Seduced by my best friends wife then punished

I felt like someone had hit my nose with a sledge hammer as my head bounced off the mat. I could feel the blood from my nose running down my cheeks and into my ears and onto the mat. We weren’t at our dojo where the floor has a good 1½”of polyfiber over a heavy canvas covering to cushion our falls, this was just a larger version of a moving blanket, spread out onto a concrete stage. I could vaguely hear Le Chen, our dojo sensei, yelling at Paul, though the ringing in my ears made it difficult. Our dojo had been asked to put on a demonstration for the Upper Valley Women’s Club. It’s something we do in order to get to use one of the city’s school gymnasiums for our quarterly tournaments. The last thing I remember, was seeing the anger and fire in Paul’s eyes. He had suddenly changed up his routine and threw me a round-house kick and connected with his left foot to my face. It had caught me squarely in the nose and I knew from playing football, it was going to need to be reset. Then everything went black.

Le Chen had announced that this demonstration was over and I was going on a little ambulance ride. We were supposed to be demonstrating the difference between Judo and Karate. Paul was using Karate to attack me and I was to use Judo to thwart his attack. We were trying to show the differences between the two forms of Martial Arts. Even though Paul is 6’2″ and Le Chen is 5’8, When Le is pissed, he’s like King Kong and he was going after Paul from what the others told me. I wasn’t there. I was in la-la land.

Now to why Dave tried to flatten my face with his foot made no sense to our sensei. But I knew, and I couldn’t blame him. The next thing I remember is a flashlight being shined in my eyes and an ER nurse saying with this terrible echo, “Mr. Edwards, Mr. Edwards, Can you hear me? Can you tell me your birthdate? Do you know where you are?” I just groaned, why didn’t they just let me die. It would probably have been easier. Penny was going to kill me anyway if Dave didn’t. Why did I do it? Why?

They stuffed cotton gauze up my nose and said a doctor would be in but first they needed to get me turned over to look at the back of my head. Rolling me over and placing a pillow with a hole in the center so I didn’t injure my nose more, the young male nurse said, “Well mister, it looks like you’re going to need some stitches back here. We’re going to have to shave you a bit to get you ready for the doctor.” Shit, they shaved damn near from the top of my head down almost to my neck and at least four inches wide. How bad was it?

Then I heard my wife’s commanding voice, “Is he going to be OK?” as she stormed into the room.

The male nurse said, “Sorry missy, you’re going to have to wait outside until after the doctor has stitched him up, ok deary?”

Now Penny is a big girl, full blooded Scotswoman, 6’1″, weighing, well I’m guessing here because she won’t tell me but I’d have to say it’s between 180 and 200 lbs. but there isn’t an ounce of fat on her, other than those 44HHs of hers. She’s 44-32-38 and looks damn good if you ask me. Penny was the first female apprentice I had ever worked with. What really impressed me was she worked hard. Harder than a lot of guys I had worked with. She usually wore Carhart bib overalls so you really couldn’t tell her figure but you could tell she was a big gal and the guys really didn’t pay that much attention to her. Somebody said she had a big black boyfriend and someone else said she had a girlfriend but no one knew for sure.

Penny grabbed this nurse by his scrubs with one hand, pulling his face up close to hers, his feet 4″ off the floor and said, “That’s my husband. Our vows said we would stand by each other in sickness and in health. I’m going to be with him. Got it, piss ant!” She put him down behind her and walked over to me and took my one free hand. I think the nurse had pissed himself as he had to leave quickly. I was really worried that she took her vows that seriously. Especially the to forsake all others part.

Penny and I had helped Paul and Erica remodel that first house, then their second, and their third. It wasn’t that bad I guess because after the first one, we were charging them because it cut into our business time. Our families had grown close. We both had ski boats, we both had motorhomes, we partied together a lot. We were good friends. Hell, our kids were best friends.

