Sex emergency with brother & mom

No one could have predicted that Dr. Ledgard’s machine would have the effects that it does. The human mind is still vastly unknown.

That’s why General Hamilton requested an immediate promotion for the doctor, in hopes of turning the frequency machine into something that could potentially serve the country and it’s national security interests.

On the doctor’s desk was a list of potential candidates for the new project. They were all young adults, and they were all medical school graduates who fully understood these processes, and were willing to make some money from it.

It was decided early on that the candidate would be an attractive young female with an inquisitive mind, religious, tepid when it came to sex, and had a large family. It would make the experiment much more realistic if the subject had more conflicts and barriers to becoming a nymphomaniac.

“You’re doing us a great service,” General Hamilton said, after observing the doctor at work. “We greatly appreciate your efforts.”

Dr. Ledgard gave a soft sigh. “I’m always happy to be of service, but I think we should disclose all of the details. I don’t want a repeat of my previous mistakes.”

“If it means that much to you, fine.”

“Thank you,” the doctor replied with a sense of moral relief.

The General sneered. “Just get it done. As your previous report had stated, it’s virtually harmless. You want to study the human brain? Here’s your chance to continue your work.”

With a lecherous grin, the General gave another look at all the research documents and state-of-the-art equipment in the new lab. Then he left.

Once alone, Dr. Ledgard looked through the pile of candidates again. After an hour, a decision had been reached and the report was started.

Case File #002

Sara Carter: She is our next test subject after having signed all the agreements and waivers. Sara is a 29 year old medical school graduate who is currently finishing her first year of residency. Her record is clean. Her academics are rigorous and her grades are top tier. She’s had a long term boyfriend in college. There is no evidence of any sexual promiscuity. In her younger days, she spent a lot of time with the church for community service. Perfect for this research.

Dylan Carter: He’s the younger brother. Age 20. He attends a nearby college. He’s athletic and smart. Handsome too. A perfect counterpart for Sara.

Julie Carter: The matriarch of the family. 51 years old. She owns a small catering business. Her son still lives at home and Sara still sleeps over during the holidays. There is no husband in the picture, so she runs the household. From the looks of things, she is prim and proper. A great role model. Perfect for our research.

Objective: To convert Sara into a nymphomaniac. Originally, it was irrelevant whether the subject is aware of this goal or not. But now, for ethical reasons, she should be made aware because the results could have extreme consequences.

After reading all the files, looking at their family pictures, and going over their medical records, Dr. Ledgard was content will all the information and felt there was enough to proceed.

A message had been sent out to inform the research candidate of her selection.


It was Sara’s first time home after completing her first few months of residency. It had been a grueling year and the opportunity to spend some time home was just what she needed. But when the message came from Dr. Ledgard’s office that she had been selected as a participant in the study, she jumped at the chance.

Besides, according to the documents, it would only take a part of her free time. And working with the esteemed Dr. Ledgard would look amazing on her resume. The pay was pretty good, too.

After having completed her first meeting with Dr. Ledgard, she rushed to tell her Mother the good news, who was busy in the kitchen wearing an apron.

“How did it go?” Mom asked, stepping out of the kitchen where she was baking homemade pizza for a family lunch.

Sara beamed. “It was incredible. The lab looked like something out of a movie. Seriously. I’ve never seen anything like it before. And everyone on the research team was super nice. These people are geniuses.”

“I’m so happy for you. Who knows, if they like you, maybe they’ll hire you someday.”

“God, I wish,” Sara said gushingly.

“Speaking of which, having you back for the holidays has had a nice effect on your brother.”

“Oh yeah? Is he finally cleaning his room now?”

“How cute,” Mom replied, amused. “No, he’s decided to take pre-med classes. You’ve really inspired him to do some good in the world. It seems like he’s really connected with all the things you’ve been saying about your residency training.”


“It is. He’s a smart one, just like you.”

Sara pondered for a moment. “You know, one of the researchers today asked me about my household. They wanted to know about my brother and home situation.”

“Any reason why?”

“They said they’ll tell me at a later date. But it was mentioned that if Dylan wanted to be involved in this, that it would be welcomed. They’ll give him a small job to make things easier. I just didn’t think Dylan would be interested. If I had known, I would have said something.”

