Security Desk

Boring job, but as soon as things quieted down, I got out my phone, and looked around before I logged into chat.

We get rushes, lunch just ended. Maybe a few stragglers coming, or going, but it’s mostly automated. Take a ticket, pay at the machine to lift the gate, I was mostly a head to hold a hat up, and reassure people their cars weren’t going to get broken into.

[Frat Boy bareback PoV]

A glance at the screens, and around at the cars waiting to get picked up while I unbuttoned my pants, and fished it out.

“Smup pup!” It slipped out, and popped up, then he grinned, so I got to see his smile. “Yeah!” His hat turned around like a gangster, but at least that didn’t get in the way.

“Suck the balls too, pledge. You really want to get in!”

“Yeah, I’ll do anything.”

“Shut up, and get my balls.”

Then, a corner of the monitor went black.

“Huh!” I paused it, before I got to see that pale back, and cute bubble butt in the thumbnail, but I had to run it back.

“Fuck.” Some guy dressed up like Spy vs Spy, black hat, and trench coat yanked the cable, but didn’t look up. No, he kept his head down, to avoid the camera, but then his coat flapped, in reverse. I caught a flash of ass before he turned back around with his dick hanging out, and paused it.

Mine tucked back in, I grabbed my flashlight, and switched back to the live view. On my way out the door, I ran to Camera 7 in the NW stairwell. Picked up the hanging cable, and got up to plug it in. Then, I kept my eyes, and ears pealed on the way back to the booth.

Yeah, it might be some guy I know playing a prank/kinky booty call, but I’m not exactly in the closet. it could also be some punk kids playing a prank on the gay mall cop. Downtown, pretty progressive city, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any hate crimes. The school busses are running, so maybe they skipped school, or maybe they dropped out, but he looked young.

Not too young, I hoped when I got to the door, and saw the hat on the desk. Unlocked the door, and saw the coat on the peg, too. Nobody watching me outside, or on the cameras, #7 back up, and there’s no motion. It’s quiet, but I had to pick up the hat to find the Post It.

The Desk]

“Huh, my lucky day?” I’m guessing the same ass I saw a flash of on the monitor, and sat down before anyone else saw me with my fly unbuttoned.

He whispered, ‘i don’t want anyone to know.’ It kinda echoed under there, but it’s a long corner desk, and if you walked around, you could sopt him under there through one of the wraparound windows, because I’m supposed to be keeping an eye out all around. Watch the cameras at the same time, but nobody’s going to be breaking into car at 14:27 on a Tuesday afternoon, if ever.

“Huh!” It thumped, but I think he turned around, and sat down. He found my fly with his hands all right, and fished it out. I went back to the recorded video on the main computer screen, and played it back in real time. He just pulled his shirt up, with his cock hanging out, and turned around to flash a cheek. Before he turned back, and yanked the cable. “Ah!”

“Smuip, swerk.” He kissed, and sucked the head in, then let it slip out. Fishing around in my fly for more, and tugging my balls out by the scrotum.

“Suck my balls, too.”

“Oom swop!” The left one. “Smph!” The right stayed in a little longer to rub through the fresh waxed skin. I like it neat, a lot of guys do. His fingers were damp, fondling my tip, but it doesn’t usually take a lot for me to get hard. it’s just bothering me, for one thing, he fooled me pretty well, and I’m starting to think it’s an inside job, but at least I’m getting some swell from the attention.

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