Penny and I had worked together for about 9 months while she was an apprentice and it was the last Friday in September, payday and a bunch of us were going down the block to Henry’s to throw back some beer. I turned to Penny and asked, “Hey there Sexy, want to go have a beer or three with me?” Now I know other guys had asked her to join us but she had always refused.

Penny got this big smile and said, “Dave, since you’re asking me so nicely, I’d love to join you.” She pulled out the hairpins and her long chestnut hair cascaded down over her shoulders and there was a different woman in front of me. She took off her Carhart bibs and I saw her tight tee shirt stretched over her huge tits and her skin tight Levi’s. WOW! We headed down to Henry’s and proceeded to unwind. Penny especially. By 7:00 it was down to just Penny and myself and she was hammered. “Wwwelll, I’dd bbbeet-t-t-ter get goi- – ng.” she slurred as she pulled out her car keys, promptly dropping them on the ground.

I bent over and picked them up and put them in my left pocket, hooked my arm in hers and said, “Penny I’m taking you home. You’re in no condition to drive. Don’t worry, pretty lady, I won’t take advantage of you when we get there.”

She put on the fakey pout and said, “Gee Dave, you’d really disappoint a girl?”

I walked her back to my truck and opened the passenger door for her and closed it behind her. When I opened my door, Penny was buckled into the center spot with a big smile on her face. As soon as I was buckled in, she gave me her address then put her arm behind my head and began to play with my neck and ear, distracting the hell out of me. About halfway to her apartment, Penny turned sideways, placing her chin on my shoulder and her other hand on my crotch, making it a little difficult to drive. She was squeezing my cock through my jeans and it was straining the fabric. Penny ran her fingernails from the base of my cock down to the tip over the fabric making me shiver. She whispered in my ear, “Dave, if that’s real, I’m going to be one happy girl.”

I pulled up in front of her apartment and when I jumped out, Penny followed me out, we were almost eye to eye. I’m 6’4″ by the way. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, exploring my mouth with her tongue very thoroughly. When she came up for air, she tilted her head back and said, “Damn, I’ve wanted to do that since the first time I saw you. I just didn’t have the nerve.” It was then I realized she really wasn’t as drunk as she had seemed. I gave her the keys back and she unlocked the door and we rushed to her bedroom where we undressed each other as we made out.

I had never been with a big woman like her, let me clarify that, any woman like her. I mean she was unbelievable. Penny orgasmed just from me sucking on her nipples, that was a first for me. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen when I licked and sucked on her pussy. I kissed and sucked my way down to her treasure cove. She was partially shaved, just leaving a narrow landing strip above her honey pot. Penny arched her butt off the bed, sliding a pillow under her ass. ‘Much better!’ I thought.

My tongue slowly circled her rosebud, before plowing deeply into her furrow. She tasted so good, so womanly, so exciting. Hell, why had I waited so long. I told myself it was because I was her journeyman and she was my apprentice and that might have been construed to look like I had coerced her into having sex with me so I would give her a good grade. When I reached her large clit, all swollen and ready, I sucked on it as hard as I could. I would alternate between suction and flicking my tongue across it like a hummingbirds’ wings. Penny rewarded me with a gush of her juices and a series of Ah’s, until she pulled me up as she said, “I want you NOW!

Penny pushed me onto my back and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked on the head while her hands twisted and stroked my shaft. I told her that was going to make me cum. “Let’s not waste it,” she said, as she started to straddle me.

I stopped her and asked her if she was on the pill or had an IUD. She shook her head no then reached into her nightstand and pulled out an unopened box of condoms. Penny bashfully said, “You are my first visitor to my apartment and this is only the third time I’ve ever had sex. My first two were the night of my prom.” She took out a condom and ripping open the condom package with her teeth, she rolled the condom over my granite-like cock, grabbed it and guided me in. I couldn’t believe how tight she was and when the head of my cock bottomed out with a few inches left I felt proud.

