Serena’s Story

One Friday evening shortly after Serena’s fourteenth birthday her mommy and daddy were sitting in the living room after she went to her room to watch TV.
After Serena left the room, David her daddy put one of his hardcore porno movies in the DVD player and began to watch it with Lilliana, his wife. He began to get horny watching a hot young blonde teen having her unprotected slot reamed by two horny men in an extremely hardcore double pussy penetration. The fact that they were not using condoms was extremely exciting to him.
David started to play around with his wife and although she usually got very turned on by his caresses, tonight she wasn’t feeling very well. She asked him to stop, and when he continued trying to feel her up, she got up and went to the kitchen to take some aspirin. She told him she didn’t feel well and that she was going to bed.
She left him sitting there feeling dejected, but still horny. He continued to watch the scene, and just as the two guys blew their loads simultaneously into the blondes’ hairless cunt, he heard Serena go into the bathroom and start the shower.
Horny out of his mind and against his better judgement, David pictured his daughters’ tight young body naked under the jets of water. He began to fantasize about seeing it for real. The combination of the hot scenes in the film he was watching and his fantasies about his pretty fourteen year old daughter got the better of him.
When David heard the shower go off, he peeked into his wife’s room to make sure she was asleep and then quietly headed for Serena’s room.
Serena had just come out of the bathroom and was sitting on the bed in a flimsy power blue nighty toweling off her hair, her legs spread open so her skimpy blue bikini panties were visible when her daddy came into her room.
At first she was just embarrassed but then she got a little worried when she saw him leering at her teenie body. He slowly approached her, and sank to the bed beside her.
“Serena sweetie don’t be scared. Daddy won’t hurt you. You are turning into a beautiful, sexy young lady and Daddy just wants to see how much his baby girl has grown,” David said softly.
Flattered by her fathers’ words but still a little scared, Serena sat silently, wondering what he was going to do and hoping he would soon go away. David sat down on the bed next to his hot daughter.
“Daddy’s going to find out all about that lovely young body of yours, it looks so sexy!” he said, putting his right arm around her shoulders and gently caressing her perky breasts through the nighty.
Serena jumped when he squeezed her breasts with his big hands, and when she felt his fingers twisting her tender nipples, strange new feelings shot through her body. At first she just wanted him to stop, but then he opened her robe and she felt his mouth sucking on her bare nipples while his tongue circled their tips, and she wasn’t as sure anymore.
Serena’s breasts tingled and her nipples hardened into little buds. The sensations deep in her teenage pussy caused her to squirm and press her thighs together.
David felt her trembling and squirming and knew she was beginning to like what he was doing to her breasts. Placing his hand gently on her knee, he slid it slowly up her thigh, until he was rubbing her mound through her silky panties. His caresses increased the sensuous feelings surging through Serena’s pussy and she could not resist the urge to relax her legs, giving her daddy more access to the crotch of her panties.
Feeling the resistance to his hand relax he knew his lovely, young daughter was getting turned on, and he slid his fingers between her thighs and pressed the silky material of her panties between her lips, rubbing it over her clitoris until he felt Serena responding to the exciting sensations by forcing her pussy deeper into his hand.
Serena moaned as she felt her fuck gravy beginning to seep from her pussy, causing her lips to slide against each other and against her clitoris as he continued to caress her. David felt the warmth and moisture of her pussy through her tight little panties and his cock swelled when he saw how much she was enjoying his caresses.
He began to pull Serena’s panties aside to get to her hot young pussy. Serena was getting very excited and knew she wanted to feel his hand on her naked pussy. Her fear completely subsided and was replaced by unbridled lust as she wantonly spread her thighs wide apart to make it easy for him to get into her panties. Powerful, sexy feelings surged through her cunt as she felt his fingers slipping under her panties and caressing her naked, wet pussy.
David was surprised when his fingers found her naked slit and found it totally devoid of pubic hair. Pulling her panty crotch completely away from her cunt, he could see that it was indeed as bald and smooth as the day she was born. His mouth watered and his cock hardened at the sight.
