Sex emergency with brother & mom

No one could have predicted that Dr. Ledgard’s machine would have the effects that it does. The human mind is still vastly unknown.

That’s why General Hamilton requested an immediate promotion for the doctor, in hopes of turning the frequency machine into something that could potentially serve the country and it’s national security interests.

On the doctor’s desk was a list of potential candidates for the new project. They were all young adults, and they were all medical school graduates who fully understood these processes, and were willing to make some money from it.

It was decided early on that the candidate would be an attractive young female with an inquisitive mind, religious, tepid when it came to sex, and had a large family. It would make the experiment much more realistic if the subject had more conflicts and barriers to becoming a nymphomaniac.

“You’re doing us a great service,” General Hamilton said, after observing the doctor at work. “We greatly appreciate your efforts.”

Dr. Ledgard gave a soft sigh. “I’m always happy to be of service, but I think we should disclose all of the details. I don’t want a repeat of my previous mistakes.”

“If it means that much to you, fine.”

“Thank you,” the doctor replied with a sense of moral relief.

The General sneered. “Just get it done. As your previous report had stated, it’s virtually harmless. You want to study the human brain? Here’s your chance to continue your work.”

With a lecherous grin, the General gave another look at all the research documents and state-of-the-art equipment in the new lab. Then he left.

Once alone, Dr. Ledgard looked through the pile of candidates again. After an hour, a decision had been reached and the report was started.

Case File #002

Sara Carter: She is our next test subject after having signed all the agreements and waivers. Sara is a 29 year old medical school graduate who is currently finishing her first year of residency. Her record is clean. Her academics are rigorous and her grades are top tier. She’s had a long term boyfriend in college. There is no evidence of any sexual promiscuity. In her younger days, she spent a lot of time with the church for community service. Perfect for this research.

Dylan Carter: He’s the younger brother. Age 20. He attends a nearby college. He’s athletic and smart. Handsome too. A perfect counterpart for Sara.

Julie Carter: The matriarch of the family. 51 years old. She owns a small catering business. Her son still lives at home and Sara still sleeps over during the holidays. There is no husband in the picture, so she runs the household. From the looks of things, she is prim and proper. A great role model. Perfect for our research.

Objective: To convert Sara into a nymphomaniac. Originally, it was irrelevant whether the subject is aware of this goal or not. But now, for ethical reasons, she should be made aware because the results could have extreme consequences.

After reading all the files, looking at their family pictures, and going over their medical records, Dr. Ledgard was content will all the information and felt there was enough to proceed.

A message had been sent out to inform the research candidate of her selection.


It was Sara’s first time home after completing her first few months of residency. It had been a grueling year and the opportunity to spend some time home was just what she needed. But when the message came from Dr. Ledgard’s office that she had been selected as a participant in the study, she jumped at the chance.

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