She was biting my shoulder as she came, her nails digging into my sides. She rode me like she was riding a bull. I held myself tight to her as our orgasms seemed to cum together. She rolled off of me and watched her breathing. Penny turned to me and gave me a kiss. She smiled and said, “Dave, that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and I love it. You were made for a big girl like me.” I really should have told her, her pussy was very tight to begin with, one a even a normal sized guy would enjoy.

I was curious about her statement and asked, “Penny, did you have sex with two guys on your prom night?

She looked funny at me then said so matter of fact, “No, it was just Carl. He was the best friend of my next-door neighbor Jack and was hanging around so often he eventually asked me to go out on a date with him. After a few fumbling dates, we planned to have sex on the night of our senior prom. We snuck out early, he had an older friend rent us a room. His mother didn’t know what we were doing or there would have been hell to pay. Well he put on a condom and came within 30 seconds of putting it in me. I was all sweaty from him lying on top of me and suggested a shower, it was fun soaping each other up. After we dried, we made out some more, only this time when he was hard, I put on his condom and rode him till he came, it was a good ten minutes or so. Again I got good feelings, but I’m not sure if I came. I know I have better orgasms using my fingers now.”

I had to ask. “So tell me how you come you counted that as twice. It was the same night and same guy, as far most people go, they would normally count that as only one encounter, not two.”

Penny smiled and said gleefully, “Ok, then. You’re number two!”

Penny and I moved in together. Unfortunately the electrical union moved Penny to another contractor for her last year of schooling so I didn’t get to work with her but at the union meetings guys were giving her nothing but praise. I used that year to study and get my contractor’s license. Two weeks after she graduated the apprenticeship, we got married and when we returned from our short Las Vegas honeymoon, we opened Edwards Electric, LLC.

It was during our first year in business that I met Paul. He was an architect and we had similar interests. We soon became friends and he invited Penny and I over to meet his wife and have a barbecue. When I walked into his house, It was obvious that Paul could design things but he really knew nothing about construction. He was trying to remodel his home but his skill level was less than adequate. Penny was pointing things out to me constantly. My problem was I was having trouble not ogling Paul’s little hardbodied wife, Erica. Her parents moved here from Norway when she was young. She was 5′ nothing, blond hair and blue eyed and said she weighed a whopping 97 pounds. I’d bet 15 of that was in those luscious tits of hers. She was a 34C-21-31 and wearing a cut off tank top and silk tap pants that were more for bedtime than for a barbecue.

I thought it funny because Penny and Erica seemed to really bond. Talk about Mutt and Jeff. We had a great time and enjoyed them and their friends. So much so, Penny invited them over the next weekend for a nice lasagna dinner and some card playing afterwards. As time went on, our friendship just grew and grew.

Of course, Penny and I helped Paul and Erica with their remodel, then the second one and the third one too. At least the last two we were getting paid as they cut into our regular contract work. Paul understood and it wasn’t that big a deal. I was giving them a break on the hourly rate and materials. We did everything together, well it seemed that if Penny and I did something, Erica and Paul had to do it only better. When we bought a motorhome, they bought one, only a bit fancier. When we bought a ski boat, they bought one too, just bigger and faster. It really didn’t matter to us; we were having fun. We would go camping, skiing, exploring and at times, just getting the hell out of dodge and tying one on, of course the grandparents or some responsible adults were watching the kids. Life was good.

We’ve been married almost 16 years now. We have two kids, a girl Carla, 10 and Danny, 14 our son. Oh, I can’t forget, Barney, our Rocky. Paul and Erica have two, Danica 13, who Erica swears is going to be a model but she’s short like her mother but just as beautiful, and Franklin, 11, who’s more interested in Gameboy or whatever handheld game he had. I just wish my Carla didn’t have a crush on him.

