Saving mommy’s marriage

I came home one day a few hours earlier than I normally would and was pleased to see my mother’s car in the driveway. Usually she’d come home about an hour after I would and It was nice I wouldn’t be alone all afternoon. Mom always made tea with cookies and she’d let me help her in the garden.
I loved working in the garden, watering the plants and the flowers. I had my own little piece of the garden where I grew my own flowers, although they almost always died because mom said I gave them too much water. Mom would always help me and always had new flowers for me from her own garden. She says that one day I’ll get the hang of it and I’ll have the most beautiful flower garden of the world. Although sometimes she suggests I should be planting water lilies instead.

Daydreaming of my beautiful flowery garden, I walked inside and looked for my mother but I couldn’t find her. She wasn’t in the kitchen or the garden, nor was she in her room or the living room. I guessed she was probably gone out for groceries or so and went back to the garden. Maybe my flowers needed some water.
In the garden it was nice and quiet and peaceful. I like it here when it’s quiet. My flowers were looking healthy and beautiful and their sweet smell wafted through the garden. Maybe I’d better get them a little more water. The ground did not seem to be dry, but you could never be sure. Just a little water. I walked to the shed to get my watering can.

As I entered the shed, I wasn’t alone. I heard shuffling feet, whispering and moaning. I decided I had to take a closer look. On my hands and knees I crawled behind the bales of straw that were stacked in the shed for the winter. The voices grew stronger. Three male voices I could discern now, very close by. I sneaked a quick look around the corner and what I saw made my heart almost stop.
There behind the bales I saw my mother. She sat on her knees in front of my brother’s friend Josh. His pants were around his ankles and she was sucking on his penis! Next to him were my nineteen year old brother Francis and our nephew Donny. They too had their pants around their ankles and were moving their hands up and down their stiff penises as they were waiting for my mother to suck them off.
I felt terrified; my wonderful mother was doing sex things with someone other than my dad! I got an ice-cold feeling in my stomach and my whole future seemed to crash around me while I kept watching my mom go on, unable to do or say anything.

Josh started moaning a little louder now and began pumping his hips back and forth.
“Ohh Mrs. Wallace, you suck it so goood… I’m gonna cum… I’m.. I’m… Oh yes!” Josh groaned, his face distorted into a painful grimace. His hands grabbed mom’s head, he pushed his penis deeper in her mouth as it started to pulse and began to spit out his heavy load of cum.
I could see my mother suck and swallow, which made me realize that Josh was actually shooting his sperm in mom’s mouth.
Though I had not done much sexually, I was a virgin and very inexperienced, I was aware of the mechanics and the various fluids involved. His penis was ejeculating his sperm, that wriggling bunch of invisible tiny tadpoles which, when combined with a human egg, would make a baby. My friend Alice told me that. She said she used rubber condoms to stop them from swimming to her eggs.

Mom kept sucking and bobbing until Josh’s wilting penis fell from her lips.
“Hmm Josh, that was nice. You taste good! Now, who is next” Mom asked after she licked the last pearly drops of sperm from her lips and swallowed them down.
“Come on mom, suck my cock” Francis urged, waving his penis at mom’s face.
“Now don’t be greedy Francis, I did you this morning already. Donny is our guest and it’s his first time, so he should come first” she lectured her eager son.
“And come he will!” laughed Josh “Goddamn, Mrs. Wallace, I never had a girl that could suck cock half as good as you”
“Thank you Josh, but please, watch the language. You know, every time you curse, an angel cries.” mom said. Mom hated cursing. It ‘wasn’t proper for a lady’. Apparently it wasn’t for boys either.
“Now come here Donny, ooh it’s so beautiful, so stiff and all juicy and wet hmmm… Just sit down over there and enjoy it”

By : SquattingEagle

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