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Of course I was worried when Tammy didn’t come to school. And it wasn’t only because we had an oral presentation due in our Senior History class. I was concerned because we had been dating for nearly 5 months, and for as long as I knew her she hadn’t missed a single day of class. And besides, I missed her. We were supposed to stay after school today and I was going to help her with her math homework. That is to say, we’d go to the library and make out, nestled between the bookshelves in the back. Though lately, it had been getting a little farther then just making out. The thought of yesterday afternoon’s situation crossed my mind. Did Tammy stay home because she was mad at me? She certainly was fuming when she left the library. I remember her running out of the library, tears streaming from her stunning hazel eyes, and me, dumbfounded, feeling like a heel. If I knew she’d get that upset, I would have fucked her. * * *

We were hidden behind the biographies section, making out, trying to be quiet as possible, for fear of being discovered. I had my hand slipped under Tammy’s blouse, reveling in the warmth of the skin of her stomach, on the dare of a low, throaty moan I slowly inched my hands up closer to her breasts. When I accidentally brushed across a surprisingly hard nipple, I felt Tammy stifle a shocked gasp into my shoulder, and grind her body against mine.

Her hands, like little thieves crept towards the bulge in my jeans. I nearly backed into a bookcase with the shock of her touch. I moved my hand from her breast to gently remove her hand from my, now awakened, loins.

‘Maybe we should get the books out, Tammy,’ I said trying to catch my breath, ‘You really do need to bring your average up, or you won’t have the credits to graduate.’ I held her hand, but soon I felt her other hand grasp my hardened cock through the pants. I hissed as though burned, and quickly tried to brush her hand away, it wasn’t going anywhere, she had quite a good grip.

‘Tammy, this isn’t a g-‘ Tammy cut me off with a hot brush of whisper in my ear.

‘I need you Dane, now! I need your cock inside me!’ She whispered pleadingly in my ear. God, her desperate need was evident, and I wanted her then, there on the nappy library rug. I tried to hold together. I held her out at arm’s length, and looked into the eyes of the girl I loved, trying to avoid the mental pictures of me riding her hot, sweet pussy, giving Tammy delicious rug burns, running my tongue over the rosy little nipples, that I hadn’t even seen yet.

‘Tammy, I love you very much. You are more special to me than anything in the world. That is why I don’t want to go too fast with you. I want a quality relationship that will last,’ I said and placed the most tender of kisses on her forehead. I was proud beyond belief that I didn’t take her right there, with the books as voyeurs to watch. Instead of her acknowledging my love, and respect, her hand crossed my face with a resounding smack!

‘God damn you!’ She screamed. ‘Why are you such a prude?! I can’t stand you!’ and with that, she stormed away, uncaring about the staring eyes of the librarian and the people looking up from their reading material, shocked at the sudden outburst.

‘Tammy, What did I-‘ I began, jogging to catch up with her.

‘Bastard Pig!’ was her parting reply as she let the library door slam behind her. I stood stunned, staring at the door. I was at a complete loss. I was always taught, to be always completely respectful to a lady, I didn’t know what I did wrong! With the librarian’s stern looks stabbing at me, I too left the library. I thought I heard the librarian mutter something that sounded like ‘stupid man’ but I wasn’t completely sure.

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