Samantha’s Graduation

It was a warm and sunny morning. In fact, Samantha Wolff thought, it was probably going to be like a damn sauna. Sam did not look forward to the day’s heat and humidity, as she was to graduate from college later that day. Today’s weather forecast called for a temperature and humidity both in the high 90s. The thought of a heavy cap and gown filled her with prospects of heat prostration. She was in the shower, with lukewarm water pouring down over her body. She soaped herself down, her hands running rich soap lather all over her. She rinsed off the suds, making sure her body was clean of all lather. Satisfied, she cranked off the water.

As Samantha stepped nude from the shower, she caught sight of herself in the full length mirror on her closet door. She smiled, she knew how good she looked, and in the minds of the male population of her classes, she was the one they most wanted to spend a weekend in bed with. Due to a fluke in birthdays, and skipping an elementary school grade, Samantha was graduating from her junior college only months after her 18th birthday. Stepping closer, she gave herself a close critical look in the mirrior. Like most girls her age, she was extremely aware of her body, and was on the lookout for any blemish or imperfections. Her light blue eyes roved up and down the mirror image, her hoeny blonde hair that came down to the middle of her back, her face a perfect heart shape, a pert nose and luscious full lips. m pSamantha had honey-blond hair that hung to the middle of her back, and light blue eyes. Her 36D breasts were nicely shaped, firm, with large dark pink nipples that were at least two inches in width and protruded at least an inch. Her waist was a trim 24, flaring out smoothly into 36 hips. She carried 115 pounds on her frame, and she made sure that it would stay at a shapely 115, by exercising regularly and keeping herself in shape. She knew that at 5’4″ she was short, and made up for this by never wearing shoes with less than 3″ high heels. Samantha had a short torso, and this gave her a very long leg line. If the high heels caused her firm and rounded ass and majestic tits to jut out, so much the better.

As Samantha looked through her closet, she again thought that if she wasn’t careful the heat would be unbearable. Some dumb bastard, she thought, was sure to wear a three piece suit under his robes, and end up in the hospital. Mindful of that, Samantha was going to wear a light summer cotton dress, that just barely reached below her ass cheeks. She slipped on a tiny pair of pink lace panties that just barely covered her neatly trimmed blonde bush. She caught sight of herself in her full length mirror, her body almost completely nude except for the tiny piece of lacy fabric. If it were up to her, she’d be totally nude under her robe. On second thought, if she had her druthers, she’d be totally nude without the robe, during the entire ceremony. Seeing her nude body with just that tiny piece of lacy fabric between her pussy and the outside world started her pussy juicing up. She started to think about her boyfriend Bobby, and what they would do after the ceremony, he’d want to fuck her brains out, all night long. She cupped her glorious breasts, giving them gentle squeezes, letting out a coo as she felt her nipples respond, surging up quickly. The knowledge that she’d soon be on her back, legs spread, welcoming Bobby’s huge cock deep inside her, Ohhh yeah, she gently took her nipples between her fingers, tugging and tweaking them, ummm, she let out a louder coo as she felt the wetness deep inside her. That really got her juices flowing. She slipped a finger under the panties, and felt the zing of pleasure as she stroked her clit. She could feel her tits, stiff and engorged, tingling like mad. She couldn’t stop thinking about later, when Bobby’s stiff, thick 10 inch cock would be sliding into her, stuffing her to the brim, fucking her over and over. She stripped off her panties, she needed to do something about her rapidly building horniness, she couldn’t last out the hours until Bobby would fuck her, she needed an orgasm, now. Knowing that her mother and her aunt were out of the house, and wouldn’t be back until after the grad ceremony, she could finally duck into her Mom’s room, and try Mom’s erotic toy, the Sybian. As Samantha left her room, and headed down the hallway to her Mom’s room, she recalled how she had discovered her Mom’s Sybian.

It had been just 4 days ago, she had been out with friends, and although they had planned to spend the whole afternoon together, Samantha found herself alone at 3 PM, after her friends had to leave early due to a family emergency. Not feeling like wandering around, she headed back home. It was 3:30 PM, 2 hours earlier than she had expected when she got home, and she went up the stairs. She could hear muffled giggles, then what sounded like muffled moans of pleasure, combined with a buzzing noise from her Mom’s bedroom. Oh my god, she thought, Mom’s masturbating with a toy!

