Sex fantasies

Of course I was worried when Tammy didn’t come to school. And it wasn’t only because we had an oral presentation due in our Senior History class. I was concerned because we had been dating for nearly 5 months, and for as long as I knew her she hadn’t missed a single day of class. And besides, I missed her. We were supposed to stay after school today and I was going to help her with her math homework. That is to say, we’d go to the library and make out, nestled between the bookshelves in the back. Though lately, it had been getting a little farther then just making out. The thought of yesterday afternoon’s situation crossed my mind. Did Tammy stay home because she was mad at me? She certainly was fuming when she left the library. I remember her running out of the library, tears streaming from her stunning hazel eyes, and me, dumbfounded, feeling like a heel. If I knew she’d get that upset, I would have fucked her. * * *

We were hidden behind the biographies section, making out, trying to be quiet as possible, for fear of being discovered. I had my hand slipped under Tammy’s blouse, reveling in the warmth of the skin of her stomach, on the dare of a low, throaty moan I slowly inched my hands up closer to her breasts. When I accidentally brushed across a surprisingly hard nipple, I felt Tammy stifle a shocked gasp into my shoulder, and grind her body against mine.

Her hands, like little thieves crept towards the bulge in my jeans. I nearly backed into a bookcase with the shock of her touch. I moved my hand from her breast to gently remove her hand from my, now awakened, loins.

‘Maybe we should get the books out, Tammy,’ I said trying to catch my breath, ‘You really do need to bring your average up, or you won’t have the credits to graduate.’ I held her hand, but soon I felt her other hand grasp my hardened cock through the pants. I hissed as though burned, and quickly tried to brush her hand away, it wasn’t going anywhere, she had quite a good grip.

‘Tammy, this isn’t a g-‘ Tammy cut me off with a hot brush of whisper in my ear.

‘I need you Dane, now! I need your cock inside me!’ She whispered pleadingly in my ear. God, her desperate need was evident, and I wanted her then, there on the nappy library rug. I tried to hold together. I held her out at arm’s length, and looked into the eyes of the girl I loved, trying to avoid the mental pictures of me riding her hot, sweet pussy, giving Tammy delicious rug burns, running my tongue over the rosy little nipples, that I hadn’t even seen yet.

‘Tammy, I love you very much. You are more special to me than anything in the world. That is why I don’t want to go too fast with you. I want a quality relationship that will last,’ I said and placed the most tender of kisses on her forehead. I was proud beyond belief that I didn’t take her right there, with the books as voyeurs to watch. Instead of her acknowledging my love, and respect, her hand crossed my face with a resounding smack!

‘God damn you!’ She screamed. ‘Why are you such a prude?! I can’t stand you!’ and with that, she stormed away, uncaring about the staring eyes of the librarian and the people looking up from their reading material, shocked at the sudden outburst.

‘Tammy, What did I-‘ I began, jogging to catch up with her.

‘Bastard Pig!’ was her parting reply as she let the library door slam behind her. I stood stunned, staring at the door. I was at a complete loss. I was always taught, to be always completely respectful to a lady, I didn’t know what I did wrong! With the librarian’s stern looks stabbing at me, I too left the library. I thought I heard the librarian mutter something that sounded like ‘stupid man’ but I wasn’t completely sure.

Later on I called Tammy, hoping things had cooled off. Apparently things were okay between us, because she didn’t mention the mishap earlier. It’s probably because she’s embarrassed, I assumed, so I allowed her silence on the subject. We chatted about the project on American Government Treaties due on the following day a little, and about everything we usually talked about, how the classes we didn’t have together went, our quaint little lives at school, and about the dreadfully ‘uncool-ness’ of our parents. Finally we said our goodbyes, and I hung up. I was more than pleased to know she wasn’t mad at me. But I couldn’t forget the look in her eyes. The raw, sizzling gaze of sex. And more then that, I couldn’t get the feel of her hand on my cock to go away. I had to masturbate twice before my mind’s fantasies would let me sleep. Sometimes, it’s difficult to do the right thing. Hell, sometimes it damn near impossible, but I was satisfied I beat the odds, and respected the woman I love.