“Baby you don’t have any pubic hair!” David whispered gently as he caressed his daughter’s bald vagina. Serena giggled and looked into her fathers’ eyes.
“I shave it all off daddy, it’s the in thing! All the girls at school do it. Don’t you like it?” she said, pulling his hand away and spreading her bald cunt lips apart with her fingers. She grinned at him sexily.
“Oh fuck baby girl, daddy LOVES your hairless slot!” David moaned, his engorged cock threatening to burst at the tip. Father and daughter locked lips and began to kiss like a father and daughter never should.
Meanwhile Lilliana had awakened a few minutes earlier, the aspirin having cured her headache. She had been having a dream which left her feeling very horny when she awoke, so she headed for the living room to see if David was still in the mood.
Finding the room empty, Lilliana walked down the hall toward the bathroom to pee and saw the light shining out the partially closed door of Serena’s room. She approached the door and peeked through the narrow opening just as David was tugging Serena’s undies aside.
Shocked, her first impulse was to rush into the room and raise hell with her husband for trying to get into their daughter’s panties. But as she watched, she saw the delighted expression on Serena’s face as she spread her thighs wide apart encouraging her daddy to play with her pussy. She heard the horny moans coming from her daughter and realized quickly that she was enjoying the incestuous activity.
Lilliana could feel the heat building in her own loins watching David playing with their daughter’s wet pussy. She too was turned on at the sight of a totally bald snatch, and she resolved to shave her own hairy cunt too. Lilliana slid her hand under her lace teddy and down between her thighs and began squeezing herself through her red lace panties. Feeling her juices begin to flow made her want to watch for a while to see what would happen.
In his daughters’ room, David didn’t know Lilliana was watching. Slipping his finger between the wet lips of Serena’s youthful pussy, he rubbed them gently, spreading her teenage sex juices around.
Serena was still slightly scared, but her pussy was feeling so good she couldn’t help moving it around as he pressed his finger into her. When her daddy started tugging on her panties with his free hand, Serena raised her hips to let him slide them off.
As she rolled her body to the side to raise her hips she caught a glimpse of her mother peeking in the door. That was really scary until she realized that Lilliana was playing with herself. Serena could see Lilliana squeezing and rubbing her hairy pussy through her lacy red panties. She knew her mom had been watching Daddy’s fingers play with Serena’s pussy, and it had really excited her.
As he removed her panties, David pressed them to his face and inhaled her arousing aroma. This was his own daughters’ sex scent, designed to attract males for breeding babies into her tummy. The realization that his baby was now fertile and ready for sexual intercourse thrilled him perversely.
Watching her daddy sniffing her undies and licking her sex gravy from the crotch while her mother was excitedly masturbating herself in the hall aroused Serena immensely. She couldn’t resist the urge to excite her horny parents even more.
Shrugging her nighty off her shoulders she let it fall to the bed, completely exposing her nude body with its smooth soft skin and firm teenage breasts. She shivered excitedly as she realized that her sexy young body was turning her parents on, and she enjoyed displaying herself to them.
“Is this what you wanted to see, daddy? Have I grown much? Am I still your baby girl?” she said wickedly, grinning at her father lewdly. David was in sexual overload.
“Oh honey, daddy loves to look at your sexy body. You are such a wonderful girl to show daddy your goodies! You have grown into a very desirable young woman, even though you will always be daddy’s baby girl,” he panted.
David rubbed the panties over Serena’s swollen nipples and then slid them between her legs, pressing the silky material against her sensitive clitoris until she was gasping from the sensations he was causing in her pussy. Dropping her panties, he leaned forward and his tongue darted over her small, hard nipples while he slid his finger between the swollen lips of her hot, wet young pussy. Serena let out another tiny gasp. He gently pushed her down on the bed, with her legs hanging off the side, and pressing his face between her thighs, began licking her juices directly from her pussy.
