Samantha’s Graduation

It was a warm and sunny morning. In fact, Samantha Wolff thought, it was probably going to be like a damn sauna. Sam did not look forward to the day’s heat and humidity, as she was to graduate from college later that day. Today’s weather forecast called for a temperature and humidity both in the high 90s. The thought of a heavy cap and gown filled her with prospects of heat prostration. She was in the shower, with lukewarm water pouring down over her body. She soaped herself down, her hands running rich soap lather all over her. She rinsed off the suds, making sure her body was clean of all lather. Satisfied, she cranked off the water.

As Samantha stepped nude from the shower, she caught sight of herself in the full length mirror on her closet door. She smiled, she knew how good she looked, and in the minds of the male population of her classes, she was the one they most wanted to spend a weekend in bed with. Due to a fluke in birthdays, and skipping an elementary school grade, Samantha was graduating from her junior college only months after her 18th birthday. Stepping closer, she gave herself a close critical look in the mirrior. Like most girls her age, she was extremely aware of her body, and was on the lookout for any blemish or imperfections. Her light blue eyes roved up and down the mirror image, her hoeny blonde hair that came down to the middle of her back, her face a perfect heart shape, a pert nose and luscious full lips. m pSamantha had honey-blond hair that hung to the middle of her back, and light blue eyes. Her 36D breasts were nicely shaped, firm, with large dark pink nipples that were at least two inches in width and protruded at least an inch. Her waist was a trim 24, flaring out smoothly into 36 hips. She carried 115 pounds on her frame, and she made sure that it would stay at a shapely 115, by exercising regularly and keeping herself in shape. She knew that at 5’4″ she was short, and made up for this by never wearing shoes with less than 3″ high heels. Samantha had a short torso, and this gave her a very long leg line. If the high heels caused her firm and rounded ass and majestic tits to jut out, so much the better.

As Samantha looked through her closet, she again thought that if she wasn’t careful the heat would be unbearable. Some dumb bastard, she thought, was sure to wear a three piece suit under his robes, and end up in the hospital. Mindful of that, Samantha was going to wear a light summer cotton dress, that just barely reached below her ass cheeks. She slipped on a tiny pair of pink lace panties that just barely covered her neatly trimmed blonde bush. She caught sight of herself in her full length mirror, her body almost completely nude except for the tiny piece of lacy fabric. If it were up to her, she’d be totally nude under her robe. On second thought, if she had her druthers, she’d be totally nude without the robe, during the entire ceremony. Seeing her nude body with just that tiny piece of lacy fabric between her pussy and the outside world started her pussy juicing up. She started to think about her boyfriend Bobby, and what they would do after the ceremony, he’d want to fuck her brains out, all night long. She cupped her glorious breasts, giving them gentle squeezes, letting out a coo as she felt her nipples respond, surging up quickly. The knowledge that she’d soon be on her back, legs spread, welcoming Bobby’s huge cock deep inside her, Ohhh yeah, she gently took her nipples between her fingers, tugging and tweaking them, ummm, she let out a louder coo as she felt the wetness deep inside her. That really got her juices flowing. She slipped a finger under the panties, and felt the zing of pleasure as she stroked her clit. She could feel her tits, stiff and engorged, tingling like mad. She couldn’t stop thinking about later, when Bobby’s stiff, thick 10 inch cock would be sliding into her, stuffing her to the brim, fucking her over and over. She stripped off her panties, she needed to do something about her rapidly building horniness, she couldn’t last out the hours until Bobby would fuck her, she needed an orgasm, now. Knowing that her mother and her aunt were out of the house, and wouldn’t be back until after the grad ceremony, she could finally duck into her Mom’s room, and try Mom’s erotic toy, the Sybian. As Samantha left her room, and headed down the hallway to her Mom’s room, she recalled how she had discovered her Mom’s Sybian.

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