Then they bought that monstrosity. 14,800 sq.ft. of some idiots idea of his perfect home only this thing was put together obviously without the benefit of proper engineering or inspections. What a mess. Walls had to be torn down, ceilings removed, some of the foundation needed to be re-enforced. Paul and Erica were in the middle of litigation with the previous owner and the realtors due to a clause in the sales contract that states that all work previously performed shall be approved, permitted and inspected and there were obviously sections that didn’t meet that criteria.

They had moved in but found the house was unlivable and were actually living in the garage and their motorhome. Erica was acting as the job superintendent. Penny was doing double duty between the kids and working on a nursing home remodel we had going. I was running a school remodel, two commercial buildings and the monster they had bought. Plus my best man was running a mini-mall that had to be finished soon and I had to check up on it often. Erica had me on speed dial. God, I wanted to change my number. It was Friday, just after lunch.

My phone rang and I saw Erica flash across my screen. I almost let it go to voicemail. With my most pleasant business voice, I said, “Well hello, Miss Erica. What can I do for you today?”

“You can get over here NOW! The carpenters are tearing down another wall and there’s wires sparking and I don’t want anyone electrocuted. How long will it take you to get here? Do you have anyone close to us?” Erica barked.

“Calm down, Erica,” I said, “That’s why circuits are on breakers. I’m sure no one will be electrocuted. Yes they might feel a little tingle but it shouldn’t kill them.”

“Dave, I’m holding you responsible if anything happens. I warned you in plenty of time.” She said. “I just wanted to save your ass. It’s such a nice little ass,” she said. Then she giggled and hung up. Damn that woman. I jumped in my truck and headed over there. Driving in, I saw that the only other vehicles on the jobsite besides my truck were Erica’s Navigator and their big motorhome. When I walked in, I found Erica wearing her white hardhat, the tiniest of bikini tops, an almost not there pair of navy short shorts and 3″ red heels.

“Ok, Erica,” I said a little curtly, “where’s this big problem you’re worried about?”

She smiled and said, “Dave, go get your ladder and meet me in the formal dining room.”

I looked at her and asked, “Ok, I’ll give, which room is it now?”

Erica giggled and said, “Silly, it’s the one with the doorway directly into the kitchen. You know, the one by the big refrigerator units.” The carpenters had been raising the ceiling to stair-step it because Erica thought it would make it more dramatic. I found the offending wires and traced them back to the panel and disconnected them, making them safe so no one could get hurt.

“Ok, Erica, anything else you need or are you done with me?” I naively asked. I really wanted to get back and check on the guys I had working on the mini-mall and see if I needed to pick up any material before Monday.

Erica gave me a smile and said, “Dave, since you asked so nicely, there is one more thing that I really would like you to do. It’s back in the master bedroom. Come on let me show you.” I followed as she swayed her butt down the hallway. Why she dressed like that on a construction job was beyond me. We stepped into the master bedroom and I thought it funny that someone had removed the plastic covering off their king-sized bed.

I turned to Erica and asked, ‘What seems to be the problem in here, Erica?”

“It’s the lights, Dave.” She said. I reached over to the switch and flicked the switch and looked up at the light fixture, watching it go on and off as I moved the handle up and down. I looked down to get Erica’s reaction and she had dropped her top onto the floor and was just stepping out of her short-shorts, exposing her waxed pussy. “Dave, when the lights go out, I get so horny thinking of your big cock that I can’t sleep,” Erica said as she stepped up to me, caressing my crotch with one hand, her other unbuckling my belt.

“Erica, we can’t.” I said, but she wouldn’t listen. She had my pants undone in record time. I don’t know why but I should have fought her off. Run, done something, but I stood there like a dummy as she got me naked.

Erica pushed me back onto her bed and took my shaft into her mouth and began sucking me like a Hoover. She was deepthroating me as one hand cupped and played with my balls. I ran my hand over her ass and down then my fingers found her wet little pussy. She was soaked. Let me tell you, that little woman could suck cock now. Penny is no slouch but Erica was going at it with a vengeance.

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