Sex parody

Charlie Brown lay on his bed in his room playing with
his little dick and thinking about the pretty little
red-haired girl. She was so cute and he was sure he was
in love with her.

He wanted her so badly and she was all he ever thought
about. He remembered the first time he saw her on the
way to school. She had been in front of him some twenty
feet and her little ass was making her pretty green
dress swing from side to side, high enough so that
every once in a while he got a glimpse of her white
panties stretched over her cute ass.

He pounded his cock harder as he thought of her little
ass and how he’d like to stick his tongue and maybe his
cock into it. Just as he was about to spew out cum all
over his belly his little sister burst into the room.
She was stark naked and dripping wet. She was obviously
upset about something because she didn’t even notice
that he was naked too and had his hand around his
little boner.

‘Big brother!’ she cried. ‘Come quick, the bathtub is
overflowing and I can’t shut off the water.’

‘Rats,’ he said, mostly to himself, as he got up,
letting his cum recede back into the recesses of his

He pulled up his pants and followed Sally into the
bathroom, noticing how cute her little ass was. ‘Rats,’
he thought, ‘too bad she’s my sister, otherwise I’d
fuck her right now.’

There was indeed water all over the bathroom floor and
the valve was indeed stuck. After a great deal of
grunting and groaning he managed to shut off the flow
from the tap.

‘Grab a mop, sis, and let’s get this mess cleaned up
before mom gets home.’

‘Gee, big brother,’ said Sally, ‘I never noticed that
your thingy was that big before.’

‘Huh? Uh, what are you talking about?’ So she had

‘Your boy-thingy,’ she said, ‘you were playing with

‘Oh, yeah, that,’ he said lamely and then to himself,
‘Let’s just drop it, o.k. sis?’.

‘Let me see it again,’ she wouldn’t let it lie.

He looked at the naked little girl. She was his little
sister, but she was really cute. Her blond hair much
softer and fuller than his own stringy mop, her blue
eyes always wide and curious. He especially liked her
pert little ass. The cheeks were firm, small, tight,
soft and smooth as glass. He wanted to spread them and
look at her tight little anal pucker. And her mouth
with its full lips, just right to fit around his cock,
the mouth itself plenty large to accommodate his boner.
He was hard again.

‘Well, o.k., but you’ve got to let me have a closer
look at you too.’

He dropped his pants and let his little erection flop

‘You can touch it if you want,’ said Charlie Brown.

Sally seemed not to hear this, but reached out and put
her hands around his cock and looked at it as though
she were inspecting a fruit at the market. Then she
surprised him by putting her soft lips around the head.
Charlie Brown smiled as his little sister started to
suck on his little boner, toying with his little balls
with one hand.

‘Wow, sis,’ he said, ‘that feels great. Where’d you
learn that?’

‘Frmph mflimfufs,’ she responded, his cock completely
inside her hot little mouth.

‘LINUS!?’ Charlie Brown shouted, ‘Linus showed you


He was stunned. He and Linus had talked about sex
before, but he didn’t realize that Linus was
active…that is…with his sister. Wow! He felt his
little balls pull up against the base of his prick as
his cum began its journey into the little shaft to
explode into his sister’s mouth. He wanted to see it

‘Pull it out, sis,’ he told her, ‘just jack me off and
hold the end up to your open mouth.’

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