Serena started moaning with pleasure. His tongue played with her pussy and kept darting between her slippery lips, and her clitoris hardened like a tiny penis as his tongue attacked it repeatedly. She loved the thrills that were surging through her body. She had never imagined how great it would feel to have daddy eating her pussy while mommy watched and played with herself. She drew up her legs to spread her hot, fertile young pussy for their continued enjoyment.
Still watching through the narrow opening, Lilliana saw Serena’s thighs spread wide apart as David’s tongue slid up and down her smooth slit. That talented tongue had explored Lilliana’s pussy many times, and she knew how it was making Serena feel.
Hearing Serena gasping and moaning from David’s attentions just increased Lilliana’s arousal. She gave up any idea of raising a fuss, and settled down to taking care of the feelings building deep in her own pussy. She slid one hand down the front of her panties and slid her finger between her hot, juicy cunt lips. She teased her clit until it got hard and then plunged the finger deep into her pussy.
The sensuous feelings in her crotch built rapidly and she could feel her breasts swelling from the excitement. Her other hand slipped under the top of her nightie and began to rub her sensitive, swollen nipples. Lilliana didn’t realize that Serena kept catching glimpses of her as she rolled her head from side to side on the bed. Serena saw Mommy wildly fingering herself as she watched David licking her daughter’s pussy.
Serena reached out her leg and rubbed her foot over the obvious bulge in her daddy’s trousers. His cock shoved back at her probing foot, and she felt it pulsing in his pants. She enjoyed teasing him and it heightened her own excitement.
Turning her head to the side she watched her mom finger-fucking herself. Serena saw her hips thrusting forward to force her fingers deeper into her overheated pussy. It was very exciting to watch her mom, and Serena enjoyed it tremendously.
Her daddy reached back with one hand while still pressing his tongue deep into her pussy, and released his belt. His trousers dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. Serena saw his big prick straining against the thin material of his jockey shorts, and her little pussy throbbed with desire from the sight.
Caressing it again with her foot, she hooked her toes over the waistband and drew the shorts down until her daddy’s cock sprang free. Serena could see a drop of fluid on the swollen tip. She pressed her little foot against his naked cock and rolled it against his belly watching more ooze out and spread over the ruby head. Stepping out of the shorts, David moved forward, bumping his hard cock against her pussy. He took it in his hand and started rubbing it between her lips, the purple knob nudging at her bald sex. His knob looked huge as it nestled at the entrance to her teenage reproductive system.
Serena’s pussy got very hot and her gravy was soaking the head of his cock. Spreading her legs wide, she thrust her pelvis toward his hot, slippery prick, feeling it slide into her vagina. Suddenly a pang of anxiety hit her as she remembered her sex ed class.
“Daddy wait…shouldn’t we use a condom? I’ve been having my period for a couple months now, I could get pregnant,” she told him. Although he didn’t want to get his daughter pregnant, David knew he could not put a rubber barrier between his cock and that deliciously tight pussy. He leaned down and kissed her mouth.
“Shh it’s okay baby, daddy knows what to do. I’ll make sure I pull out before I cum inside, I promise,” he assured her. Serena knew if daddy said it was okay then it was fine to do it without a rubber.
Moaning loudly now, she wanted to feel her daddy’s cock plunge into her hot little pussy. Reaching down with her hand, she grasped his cock tightly, feeling its great heat with her fingers. She pulled it into her pussy, rubbing the head between her slippery lips and over her clit.
“Oh, that feels so good, Daddy.” Serena squealed. Wantonly thrusting her cunt toward her daddy’s big prick, she made it slide deeper into her throbbing pussy. It hurt a little as it pushed through her hymen and stretched her vagina for the first time, but such thrills shot through her cunt that even the hurting felt good.
“Oh daddy!” she exclaimed, “I’m a real woman now. I love the feeling of your big cock stretching my pussy like that.”
