Sex holiday with my sister in law

I was 17 and at that time not much work about I lived with my mom we wasn’t close as she was 43 when she had me and my parent’s divorced when I was 7

Anyway my brother who got married before I was born his wife I’ll call her Sue (not her real name) and is 22 years older than me have always been close

I’ll jump a few years now to when I was 17 as I said there wasn’t much work around but we had a caravan and the land owner said I could work down there ground rent was paid plus cash in hand at 17 it was my freedom from home. I made loads of friends and as there was a holiday park in the area loads of girls, so own place money it was heaven. Now I’m not great at chatting up but I had a few good points I was tall 6ft 2 very fit looking as I love keeping fit and playing many sports and though I never bragged about it I am very well endowed 10 inches when erect so that year was amazing I couldn’t drive but I had my own Honda 250cc bike to get around.

My sister in law was a teacher at a primary school so had many holidays but by chance the week I booked off from working was the same week my sister in law decided to come and visit me.

Now she was 39 had 2 kids but she still had a great figure very tall short dark hair good DD boobs very long legs. Though I use to admire her looks I never thought anything more as she was my brothers wife. I know my brother could be a pain and many a time they would argue but I just never said anything I thought normal married couple.

The knock was early about 9.30am Saturday I was shocked to see her I was just in my shorts it was warm I very rare wear underwear I prefer the freedom I wasn’t sure but as my groin was her face level I thought I saw her look at my bulge, anyway I let her in she looked a bit upset but I never said anything as she wasn’t the open type. She asked if she could stay the week she just needed a break I said sure You can have my bed as it’s the only real double though it was a 8 birth most of the beds wear from the seating and dinning area. I made her a drink then fetched her suitcase from the car I did ask where my brother was she said he had a pigeon race this week so left him behind. I guess that’s why she was upset my brother and our cousin are mad pigeon racers. We chatted and as it was a nice day went to the beach it was the first time I saw her in a bikini it had always been a swimsuit my mind started to race I had to lay in my front to hide my erection. She asked me to rub lotion on her back her skin was so soft smooth as I rubbed it in she seemed to respond to my touch, I thought no this can’t be happening she never think of me like this she is married.

We had some lunch a few drinks and she looked more relaxed happy we went back to the caravan she had a shower then I followed. She said would I like to go out to eat save me cooking (I love cooking) sure so we manged to get into a nice pub I never seen her laugh so much she doesn’t drink much so I thought I best not come 10pm we left and she asked me to make a nightcap she put a film on then went to the toilet I was sitting down and she sat next to me her back against my chest I was trying not to get an erection I tried counting but she just kept getting more comfortable on me. We chatted about things then out of the blue she said she was tired and I said OK I’ll join you meaning sleep on my own but she replied I was hoping you join me I laughed but she said I’m not joking she said give me 5 minuted and I’ll call you.

She opened the door and went into the room God I thought she want’s to fuck her not sure how long it was but she called me to come in she asked me to keep the light off I stripped naked and got into bed with her it’s only a small double really so I knew she was naked. She then said that my brother was the only man she ever had sex with but she always fancied me then her right hand felt my cock she said what is that when started to feel more “Oh my God your huge your brother is not even half of this, your so thick you have to be gentle with me” we started kissing her lips were so soft the heat of our kissing got more passionate I gentle massaged her boobs I normally preferred small boobs but I didn’t care these felt so soft and full I kissed and sucked her nipples I heard her moan as I worked my lips down to her pussy more hair then I was use to but I gentle kissed her then worked my tongue on her clit as my fingers rolled her nipples she said my brother as never done this in minute her hands forced my head into her pussy she screamed she was cumming and boy did she cum very wet. She asked me to stop so she could catch her breath so I worked my lips back up her body then kissed her so she could taste herself then I started to rub my cock head between her lovelips she moved her hips with me then I just slipped in and kissed her she tried to moan but I slowly worked my cock in each thrust I forced more into her wet tight pussy she pulled away and was shouting yes yes in my ear so I forced it all in now I was ramming my full length in and out of her wet warm tight pussy with in minutes she shouted she was cumming again but I didn’t stop she dug her nails into my back as she cum I kept up the pace I never hear her swear so much she wrapped her legs around me saying yes baby fuck my pussy I could’t hold it much longer and filled her with my seeds. She got on top of me and started kissing me out of breath but with a huge smile what surprised me she went down to my cock and licked me clean she said she my sex slave and I could do anything I wanted to her.

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