Mom smiled, “He’s upstairs. You should go up and tell him the news. We can all talk it over during lunch.”

“It smells delicious. I’ll be right back.”

Sara rushed up the stairs to break the good news to her brother, who now apparently wanted to share the same medical ambitions.

Her brother’s room was just down the hall and she knocked on the door. With approval, Sara entered the bedroom, where her brother was playing Batman: Arkham Knight on the Xbox.

“Cool graphics,” she said, looking at the screen. “Video games have really come a long way. Remember when we used to play Mario together?”

“The good old days,” he said, pausing the game.

“I hear you’re setting your sights on pre-med.”

“Is that what Mom said?” he asked.

“Yeah, why? Did she speak too soon?”

Dylan measured his response. “All the residency stuff you’ve been doing the past year has really made you a walking stress ad.”

“Gee, thanks dude.”

“No seriously,” he replied. “I still have the urge to do it. I really want to make a difference in life.”

“You can, you just have to work really, really hard.”

“That’s the problem,” he sighed.

“Don’t think you could cut it?” she asked, sympathetically.

“I know how hard the workload is. I mean, becoming a doctor is serious stuff, and I don’t know if I can handle it.”

This type of anxiety and feelings of self-doubt had really struck a chord with Sara. She knew how daunting it was for anyone to try and find a career. She decided that before filling in her brother on the potential offer from the lab, she first needed to give him serious insight into the medical field.

“I’ll just describe one morning of my residency,” Sara said. “So you can get an idea of what I do.”


“I get to the hospital early, and I check on each patient’s charts, making sure their blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels are measured, then I explain all the diagnostic procedures and therapeutic plans to both supervisors and patients. That’s just the beginning. I stay ready to assist any manual parts of the care. It’s like that the whole day.”

“Sounds tough,” he said.

“It is. But it’s highly rewarding work.”

Dylan paused for a moment. “I’ve always done well in biology and science. I think it should be enough to motivate me through pre-med.”

“Interest in human biology and science isn’t enough. Having to learn thousands of pages of reading material is actually the easiest part. You also have a great responsibility to your patients and colleagues.”

“Does it come with great power too?” Dylan quipped, gesturing to his Spider-Man poster on the wall.

Sara laughed. “Good one. And actually, it does come with great power. Why don’t you find out?”


“With a mock-female-patient to practice on. You’ll be given small tasks. Some responsibility. Probably a few scientific things to give you an idea of what it’s like being a doctor. You’ll likely be tasked with recording her information and so forth.”

“Is she hot?” Dylan jokingly asked.

“Really, really hot.”

“Who is it?”

Sara winked. “Me, who else?”

“Hmmm…. I’m assuming this has to do with Dr. Leger’s experiment.”

“The name is Dr. Ledgard,” she clarified. “And yes, they mentioned a small job opening. Now that I know you’re interested, we should definitely team up.”

He smiled, “Count me in. I’m now at your service.”


The lab was in a small section of an underground facility, not far from the downtown area. It was accessed through an imposing government building guarded by soldiers in camo who were all business when Sara arrived at the gate. They asked for her papers when she pulled to the checkpoint and, after consulting a computer in the guard shack, returned them to her and waved her through.

When she arrived, a few members of the team greeted her with smiles and showed her to the procedure room. She was asked to sit on the exam table and her vital signs were taken by a particularly friendly woman in green scrubs. In the other corner of the procedure room, another woman calibrated a small machine for the day’s session.

Dr. Ledgard appeared after a meeting with government officials and sat down across the table from Sara. They exchanged pleasantries, then Dr. Ledgard handed her a file.

“Take a moment to read that over,” the doctor said. “I wrote it myself. Everything is simple and in plain English. You should be able to comprehend it immediately.”

Sara opened the folder and saw a typed report, which she was able to skim through since it was an easy read. The content seemed jarring. When she turned the pages, she saw sets of pictures, featuring a young man and a mature woman engaging in all sorts of lewd sexual acts in the living room and kitchen.

“What do you think?” Dr. Ledgard asked.

“Riveting,” she blushed.

“Do you believe the content of the report?”

Sara searched for the most polite way to phrase her language. After all, in med school, Dr. Ledgard was the talk of campus and many of the professors.

“I do think it’s interesting,” she said diplomatically. “I’m sure there are ways of actually making this happen, psychologically speaking.”

