I am Sarah, of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. And I love having a second man every four weeks or so, not mention another woman as a balance for my man – and me.

At three we are both freshly showered dressed in short silk dressing gowns without any fastenings that are a size too small so when we walk our bodies are exposed.

We are playing relaxing and seductive night jazz music when Lee and Lin arrive right on time, they are both exotic looking people and I guess in their late twenties, almost twenty years younger than us.

“We are Lim and Lee, we are here for your sexual pleasure, we assume you would like us to be naked for you both?,” Lim the female one smiles as Lee helps her undress. “We both had a European and Chinese parent which explains our exotic looks, Lim is a very attractive lady,” Lee tells us and I must agree, as I take in her naked body apart from her heels. Slim feminine size 10 with perfect legs, good ass, though not as good as mine I am pleased to note, good firm 34B tits with large nipples and just a small amount of trimmed pubic hair. “Very nice,” is all Roger says as he ogles her body.

“Would you like to watch me undress Lee for you?,” Lim teases as she struts around the room to show off her body. “Yes I would,” I smile in anticipation of looking at a new and exotic naked man. Lee has a good toned body I note as he poses in just a tiny pair of briefs. “Nice cock for you Sarah,” Lim smiles as she drags his briefs down to his ankles with my man watching closely.

“Yes it is, bigger than I imagined, much bigger,” I whisper as Roger and me eye his semi-erect cock.

“We are here for your sexual pleasure, would you like some special oil on your naked body?,” Lee, the male asks me as he takes the initiative and slides my gown off. I am enjoying flaunting my naked body for a new male and female as he rubs wonderful smelling oil over my body while standing with my legs apart. The feel of the oil on my skin is like no oil I have had previously. “You have a glorious ass Sarah, absolutely glorious,” he mutters as I enjoy his hands all over it,

I watch as Lin the female slides Roger’s gown off and commences rubbing oil into his naked body. “You have a big cock Roger, very big.”

“Who wants me first?,” Lee asks as I look closely at my man for a reaction.

“Roger does,” I tell him to add to my sexual pleasure, I do like watching and being turned on by another man sucking and blowing his eight and a half inch erection, especially if another person is pleasuring me while I watch.

We are sitting in Chinese horseshoe style chairs at right angles to each other, so that we can watch each other being pleasured. They are surprisingly comfortable as we rest our arms on the supports.

“What can I do for your special pleasure Roger?,” Lee asks.

“Lick my nipples.”

“What can I do for your special pleasure Sarah?,” Lin asks.

“Lick my nipples,” I reply, very aroused as I watch my man having his nipples licked by an exotic much younger male, one of his favorite turn ons.

“Now lick my cock for me,” Roger tells him as Lin commences licking my inner thighs.

“Now suck my cock for me,” Roger moans as Lin commences licking my cunt lips. I have had my cunt licked countless times by men and women but Lin is very special. Her tongue is so soft and teasing on my cunt lips and watching another male feasting on my man’s erection at the same time is very exciting for me.

By :CecilBCK

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