Her curiosity got the better of her. The door to her Mom’s room was shut, naturally, but Samantha saw the door to the bathroom adjoining her Mom’s bedroom was open. She crept into the bathroom, and stepped into the entrance leading to her mom’s room. The entrance was in shadows, so it made a perfect watching place. She inched forward, and got an eyeful.

Her Mom was totally naked, riding the Sybian pleasure machine. It was a wild sight, the Sybian was on the bedroom floor, facing the full length mirror, so her Mom could watch herself, Alex astride it like a saddle, riding the dildo, pumping her hips up and down, giving herself a royal fucking as she rode it. Watching her Mom fuck herself was very exciting. From the reflection in the mirror, Samatha could see her Mom’s tits were swollen and enormous, they stuck out like eggplants, each one capped with a silver dollar sized nipple, the tips sticking out like giant pencil erasures, rock hard, stiff and engorged. Samantha felt an urge to strip naked, go in, get behind her Mom, cup her breasts, and pull and tug on her stiff tits, while she rubbed her equally stiff nipples against her Mom’s back, then she wanted to suckle on those stiff pink beauties, kissing and licking at those wonderful swollen melons. She was actually starting to unbutton her blouse, she would have done it, too, if she had not seen what happened, and got another surprise.

Samantha’s aunt Maggie appeared, equally nude, and judging by the same rock hard, stiff nipples, just as exited as her mom Alex. She knelt behind Alex, reaching around, her hands cupped her Mom’s enormous melons, stroking and fondling Alex’s swollen breasts. Maggie pressed herself against Alex, rubbing her stiff, rock hard nipples against her back, making little moans of pleasure. Maggie’s fingers lightly tweaked and tugged at her Mom’s nipples, making Alex moan with pleasure.

Watching this was making Samantha simmer with lust. It was wildly exciting, and she could feel her pussy starting to burn with lust, her juices starting to churn.

“Oh, yeah, ride it baby, ride that cock! Fuck yourself with it!” Maggie said, “Do you want the finger now?”

“Oh yeah, I’m just about there, give it to me!” Alex grunted.

As Samantha watched, Maggie slid a coating of baby oil up and down her middle finger. Cupping Alex’s round smooth buttocks in her hands, Samantha could see Maggie slide her greased finger smoothly up Alex’s tightly puckered asshole, in one easy, practiced motion. Alex started to growl with pleasure as Maggie started to finger-fuck her tightly puckered hole. Maggie was grinning as she slid another finger in, picking up the speed, Alex’s asshole spread around the two fingers driving deep.

Alex howled “Oh fuck yes, I’m cumming, oh fuck, yes yes YES!!”

Her body started to shake and jerk wildly, her howl of pleasure filling the room as her orgams tore into her. Samantha could hear the wet squelch of her Mom’s juices gushing out, soaking the dildo as her body was wracked with orgasms again and again, as the Sybian fucked Alex’s burning cunt and Maggie finger fucked Alex’s tight throbbing bunghole.

After about 10 orgasms, Alex finally slid off, her body shaking from all the pleasure. Samantha could see the stiff, vibrating dildo, smeared with her Mom’s cream. Maggie wasted no time in sliding down that stiff shaft, humping up and down, riding it just like her Mom did. Her Mom was behind Maggie, reaching around, and stroking Maggie’s swollen tits. Maggie reached down, and took Alex’s right hand. She sucked on Alex’s middle finger.

Maggie cooed, “Do it now!”

Alex reached down, and easily slid her middle finger up Maggie’s tight asshole. Maggie grunted, and her humping movements sped up. It took only a few more seconds, of stiff dildo and practised finger doing her, before she howled with pleasure, and exploded in orgasm.

As Maggie continued exploding again and again, Samantha couldn’t stand it anymore. Her panties were absolutely soaked, and she needed DESPERATELY to cum. She quickly withdrew, ducked into her room just long enough to grab her 9 inch vibrator, and headed back down the stairs, and out the door. She needed someplace where she could explode, she was noisy, and she needed some privacy. She ran into the garage, making sure the door was bolted. Her Mom had a camperized van, with a nice large bed, and Samantha wasted no time. Inside the van, she practically tore her clothes off, and jumped on the bed. Her nipples were rock solid stiff, her pussy was soaked with lust, her clit throbbing with need. She turned on her vibrator and jammed the entire 9 inches deep inside her sopping cunt, with one hard, forceful push. The feeling was exquisite, and she fingered her throbbing clit wildly, lasting all of 30 seconds before her pussy exploded. She howled with pleasure as a massive orgasm exploded inside of her, making her body shake and jerk wildly. She replayed the whole scene in her mind, her fingers playing furiously with herself, her vibrator buzzing deep inside her fiery hot fuck-hole, cumming again and again, until she collapsed with exhaustion.