* * *

The school day dragged on mercilessly. My eyes darted to the clock countless thousands of times, and time seemed suspended and poured torturously slow from the timepiece, each moment spared grudgingly. Mr. King was understanding about our project, and said we could present on Tuesday. It is strange how accustomed I had gotten to walking Tammy to her classes, eating lunch with her, and spending time with her. I was uncomfortably alone with my friends, and purposeless in my journeys through the hallways to class. It was a miracle, and nearly unbelievable when the bell rang, and I could go home.

Unceremoniously I threw my books into my locker, and slammed it shut. I dashed out to the bike rack, and fumbled with the combination lock, I was in such a hurry to be on my way home. I climbed atop my BMX and was like lightning on wheels. Dodging traffic, children at play, an indignant squirrel, and an even more indignant elderly man I guided my bike on the streets towards my house. I was riding by instinct only, my thoughts were certainly elsewhere. Worry, love, lust, and guilt commingled in my mind, until all I could do was try to out-run them, out-ride them, and feel the rushing autumn air on my face. My plan didn’t work as well as I designed, when I finally got home, and climbed down from my bike, I had a terrible hard-on, and my need was as great as ever. I pulled my shirt down over my obvious erection, wrapped myself into my long coat and hoped my mom wasn’t going to inspect me too closely.

Gratefully, my mother was engrossed in checking her e-mail, and barely gave me a glance as I walked through the kitchen door.

‘Have a nice day at school, honey?’ she asked. The phrase always sounded new, like she hasn’t asked me that everyday since I came home from my first day of kindergarten.

‘Yeah, mom. Got my Physic’s quiz back, got an 89,’ I said, straining to keep my voice casual and light. ‘Did Tammy call?’

‘No, Dane, wasn’t she in school today?’ my mother then did look at me, her face full of motherly concern. I pulled the long coat tighter. ‘You okay? You look a little flushed. You better not be catching anything, mister!’ she admonished sternly, and then turned back to the computer. I took this chance to grab the cordless phone and retreat to my room. I sat on my bed and dialed Tammy’s number by heart. By the fifth ring I was worried. Why was no one picking up? Where could she be? When I got to the eleventh ring I was sure she was dead, in a gutter somewhere, and I’d never see her again. I was about to hang up when a groggy, slightly nasal voice answered the phone.

‘Hmmmello…?’ It took me a second to realize it was Tammy. She didn’t sound too good.

‘Hey baby, did I wake you up? Are you sick? I missed you at school, King gave us an extension till Tuesday’ I blurted in a rush of relief.

‘Oh. Yeah. I’m sick.’ Oh my poor darling, I thought, she sounded awful! Slowly, a plan was formulating in my head.

‘Hey don’t worry, I’ll be over in twenty,’ I assured her, and hung up. I bolted to the kitchen, threw in a couple cans of chicken noodle soup, a carton of vanilla ice-cream, some teabags, cough drops, and I threw my old stuffed bear in for good measure. I hopped on my bike and pedaled the three blocks to Tammy’s house.

I was kinda surprised to notice Tammy’s mom and dad weren’t home, neither of their cars were in the driveway. I went to the front door, and rang the doorbell. Bing-bong-bing. There was no answer. I waited a few moments and rang again. I tried the doorknob and the door swung open easily.

‘Hello?’ I called inside, not comfortable with intruding. I walked through the living room and called again up the stairs ‘Hello? Tammy?’ Still nothing. I slowly started to ascend the stairs, wondering what Tammy’s parents would think of her and I alone in the house. The sudden thought drove a nail of lust straight to the core of my manhood, but with much trouble I struggled and pushed it aside. I certainly wasn’t going to rape a poor, sick girl. I rapped softly on her door, the one with the Liz Faire poster hanging demurely. Nothing stirred inside. I peeked in the door to see Tammy angelic in the posture of sleep. My heart was in my throat with love. How sweet, and innocent, and beautiful she was. Her tawny curls spread around her head like a golden halo, and lips, slightly parted in sleep began to cause me losing the battle against my raging lusts. I began having picture in my head of ripping the quilt off of Tammy, tearing her rapidly out of her clothes, and having my way with her in a fast, and violent way. With disgust, I pushed the idea away; no real man would ever treat a woman that way, like an object only to fulfill his need. I certainly did not deserve my Tammy; she was a cherub, compared to the sexual beast I kept tethered on a leash, none too strong.