In the hallway, Lilliana couldn’t believe David was fucking their daughter, let alone without a condom. This was full blown incest, and it was turning her on! Secretly she hoped David would not pull out. As dirty and perverted as it was, the thought of her fourteen year old daughter gambling with incestuous pregnancy had her hot as hell.
Buried to the balls in Serena’s warm, wet and impossibly tight teenage pussy, David was surprised and excited by his daughters’ reaction. He began to slide his hard prick in and out of her bald pussy. Her cunt was so hot and slick he was able to shove his cock all the way into her until his groin bumped against her crotch. His curly pubic hair mashed against her hairless mound and Serena could feel his head throbbing deep inside of her. She loved the feeling of her clit rubbing against the base of her daddy’s cock. Thrill after thrill shot through her crotch, quickly building toward a climax, and she began thrusting her pussy against him rapidly.
“Fuck me daddy, fuck my pussy like you do moms’! HARDER! Shove your big cock deep into my cunt!” she squealed as her father began to pound into her, his sperm filled balls slapping against her ass cheeks with each thrust into her baby passage.
Lilliana’s hands clutched her crotch tightly when she heard Serena’s words. Watching the wild incestuous lovemaking and hearing her daughter beg for her daddy’s cock was driving Lilliana wild. She leaned back against the door frame shoving both hands into her crotch. Frantically she shoved one and then the other deep into her pussy. Her cunt juices were flowing all over her fingers and even down the inside of her thighs. Sliding slowly downward, she sat on the floor and leaned back against the door frame. She drew her knees up and spread her thighs wide so she could drive her fingers deeper in her hairy cunt.
Serena watched her mom lift one of her breasts from the top of her nightie and bend to suck the swollen nipple. She saw Mom plunging two, and then three fingers into her sloppy pussy and rapidly finger fuck herself.
Wild with lust now, Serena fucked her daddy’s big cock wildly, loving the feeling of it filling her pussy and bumping her clitoris. Suddenly she let out a little shriek and had her very first orgasm. She thrashed about as her juices squirted all over her daddy’s swollen cock and coated his heavy balls.
Serena’s reactions were beyond her dad’s wildest expectations and excited him tremendously. Making love to his beautiful little teen daughter had him hornier than he had ever been. He started to fuck her like a wild man, shoving his prick deep into her hot young pussy and feeling the muscular walls squeezing his cock tightly. The head of hic cock bumped into her tiny cervix on each thrust, driving them both wild.
Serena also went wild, shoving her pussy up to meet his cock on every stroke. She used the muscles in her pussy to squeeze and milk his cock as it slid in and out. His breath was coming in short gasps as his excitement reached fever-pitch. The tingling sensation in his groin heralded his immanent orgasm.
“Daddy’s gonna cum baby girl, I have to pull out,” David panted lewdly into Serena’s ear. Serena moaned, and then in her lust addled stupor a deliciously wicked thought came to her mind.
“Don’t pull out daddy! Fucking cum inside me daddy, squirt all your baby making sperms into my tight little pussy. I wanna feel what it’s like to have sperm swimming in my tummy. Oooh, do you wanna get me pregnant daddy? Knock up my fertile little cunt? Come on! Give me your semen! Plant an incest baby in my tummy!” she squealed. Thinking about carrying her own brother or sister in her womb triggered another huge orgasm for her.
The mere thought of planting a baby in his daughter’s womb also sent David ballistic. He hadn’t intended to cum in her pussy, but if she was up for it he damn well wasn’t going to argue! Hell that was what plan B was for anyway!
Finally he drove balls deep into Serena’s vagina and ejaculated. Serena felt his prick throb as it squirted huge hot spurts of his fertile baby batter deep into her convulsing pussy. Feeling his cock pulsing hard inside of her and the warm squirts of his semen splashing over her cervix triggered an even bigger orgasm for Serena. She screamed, her head falling back on the bed, and she wrapped her legs around his ass, driving him hard against her pussy.

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