Sex with Dirty Old Rocky(D)

“Why did you take it?” Mike asked, “All you had to do was ask.”

And that was the problem really. I was pretty sure if I had asked to borrow the money he would have let me but instead I just took it. Anything I said from here would just sound like an excuse. I was just so disgusted with myself. Mike was in his late sixties and vulnerable and I had robbed him

“I’m sorry Mike, “ I said “Really. I am. I can only say that I panicked when the bank threatened to take my house off me. It’s been hard keeping up with the bills since Gerry left. But thats no excuse for doing what I did.”

“I am so disappointed Rachel. I thought we were friends. Go home, I need to think. Come back in the morning.”

I got out of there as quickly as I could totally ashamed of myself. Mike was right. Since I had been brought in as his nurse we had become friends. It started out with me changing his dressing from a really bad cut he had received when he fell in the local park. He landed on a bottle that had cut almost to the bone and severely damaged his muscle. The hospital had stitched it up, and social services had asked me to do home visits three days a week, to tidy his house up and prepare meals for him. As I had trained as a nurse they also asked me to clean and change his dressing.

After a week of just chatting, Mike said he was the typical dirty old man and quite liked having a young bit of stuff to leer at. I had laughed at that and just said “Well you know what they say. ‘there is no harm in looking’ but no touching. Ok?”

“Ok. I promise.“ Mike said.

The banter was funny, and I had to admit I enjoyed teasing him verbally and with looks, because I knew that that’s all it was, just talk. Mike did like to push his luck though. When I first started doing his dressing he would wear a dressing gown and boxers, by the end of the second week he was only wearing the dressing gown. To make it easier for me, he said. What he really meant was it was easier for me to see his erection which I pointedly ignored

At the end of the second week Mike offered me some extra hours, and suggested if we tweeked the hours I could go round his six days a week. As I needed the extra cash I agreed. Seeing me even more brought us even closer, but I have to say, even though some of what he said was downright dirty, he never once tried to touch me, even when I was only inches away from his not inconsiderable erection which, I have to say I found quite complimentary, but also at times arousing. I put that down to not having had any sex since Gerry walked out six months ago, or even a boyfriend as I had been far to busy working

We had a daily routine. When Mike got up he would have a shower and don his dressing gown. When I arrived I would cook his full English breakfast for him, and while he ate it I would have a coffee and we would chat. Into the third week Mike suddenly asked, “Why don’t you ever wear a skirt?”

I was a bit taken aback as it just seemed to pop out of the blue. “I….Well….Lets be honest would it really be a sensible thing to do when I am only inches away for your erection every day.” I even shocked myself at that reply. It was just a defensive attack I think but it was very sharp. I regretted it the moment I said it.

Mike didn’t seem at all phased by my response. “Well I thought we trusted each other. Look but don’t touch. Remember. You just never really give me anything to look at.” He laughed as he finished, which did lighten the mood.

“Well lets see ok. Let me think about it.” I think deep inside I knew what I would do. I knew he wouldn’t touch me and I had enjoyed all the verbal attention, and the horny leering and even the daily site of his covered erection I found exciting. But I decided I would take it a step at a time. The following day I still wore my jeans but I wore a top that was thin enough to show the outline of my boobs and when I bent down it would move away from the body, not so low as he would get a look at my tits but low enough to maybe see some cleavage.

By :Mikro

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