Sarah’s Late

It was a crisp early fall day, as Sara walked across campus on the first day of class. Sara, a second year economics major, had been looking forward to the start of the fall term all summer. Unlike many of her classmates who spent their weekends drinking or partying, Sara was a very dedicated student, and spent most of her time studying or researching. Sara’s family was very proud of their daughter for her hard work and the academic honors.

Besides excelling academically, Sara also had a body that would have made a model jealous. Sara’s long black hair waved in the wind, her smooth legs stuck out from under her knee length jean skirt, while her C-cups were nestled in her red polo sweater.

As Sara walked, she thought about all the classes she had to look forward for this term. Her first class, Economics 200, was being taught by the head of the department, Dr. Enckle, with whom she had taken several classes, and whom she enjoyed learningn from very much. Dr. Enckle had been an economist for over thirty years and was very respected, both in his field and at the university.

As she opened the door of the lecture hall, Sara realized something was very wrong. All of the lights in the room were turned off. What little light was from a small roof top window. Sara also noticed that there was not a single soul seated in the lecture hall, she was completely alone. “That’s weird,” muttered Sara to herself. Just as Sara was about to leave the lecture hall and head back to her dorm, Dr. Enckle entered the room.

“Why, Sara, what are you doing here?” questioned a very surprised Dr. Enckle at seeing his student.

“I thought this is where Economics 200 was meeting this morning, sir,” replied Sara, hoping Dr. Enckle could shed some light on the situation.

“This is where Economics 200 met this morning, Sara. Class ended half an hour ago.”

“Ended? Oh, no, How did I miss it?” bemoaned Sara.

“I don’t know Sara, that was the time that was listed in the registration letter that was sent out to all students.”

“Yes, I got the letter,”replied Sara as she checked her watch. “Oh, no, I must have slept in. I’m so sorry Dr. Enckle, I’ve never missed a class before,” states a very apologetic Sara.

“If you come with me to my office, Sara, I’ll give you a copy of this semesters syllabus”

“Oh thank you, Dr. Enckle.” Sara follows Dr. Enckle silently back to his office, feeling very embarrassed about this whole ordeal. Sara prided herself not only on academic excellence, but also punctuality, which she had failed at today.

After they reached Dr. Enckle’s office, Sara sat and waited in front of his large oak desk, while he went into a back storage room to get a syllabus. The office wall was covered with academic awards Dr. Enckle had accumulated over the years, many of them related to excellence in teaching.

As Dr. Enckle came back into the room, he sat Sara’s syllabus down on the desk, before taking a seat in his big leather chair behind the desk. “Sara, I’m very disappointed in you skipping class today.”

“I know, Dr. Enckle, I’m very sorry, It was an honest mistake, I promise you it will never happen again.”

“Sara, I plenty of students that skip class because their hungover or sleeping in, but I expect better from you. You’re one of my top students, Sara.”

Sara looked at Dr. Enckle surprised. She knew her grades were good, but to be told she was one of his top students was quite a complement. “Thank you, sir. I didn’t mean to let you down.”

“Sara, I’m going to make certain this sort of action does not occur again. Since you skipped class, I’m going to give you a spanking so you never forget to get up on time again.”

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