Seduces The Younger Brother

My name is Laura and I am 19 years old. What I was talking about started about half a year ago. I still have two siblings. A bigger sister who no longer lives at home and a brother who is a few months younger who lives with me with my parents.

Overall, I would describe our family as absolutely average middle class. As far as freedom of movement is concerned, we are neither too open nor uptight. The topic of sexuality is not actually discussed, but it is quite normal when my mother walks around in a bikini at home. I have no problem with that either.

To me:
I have just finished secondary school and am now doing my specialist diploma. I have a rather petite stature: I am about 168 tall, I am very slim and accordingly only have small breasts (B cup). My hair is short and dyed hydrogen blonde.

In this story I will seduce my wanking and always horny brother
In this story I will seduce my wanking and always horny brother

My brother (André) lives in the room next to mine. On a very warm autumn day at the weekend, I woke up around noon as usual. In my sleep outfit, I went to the bathroom to go to the toilet and brush my teeth. I usually only wear a short t-shirt and thong to sleep. This time it was a white t-shirt and a baby blue thong. Since the t-shirt was very short, it did not reach beyond my hips.
When I opened the bathroom door I noticed that my brother was already standing in front of the sink in boxer shorts and brushing his teeth. In response to the obligatory question as to whether I was disturbing, he answered “no” without looking. I stood next to him to put some toothpaste on my toothbrush.

Then I noticed how he looked me up from the bottom. As always, I sat cross-legged on the dresser to brush my teeth. I could see through the mirror that André often peered over at me and briefly touched his crotch once. I noticed a barely noticeable bump in his shorts. He must have liked the way I sat on the dresser. He probably had a clear view of my crotch through the mirror. Through the relatively transparent thong, he could certainly see a bit of my pubic hair (a strip) – and maybe also a print of my pussy. I liked the thought that he liked it.
I finished brushing my teeth sooner and told him that I still had to take a shower … He said “take it easy”. Since I still had my socks on, I provocatively stood with my back to the mirror and bent down low to take off my socks. I think no I hope and believe that he was watching me through the mirror. Through the tight thong and the short T-shirt he had a very good view of my butt and my pussy.

Without paying attention to André, I took off my T-shirt and my thong, threw everything on the floor and went into the shower. Strangely, a while after turning on the water, I heard two short, muffled, groan-like noises. Shortly afterwards the door opened and closed and André left the bathroom. As always, I peed in the shower. I really enjoy doing that. I like it when the warm piss stream runs down my leg. I also let something flow over my hand and distribute it on my breasts. I’m in the shower anyway, I always think to myself. I’m not telling anyone, but I think everyone does it that way.

I didn’t think about what I heard, finished showering and drying off. – I put my t-shirt on again and the thong. When I pulled the thong up and made the string comfortable in my bum, I noticed in my pussy that the front part of the thong was a bit damp. I pulled it down a bit and noticed that there was something very slippery in my panties. I ran my finger over it and suddenly it was clear to me what that was .. Sperm! My brother probably didn’t think that I would put the panties on again … otherwise he would have been extremely embarrassed to be discovered. My brother probably couldn’t stand it anymore because of sheer lust and just sprayed on my panties while I was still in the shower … hence the noises … I was horrified, amazed and flattered to a certain extent. My brother must obviously find me pretty attractive ..

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