Seeing I was being watched causes me to up the ante. – Tanning to Entertain

Waking around nine the next morning, I wasn’t surprised to find the guys still sleeping.

I slipped on one of Mike’s tee shirts and went down to get coffee and some orange juice.

Sitting on the couch, I began to think of Kent, what possibly could be his thoughts, and the danger I could be doing. Certainly not to Kent but what would happen if he told more of his friends? I didn’t want to embarrass Mike with the possibly the word getting around I was cheap and a slut.

I had been Mikes support throughout most of his life. He was actually a born to me in a previous marriage. His father had been killed in a truck wreck and we alone for almost nine years. He was my life.

I married again, not so much for love but for security. I had known my current husband as we had grown up together in a small town and he was quite handsome at the time. He had a steady income and I thought I could make him the man I wanted. Fishing and hunting took up his spare time.

I had tried everything. Nothing seemed to be going to work. So I dived into my career and now I was living well but in a sexless relationship.

I was determined I was going to seek my pleasure elsewhere Yes, I know, attempting to seduce a teenager wasn’t what most women would do, but I had started and now I wasn’t going to go away, well, not just yet.

I was considering going out and seeking sex partners but I didn’t want to risk my position at the bank. I had a wild filing in Atlanta at a conference but I was praying the happening didn’t get back to the company. So far, it hadn’t.

I knew I had an appealing body, cute, but certainly not beautiful. Kent’s attention had stirred a flame in me and I wanted to continue it.

Hopefully Kent realized the exposure was not usual in our home and how fortunate he was to be seeing a mature women tanning. Nothing else. I don’t think Mike thought too much about it.

The day was going to be glorious. In the eighties, and so far not a cloud in the sky.

I decided to run a few errands and finally got back home around one. I found a note from Mike saying he and Kent were going to meet with others and would be around 4.

I went up stairs and got ready to go out to the deck. I checked my body in the mirror and decided I was probably darker than in previous years. Making a mental note to wear white clothing as often as possible.

One the deck, with a towel, oil and a wine cooler, I laid down on an old lounge cushion, I was soon falling into a nap.

Hearing the glass door opening, I awoke and saw Mike approaching. I grabbed the towel, and sat up. Kent stayed in the door. We talked about dinner and I agreed to grill some burgers and that was fantastic as far as he was concerned. I told him to go to the store and get the necessary food.

‘Accidently’ the towel fell to my waist, leaving my breasts exposed. The dark sunglasses allowed me to see Kent moving slightly to get a better look. I turned to get the oil spray, causing my breasts to sway slightly and saw his reaction. I loved it!

The boys left so I decide to clean up and get ready for the grilling.

I remembered I had an old tank top, too small and a pair of running shorts, making up my clothing for the evening. The top was inappropriate to wear out but perfect to show I was braless and my poking nipples.

As I grilled as both guys sat on the deck, having a beer left over from his father’s stash. I was contributing to the ruination of these minors!

Kent was practically staring at my boobs. Mike, again, what in his own little world. Thank goodness.

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