a very nice vagina with protruding lips. I could tell she was already swollen a bit.

I then went down on her and buried my tongue. She smelled fresh and clean with a bit of perfume smell. She tasted delicious! I spent about three minutes eating her pussy. She was squirming underneath me and moaning in excess! I asked if she wanted to fuck and she said, “yes!”

I got on top of her and reached down and guided my cock in. I gave it one good shove as we both made a huge sigh. Oh, she was tight as I went balls deep in her. She wrapped her legs around my back as I started to pump her hard. The backboard of the bed was banging the wall and her bed was squeaky and we made a noise.

I couldn’t last any longer and she told me to fill her up. I exploded with passion! My load was now deep inside her wet hole. She was a great lay,

Later, she gave me a nice bj and we also sixty-nined. Our second round that day was with her on top. This German lady definitely knew how to fuck!

Later I found out that she had been widowed and that her and hubby had plenty of sex. I also found out that she had three to four other men come over and service her on a regular basis. We both liked it so much that we made a date for the very next day. She also told me she also wore lingerie and stockings. Sure enough, she had both on at our next meeting!

This went on for almost five years. Some of the best sex that I’ve had in my entire life! I would love to find an older lady even in her seventies to this very day to have NSA sex with! I am now fifty-six.

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