Sarah’s first party – Father Daughter Swap

1- Only father and daughter pairs allowed

2- All girls must be 18 or over

3- Whatever the girls say goes. You want to kiss a girl- you ask her first. You want to touch a girl- you ask her first etc.

4- Incest is not allowed. It is strictly forbidden for a father to even be in the same bedroom as his own daughter.


The 2 weeks until their first party had passed fast for Sarah and Richard. For the initial 7 days both of them kept changing their minds, unsure if they could really commit to such an event. However, after many hours of deliberating and chatting with other club members on the group chat, they had finally convinced themselves that the party was definitely something they wanted to go to.

The day before the party Darren, the host of this particular party, sent a message to everyone attending:

[Hello everyone, I hope you’re all excited for the party tomorrow. Everything is all set up and organised my side, ready for your participation and enjoyment. Just one last message before our party to inform you of the dress code. To the fathers- please wear smart casual attire. To the daughters- please dress glamorously. Not necessarily something you would wear to a wedding, but a little more refined than a minidress that you would wear to go clubbing. I think that everything has now been covered, so the next time we will speak will be at the party tomorrow!]

That evening Richard and Sarah decided to choose their outfits to prevent any rushing the next day; the party wasn’t until 8PM but they both thought it best to be well organised in advance. Richard was the first to get dressed with fitted black trousers which showed off his toned muscular legs, a loose fitting dress shirt to flatter his dad bod- Richard was not out of shape, though the tighter trousers would result in a muffin top if he had worn a tucked-in suit shirt. Sarah gave her positive approval.

“You look very dapper dad, a little product in your hair and you can easily pass for a 38-year-old.”

“Thank you Sarah,” Richard smiled back, genuinely touched by her approval. “Do you think I look handsome enough for those younger women?”

“Oh definitely, you have a real silver fox thing going for you. Put on some nice aftershave and they’ll be all over you.”

“Thank you honey,” replied Richard blushing a little imagining those younger women ‘being all of him’ in front of his daughter.

“Ok, my turn now!” said Sarah running excitedly to her bedroom. Being an 18-year-old girl, she needed no excuse to try on different outfits.

Sarah already knew the dress she was going to wear, though she had bought something else especially for the party. Sarah reached into her wardrobe and pulled out a bag marked with the Victoria’s Secret logo. She hadn’t had a long-term boyfriend for some time so never felt the need to buy sexy lingerie. That was until now. She wanted to make a good impression at the party. Sarah slid the delicate black lace thong up her shapely legs and into place covering her freshly shaved mound. The fabric was so fine that she barely felt she was even wearing it. She put on a matching bra of equally delicate material which did nothing to hide her pink, now erect, nipples. She slid on her dress and started to walk downstairs for her father’s opinion.

“Don’t look!” Sarah called out as she descended the stairs.

Richard quickly turned his back and could hear the sound of heels clicking ever closer with each step she descended. He didn’t know why, but the closer the sound became the quicker his heart was beginning to pound. He had seen his daughter dressed up before and never had this reaction- why was it different now?

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