Dr. Ledgard raised an eyebrow. “But do you think that these images are real, and that a medical device could override the inherent taboo of incest, causing this ordinary mother to act in this manner towards her own son?”

“Yes, it seems logical that a device could do that,” she answered. “But I also think that, you know, there might have been underlying feelings. Who knows, maybe the device merely nudged them to act on latent desires. Or maybe the device never worked at all, but the subjects thought it did. Sort of like a placebo effect that caused them to act on their own desires.”

“Interesting,” the doctor noted before pushing on. “Ms. Carter, I going to be very blunt with you for a moment. Have you ever sexually fantasized about your younger brother, Dylan?”

Sara was aghast. “No, never.”

“How about your mother, Julie? Have you ever had deviant thoughts about her?”

Sara was appalled. “No, absolutely not!”

“Do you believe that this machine has the ability to create a powerful, magnetic sexual attraction between you and a member of your family? Much like the nymphomaniac tendencies shown in the mother/son in the photos?”

With an inquisitive eye, she sifted through the photos again. The people in the photos had sex passionately, had equally as rough oral sex, and if Sara was seeing things correctly, the male subject was ejaculating in the mother’s food, then she happily gulped it all down with pleasure.

“Honestly,” she said. “I’m not completely sure. I still think there was some sort of mutual attraction prior to the experiment. But I don’t think it happened out of thin air.”

He slowly nodded. “I appreciate your honesty. And I enjoy your skepticism. You’re very smart and an independent thinker. That’s partially why I’ve chosen you.”

She blushed. “Thank you, Dr. Ledgard.”

“Are you still interested in participating in the study?

“Yes, of course. Why?”

“I am going to amplify the power of the frequency today,” the doctor said.


“Then we’ll see what sorts of attractions you have for your brother, or your mother.”

Sara gasped. “I’m certainly not attracted to either of them. That’s incest. It’s gross.”

“I’m glad you feel that way. We need to test the machine to know whether the previous experiment was a fluke or not.”

A sudden sense of doubt crept over Sara. Incestuous thoughts were the furthest thing from her mind, but this was a government lab with a highly renowned doctor. If they were working on a theory, then there was a strong probability that they were on to something big.

She shuddered to think about what may happen to her.

“What… ummm… are the chances?” she asked hesitantly. “That I’ll…”

“Become a nymphomaniac?”

Sara felt her cheeks warm. “Yes, that won’t happen, will it?”

“That’s what we’re hoping to find out. After a week or two, we’d like to administer a polygraph test to see if you’ve committed any sexual acts with any member of your home.”

“Oh god.”

“I understand your frustration,” Dr. Ledgard said sympathetically. “Which is why we’re going to increase your compensation. You’ll be rewarded even further, financially speaking. I’ll provide glowing job referrals for you. And I will personally recommend you for any internship or job opening in this department, should you wish.”

It was the news Sara had been hoping for all this time. Her future flashed before her eyes. If everything went well, she’d have a bright career ahead of her.

“That sounds amazing,” she beamed.

“It does. Who know, the side effects might be nothing. The other experiment could have been a fluke.”

“Maybe,” Sara said softly.

“In the event that you do exhibit nymphomaniac tendencies with your family, we can fix it in our lab. That should provide you with some sense of safety.”

“That’s a relief. So if anything goes wrong, assuming this machine does what you’re suggesting, then I can come right back and have it undone, right?”

Dr. Ledgard paused. “Not quite. We’ve decided to let things play out. You have to stay at your home for the rest of the week. We’ll keep in touch by email.”

A slight sense of panic was setting into Sara’s psyche. If this machine had actually worked the way the doctor suggested, then she could be in for a real problem. But then again, it did sound outlandish and crazy, and the reward for participating was fantastic.

“I can do that,” she said.

“You’ve also mentioned that your brother Dylan wants a job with us, for experience. I think that’s a great idea. He’ll be tasked with keeping track of your vitals, for brain waves and heart activity. He’ll send us a daily report on the findings.”

She smiled, “He’s going to be thrilled.”

“Then we’ll begin right away.”

With the questioning over, Dr. Ledgard stepped away from the desk and the researchers hooked up a set of wires to Sara’s face and body. A small, advanced looking device was carted over to them, and a small antenna was pointed straight towards her head.