I sighed contentedly, just watching my darling girl slumber when she moved. Tammy curled her body slightly, and flung her arm out beside her. The quilt she was wrapped in shifted away from her chest to reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything, or at least nothing I could see! Her breasts, beautiful, pale golden peaches, were there for my eyes to wander over freely. The battle of wills with my cock was lost; it came to full attention, and throbbed at me in an almost painful ache. My breath was lost, my mouth dry, and I don’t know if I could stand much longer for my knees felt much like jelly. My cock pressing granite-hard against my jeans made it hard to walk, but I somehow made it to the side of the bed, and sat down careful as to not wake my sleeping beauty.

Being this close to her breasts made the will to touch them overpoweringly strong. Tammy moaned and murmured unintelligible words faintly. Though I fought it, I could feel my hand inching towards her, and I could only watch as though I had no control over my body. I rested my hand, with butterfly weight on the sleep-hot surface of her breast. The slight pressure made her nipple contract into a tight little bud. I drew tiny delicate circles around the nipple, being so gentle, and restraining a groan of desire that wanted to break free from my throat and wake Tammy. I felt a moment of shame…this was too close to rape to suit me. What was I doing? If Tammy ever woke, she’d be appalled, she’d hate me! I drew my hand back slowly, and stood. Carefully, I arranged the quilt back over her beautiful breasts, the image I would soon be jerking off to once I got home. I bent slowly over her, not able to resist the Sleeping Beauty appeal of her unconscious fate, and placed a chaste and tender kiss upon her lovely coral mouth.

Tammy smiled, but my mind didn’t register a thing until her hands gripped at my long coat and pulled me down on top of her. My mind did register, though, the fact that Tammy was completely naked. I tried to get up, but her leverage was better, and she was a strong girl anyway, so I stayed on top of her feverish body with only the thin quilt as a shield. Her perfect eyes opened and caressed my face. She leaned up to kiss me, and when I didn’t respond she grazed my lips with her teeth.

‘Hello, handsome,’ she said, reaching under her pillow for something I couldn’t see. ‘It’s nice of you to visit.’ I felt the brush of cold metal around my wrist, and I heard the click. Seconds later, another small click, and the realization that I was handcuffed to her bed.

‘Tammy, what the hell is going on!?’ I shouted, testing the strength of the cuffs by yanking hard. They were sturdy. ‘Take this thing off me! I thought you were sick!’

‘No,’ was her only reply. I was momentarily astounded when Tammy stood, and let the quilt fall off of her completely nude frame. My mouth gaped wide and my heart seemed to stop, and take a second to start again. I forgot my situation in my astonishment.

‘Jesus Christ, you’re beautiful!’ I stammered crudely, but I meant it. Long curvaceous legs that joined together at a ‘v’ of darker blonde curled hair, gorgeous breasts, that had felt like heaven, peaked with jutting nipples, a healthy pink, she stood above me like a goddess.

‘Would you like to touch me, Dane?’ she asked coyly, she caressed the sides of her breasts in example. I could only nod, but made no move. Delicately Tammy picked up my hand, and situated it over her heart. ‘Would you like to run your hands over my body?’ she demonstrated by nestling my hand between her warm breasts, and squeezing them together, then moving the tips of my fingers lightly over her nipple. Her head fell back and she uttered a small sound, making my cock throb and pulse against my jeans. No amount of moral pep talk could save me now. Tammy cupped her breast with my hand, and slowly brought the hand over her ribcage, brushed it against her stomach, and lower. ‘Would you like to touch my pussy?’ she asked teasingly.

‘I…I don’t know if this is right Tammy, I mean what if your parents come home?’ I asked desperately. I wanted her so bad; I wanted my other hand free so I could squeeze her breasts. I wanted to toy with her nipples and play with her clit. I wanted to make her come. But how could I live with myself if we did it like animals? Tammy snorted with disgust and placed my hand over her pussy. The down was soft and precious, her skin blistering hot, and surprisingly moist. I closed my eyes and a long groan escaped my lips. She put my index finger inside her, I could feel her pulse throb in tune with mine, and I realized she wasn’t moist, she was very wet. Without her guidance my fingers explored her more, rubbing her clit, making Tammy writhe where she stood. I traced lines over the lips of her vagina, and penetrated her hot little pussy hole. God in heaven, she was tight, not a virgin, but tight enough that it didn’t matter. Her breathing quickened and she took my hand away, cuffing it as well to the headboard’s frame. I remembered then, that I was a hostage. ‘Okay, baby, very funny. You made your point, you’re very hot, now take these handcuffs off me,’ I said with tones of slight annoyance creeping into my voice. Instead of uncuffing me, Tammy left the room. I was definitely getting a little upset. I didn’t waste my breath yelling for her, she wouldn’t leave me cuffed to the bed and leave…would she?