Entering her Mom’s bedroom, she took a look in the closet, and found the Sybian in the closet. She felt the fluttering, now she was going to get to try this out for herself. She made a mental note of how exactly it was placed, just in case her Mom had a photgraphic memory of where it was. She carried it into the bedroom, and placed it on the floor, in front of the full length mirror. The idea that she was going to watch herself get fucked just fired her up even more. The same attachment was ready, and Sam knelt down, and ran her nose up and down the dildo, smelling the combined juices of her Mom and Aunt. The sent was musky, erotic and hot, and Sam was burning, her pussy throbbing with desire. It was so nasty, hot, and EROTIC!

Sam quickly swung into position, straddling the Sybian. Her Mom had used the biggest attachment, the thick 8 incher, and she could hardly wait. She squatted over it, her pussy fluttering with anticipation. She impaled herself, moaning with pleasure as she felt herself being opened up. She loved the feeling, as the walls of her cunt got stretched apart, as she slid her burning fuckhole down the stiff, thick shaft. With a grunt of pleasure, the entire 8 inches was buried up her fiery cunt. She turned on the vibrator, Samantha knew it wasn’t going to take long. She looked at herself in the mirror, her body rising and falling, seeing the heat on her face, her body flushed, turning herself on like crazy. She then turned on the rotations for the dildo, letting out a loud gasp of pleasure as she felt the dildo hitting her G-spot perfectly as it rotated, and it took her breath away. Samantha’s eyes rolled back into her head and she didn’t breathe for the longest time. Then it hit her. It started slow and built up very quickly. She started rocking back and forth and saying “OH MY GOD” over and over. Her body was going crazy as the orgasms started coming in waves. Then a huge orgasm hit. She stopped rocking and just leaned forward. The vibrations on her clit were sending shock waves through her body and the dildo inside Sam’s burning core was working away on her G-spot. Sam threw back her head and let out a scream of raw, pure sexual ecstacy. The orgasm wasn’t letting up, it went on and on and on. Pulses of hard, sizzling pleasure hammered her cunt, it was almost like an assault, Sam could see herself in the mirror and she was out of control. She would lean forward and then whip her head back and gasp for air, then lean forward for a second and whip back again. It was the longest, most intense orgasm she have ever had. She had to turn off the machine to get herself to calm down. Her pussy had becoming hyper sensitive or she would have kept on going. Even after stopping the gyrations and the vibrations of the Sybian, Sam’s pussy was still having mini shock waves pulse through it. After another couple minutes of this she slid herself off the machine. Sam and the machine were soaked and she was still having mini convulsions. Sam had to lie there on the floor and hold her pussy to get the sensations to calm down. Her mind ran over it, it was like a total body orgasm, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Never had Sam cum like that before.

Afrer several minutes of recovering, she got up, slid the Sybian back to where it had been. She was careful to replace it exactly where she had found it. The knowledge that it was now smeared with her hot cream, and the next time her Mom rode it she would get her daughter’s hot love cream inside her horny pussy, made her pussy twitch. She was thinking that she was definately going to order one of those for her move to Seattle. The ease and the almost non stop orgasm that just kept going and going was wild. Sam was insatiable, and she needed something that could keep fucking her, and bring her off again and again. With an orgasm that never seemed to stop, that would be just what she needed if there wasn’t a hard cock around to fuck her all night.