“Initiation in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” Dr. Ledgard counted and then through one final switch. “Subject Sara Carter exposed to devise emissions December 20, 2018 at 10:23 a.m.”

The machine was activated. When it made a low, humming noise, Sara wondered if she had just made the biggest mistake of her life.


In the following days, Sara had been given a new device from the lab. It was something that monitored her body mechanics and brain waves throughout the day. It was a small device that she attached to the waistband of her clothes and there were wires taped to her body, underneath her top.

It was their second day with this object, and while they sat by the desk in Dylan’s room, they recorded all the latest updates.

“Everything seems fine,” Dylan said, jotting the latest numbers down in a notepad.

They had to do this three times a day and Dylan would email all the results to the lab each night.

“You’re quite the researcher now,” she smiled.

He smiled back. “This is easy stuff.”

“I know, but still. You look like a real scientist or doctor checking out my health measurements.”

“That’s because I learned from the best,” he joked. “And there is one thing I thought was interesting. I’ve been meaning to ask you about it.”

She became more attentive. “Yes?”

“Your heart rate and hormones seem to change at random points. At first I assumed it was your workouts, but when I looked closer, that didn’t seem to be the case. Feel anything weird?”

After a brief moment to think about it, Sara realized that the device had been recording her recent flairs of intense sexual thoughts. But of course, she could never tell her brother that.

“Well, you know…” she said evasively. “Women work differently than men. We have different problems and issues, if you know what I’m hinting at.”

The excuse seemed to have worked.

Dylan quickly backed off. “Oh, okay. Got it.”

“I should have given you some notice about that, but it was kind of embarrassing and I didn’t think it would show up on the device.”

“It’s really advanced,” Dylan pointed out. “Now let’s get this thing back on you. Lift up your shirt.”

These moments were always a roll of the dice. Sara never knew what to expect with her own feelings whenever she lifted her T-shirt. Sometimes it would be fine, since Dylan had seen her in a bikini plenty of times before. Other times, there would be internal chaos.

When she lifted her T-shirt to expose her stomach and the lower side of her bra, things went haywire. She suppressed the feelings the best she could and tried to act natural, even though her heart rate was spiking.

Sara’s mind went into a frenzy; ‘God, he’s looking at my body. I wonder if he wants to rip off my bra and suck my nipples. My pussy is getting wet. I wonder if he can smell my aromas.’

Everything seemed normal on Dylan’s end, as he tucked the device into her side and taped the wires to her body.

She looked at him attentively, staring deeply at him while he worked. Had he noticed?

He lifted his gaze, looking at her. “Yes?”

“Nothing,” she said, quickly looking away.

When the tape touched her body, and Dylan’s fingers grazed her skin, Sara felt like she could have had an orgasm right then and there!

‘God, why did I have to wear a bra?’ a thought popped into her mind. ‘I want him to see how hard my nipples are. I want him to beg to suck on them. I could cum so fucking hard right now.’

She glanced at her brother again, who was dutifully doing his job. Her cunt felt swollen, just like her nipples. She needed… something… anything from him.

In a few more seconds, she’d have enough courage to yank her bra and say, ‘Just fucking suck on my tits already. Then bend me over your desk and fuck me from behind!’

It was about to happen, but sadly for her, Dylan pulled her T-shirt down.

“All done,” he said casually. “You’re free to leave my office. The next appointment is tonight at 8 pm. Don’t be late.”

She played it cool. “Five stars on Yelp. Plus a good review. See you tonight.”

When she got up and left Dylan’s bedroom, she wondered how she could possibly survive the rest of the week. How she prayed Dr. Ledgard could reverse this immediately.

At the moment, there was only one other person she could confide in.


Unsurprisingly, Mom was in the living room preparing for the big holiday party tomorrow. She was in the middle of arranging the furniture and she had already finished with all of the decorations.

“Lovely, isn’t it?” Mom said with glee.

Sara looked everything over. “It’s amazing. You should try interior design if you ever need a side hustle.”

Mom laughed. “I’m already plenty busy with your brother and my own business. But thank you.”

“I’m excited for tomorrow.”

“You should be. I received some fantastic news a moment ago. Some of your distant Aunts and Uncles had extra time freed up and they’ll be catching last minute flights.”

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