* * *

About ten minutes later Tammy reappeared, and she was grinning. I heard, more than saw that she dropped a whole bunch of stuff the floor next to the bed. ‘Miss me?’ she asked. Tammy stared down at me grinning, and dropped down near the foot of the bed. I couldn’t see her over the still mountainous bulge in my jeans, but I felt her untying, and the removing my shoes.

‘You don’t need to make me more comfortable, Tammy, you need to uncuff me,’ I snapped at her, hoping my scorn would motivate her. She giggled, and didn’t even look up at me. I felt something tighten around my left ankle, and I realized with anger that she had tied my foot to the corner of the bed. ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ I yelled. I did not like this! I had a certain sense of claustrophobia creep over me. I tried my damnedest to fight against her tying my other foot down, but she had 4 limbs to my one, and my fate was sealed. I was spread eagled, and completely vulnerable. I tried to calm down. It wasn’t that bad at all, right? I mean, Tammy’s just playing with me, she is angry about my rejecting her, and she’s having a ‘woman’s moment’, a lapse of sanity. She’ll have her fun, feel better, and let me go. ‘Look, Tammy, I’m sorry about yesterday. I didn’t know you’d be that upset. I had your best interest in mind.’

‘Oh, that’s okay. Don’t worry about it,’ she said and stood up. She picked something up off the ground and smiled at me.

‘So, you’ll let me go now? My mom might be getting worried,’ I said. It was a small lie; my mom wouldn’t miss me if I didn’t come home in a week. Tammy’s smile grew to a grin as she held what she was holding up to the light. There was a dull glint of radiance against what appeared to be metal pinking shears. ‘What the hell are you planning to do with those?’ I asked, bewildered. She knelt by my side and I could feel the cold, sharp metal of the scissors against my wrist. My eyes leapt wide in panic as I thought she was going cut me. I couldn’t have made her this mad! I thought. But she only began cutting the sleeves of my long coat. Shit! She was destroying my coat! This was way, way over the line; I wasn’t going to play anymore! ‘My coat! You ruined my coat! Untie me now! NOW Tammy, or I’ll raise such a racket the cops will be here in minutes. This isn’t a game, and it ends now!’ I yelled, fighting with my body against my binds.

Tammy looked at me, cocked her head, and set the shears aside. ‘Okay Dane, it ends now,’ she said in a reasonable tone of voice as she reached onto the floor and picked up a length of material that seemed to be attached to a rubber ball. I was about to inquire about how the thing had would have to do with untying me when she cut me off by putting the rubber ball in my mouth. Oh sweet irony! All Tammy was ending was my ability to complain with a ball gag! She lifted my head with the utmost care, and tied the gag at the back of my head, careful not to tangle my hair. Things could not get any worse.

I struggled, I really did, and I tried to scream, however unmanly. Tammy didn’t try to stop me; I think she knew I would tire myself out. She waited until I finished thrashing, and resumed the destruction of my clothes. I could feel the icy scissors pressed to my skin in a metal kiss. The cold air of the room woke my body when my shirt, and jacket fell away as discarded cloth. The only strange thing is that Tammy seemed to try very hard to not actually touch my skin. It was only the sensation of the chill metal, and brush away of cloth. I was beginning to hope for the accidental rub of her skin on mine, if only to warm and comfort me.

Rhythmically, the scissors snipped against the denim of my jeans. Tammy hummed whimsically as she steadily cut. She moved with ease up one pant leg seam, careful not to puncture skin along with fabric. With skill and precision, she moved to the other pant leg and peeled me like an apple. I’m such a sight! I couldn’t help thinking, lying all trussed up like a hog-tied calf, naked except for my briefs.

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