Back in her bedroom she slipped on her lace panties again, and then pulled on a light red cotton dress. The dress barely came to mid thigh, and hung loosely from thin spaghetti straps, showing considerable cleavage. Then Samantha laced on some high heeled sandals. After one final approving look in the mirror, she grabbed her cap and gown, and trotted from the room.
She hadn’t been a virgin since the day after her 15th birthday, a week before school started, when Billy, her 17 year old first real boyfriend had deflowered her in the back of his van. She’d been a bit reluctant at first, wondering how it would feel, would it hurt a lot? He’d stripped off his shorts, and Samantha felt her eyes grow wide, as she was looking at the first erect cock she had ever seen. She’d read a dirty book that her Mom had kept hidden in her bedroom, with Sam’s propensity for snooping, she’d found it easily. It was the story of a man and a woman, seen from his point of view, and their relationship from meeting, to sex, to eventual breakup. It was chock full of hot steamy sex, oral sex, blowjobs, cunt lickings, anal sex, and explicit lanaguage words which made her 14 year old pussy lurch and moisten fast. She had taken the book to her room, and reading an especially hot, dirty section, she’d jilled her 14 year old pussy wildly, bringing herself to a noisy, gushing release, she’d shrieked as the sheer rush of orgasm filled her body. She’d used the book many times after that for masturbatory fodder, rubbing her pussy wildly after all the hot, steamy things written in there. Now, she wanted to give her first real boyfriend a blowjob, the book had described the elements of a hot blow job in very explicit, full detail.

“Lie back Billy, I have something I want to do for you.”

He quickly did what Samantha asked, watching eagerly as she had stripped off her T shirt, then wiggled out of her tight red shorts and black panties, giving her hips extra wiggles as she did so, enjoying the effects it had on Billy, he couldn’t tear his eyes away. Oh fuck, alone with her, and for the first time, totally naked to each others eyes, Billy knew he’d never forget this time. His eyes wide, he gazed at Samantha, taking position, her mouth inches away from his throbbing hard on.

Samantha was eager to see up close, all the details of a hard male cock. It was uncircumsized, a stiff 8 inches, the shaft laced with veins, and ready to fuck her. She grasped his foreskin and pulled down gently, and Billy groaned with pleasure as his foreskin retracted, and his pink cock head appeared. Sam could feel her juices start to flow, and she wrapped her lips around his cock head, and pushed down slowly with her mouth, just like the book had said. Billy grunted, and caressed her head, encouraged, she went down, down, and took in six inches. She tried to go further, but she could feel her gag reflex starting, and she quickly pulled back. Her mouth started to ride up and down on his cock, making sure her mouth was as wet as possible, eager to give him the hottest, wettest blowjob she could. It may have been her first time at sucking a cock, but Billy sure as hell had no complaints.

Billy did his best to make it last as long as possible, but with him being 17, it only took a minute before he could feel his cock start that telltale twitching. He reached the peak, and he growled, “Oh yeah Sam, gonna cum baby!” He didn’t know if she wanted to finish him off with a stroking fist, let him cum in her mouth then spit it out, or what would be extra hot, if she wanted to swallow it all.

Sam heard his warning, and she kept her lips tight around his cock, eager for his wet spray of sperm. His cock began to erupt, she pulled back, keeping half his cock in her mouth, and let her tongue lash at the head of his cock. The added stimulation brought more thick gushes, her tongue was deluged with his cum, stirring the slick and slippery load filling her mouth. She quickly gulped down a good portion, she wanted every drop, and she didn’t want to waste any, keeping his prick enveloped until he’d gotten every bit of his cum in her mouth. She swallowed down the rest of it, savoring the taste, ummm, it was so good.

Billy’s older bother had told him that he needed to warm up a girfriend before giving her the dick, he had learned that she needed more than just a jump and pump. He told her to lay back, his hands stroking, caressing and fondling her all over, until her body was positively quivering with excitement. He eagerly slipped his head between her thighs, she was dripping with excitement, and Billy’s senses surged, his cock rising back quickly when he smelled the hot, steamy wetness, and he eagerly took the plunge.

Samantha felt the exquisite pleasure of Billy’s mouth at her pussy, licking her juices, burying his tongue deep, and wriggling it around, she’d never felt anything like it. She gently took his head, and adjusted him slightly, until…AAAHHH, that was it right there. She let out a loud growl of pleasure, as his tongue was know stroking over her sizzling clit.

“Oh god, yes, oh fuck, right there lover, right there, make me cum!”

With Samantha urging him on, he figured he was doing pretty damn good for his first time licking a pussy. From Sam’s point of view, he was doing fucking spectacular, she felt the rising of her orgasm. She felt it racing at her, and her body started to vibrate.

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