Sarah Michelle Gellar and Michelle Trachtenberg meets The Fanboys

Mel peeked around the corner, his head close to the ground, peering around as he
held his briefcase tightly to his chest. He sneaked around the corner and crept down the
hall, his beady eyes frantically searching around as he made his way on tippy-toe to the
elevators. Keeping his back to the wall he hit the elevator call button and waited, beads of
nervous sweat rolling from his mostly bald head down his face and staining his white,
button-up, shabby shirt.

Nervously pulling at his tie, Mel waited until he heard the ting of the elevator doors
opening and then slipped backwards in. He hit the down button and as the doors closed he
began to relax, not realizing who was behind him.

“Hiya, Mel,” a female voice chirped.

“Ahhh!” Mel screamed as he jumped and lost his briefcase, papers exploding out when
it hit the floor as he cowered in the corner.

“Hello, Mel,” another female voice said through gritted teeth.

With his heart hammering in his chest Mel looked up and saw two of his former clients:
Michelle Trachtenberg and Sarah Michelle Gellar, both formerly of the historic show Buffy
the Vampire Slayer. “So… so good to, ah… so good to see you lovely ladies,” he sputtered.

Sarah got down on her haunches and peered at the celebrity promoter on the floor
while Michelle glared down at him with her arms crossed under her small breasts. The
slender actress was wearing a wine colored, tight top with a flowing black skirt that went to
her ankles. Michelle had her brown hair down flat and was long enough to cover her
breasts. Sarah had her long, blonde hair styled in swirling waves and wore a simple white
blouse and tan slacks.

Sarah reached over and flicked Mel in the nose. “So how’s tricks, Mel?” she asked
through a sneer.

“And where’s those pictures of me?” Michelle practically growled.

“I… I… I…” Mel stuttered, “That wrap party was not my fault. There was no way I
could know that the caterers were going to spike the drinks. I’m just as much of a victim as

Michelle took a threatening step towards Mel with her hands balled into fist.
“There’s a whole week I still can’t remember,” she said.

“And I woke up in Mexico three days after that party,” Sarah added.

Mel gave an awkward smile and tried to come up with a plausible story. “Nobody
was more surprised than me after the Buffy season seven party, I looked for both of you for
days,” he said as he tried to give his most sincere smile.

“You bastard, I woke up in Florida, naked in a back alley shack with camera equipment
everywhere,” Michelle growled as she took another step forward towards the fearful

“Now, now, now,” Sarah began as she gave Mel another flick on the nose before
standing up to block Michelle, “No use talking about the past just now. We have business
to discuss.”

Mel peeked up at the mention of business. “You… you have a business proposal?” he

“Sure do,” Sarah said as she turned back to the nervous celebrity promoter, “It’s Buffy
the Vampire Slayer’s anniversary and I had an idea for Comic-Con.”


In the sunny, brightly lit convention center, Comic-Con was going in full swing. As
usual, arguments and fights broke out between comic fans and movie fans over which the
guests were most excited about but to Mel, that usually meant business would be good.
Comic fans would give nearly anything to see their favorite genre stars and the movie fans
were just as feverish. And each group would spend exorbitant amounts of money to
support their genre and Mel was more than happy to collect that money.

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