Sex in a car scenario

It was a very long day and evening at the office, must
have been midnight when I got to the parking garage in
the basement. My Ferrari was parked in its normal place,
taking two spots as usual and all I could think of was
getting home and hitting the sack. The garage is very
eerie at that hour, quiet as a tomb.

As I was putting the key into the lock I heard these
footsteps, quick ones. The sound of high heels was
unmistakable and amplified in the stillness of the
darkened building. Then out of the shadows came the most
striking women I had seen in, well, maybe ever.

She looked worried and was walking straight towards me.
She was wearing a tight leather skirt, it was clinging
to a fabulous body, and was it short, showing more legs
than one sees in Vegas. She had a sheer white blouse and
an open black leather vest. Her honey-colored hair
spilled over her shoulders like a waterfall, but I think
that it was those flame-red lips and finger nails that
caught my attention in that gloomy place.

“You have to help me,” she said. “My name is Autumn and
my car battery seems to be dead. I’m just a bit nervous
being alone in the place,” she told me that she was an
attorney on the 22nd floor and had seen me in the
building, I have to admit that I had not seen her

THIS woman I would have remembered. I said that I had a
cell phone and would be glad to call AAA. She smiled and
showed me a gorgeous mouth, so expressive, with the
wettest lips, “Why not get in?” I inquired, “it’s sort of
chilly here.”

She nodded and I went to the passenger side to open her
door, always the gentleman.

Entering a Ferrari is no easy task but she had obviously
had practice sitting on the seat with her feet still
outside the car she pivoted around putting both legs
into the foot-well. I just stood there gawking like a
schoolboy at those long, shapely legs and I could swear
that at the moment she pivoted, she paused, knees
slightly apart, just long enough to give me a view of
heaven, an instantaneous shot of red panties and garter

She looked at me for that instant, caught me! I felt
myself flushing with embarrassment but it was over so
quickly I wasn’t sure if it was an accident or something
else. All I knew was that the garage was not as chilly
as I though it was just a few minutes before, whew.

When I got in behind the wheel the car was filled with
the smell of woman, I think Obsession or Eternity,
whatever it was it was wonderful. She was looking at the
Ferrari interior, touching the dashboard, rubbing her
fingers on the instruments and switches, she was
studying everything with great interest.

Her fingers moved to the chrome gearshift lever with its
black ball shift knob which sprouted from the center
console. She seemed to be caressing that black knob, and
I was fascinated by the movement of those long fingers
and their red nails, so sensuous. I almost for got why
we were there, “Do you have an AAA card?” I asked, but
she seemed to not hear my question. She shifted in the
bucket seat, her leather rubbing against that of the car
seat, making a very exotic sound and yes, there was a
smell of leather mixed with that of her scent, it was

Autumn turned towards me, moved those legs to face my
direction and leaned back against the door. “Do you have
any music?” she cooed.

I almost choked, but tried to be cool as I turned on the
CD player and selected something I thought appropriate,
I forget, Seal, Annie Lennox, aahhh, funny how your mind
sometimes goes on automatic.

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