RV wife gets a ride

I was reading, when John, my husband, swore as our motor home started to slow.

I looked out the front window, and saw the line of traffic slowing ahead of us, then stopping. All three lanes of the interstate were stopped.

“Aww fuck, just what we need, some god damn traffic jam!” John muttered.

It was July, and the weather was starting to get very warm. Since I am a 27 year old high school Phys-ed teacher, I naturally get the summer months off, also. My body has stayed in the same trim shape I had in college, thanks to my teaching. I am 5’9″ tall, weigh 135 pounds and have a well shaped figure of 37 – 24 – 36. My tits are full, firm and real, and do not need a bra for support, they stand up just fine on their own. I like to keep my pubic region completely shaved and bare. It feels great, and my husband goes wild when he says my bare pussy, and he goes down on me and licks me to a riveting climax, before he even gets his eager cock into me. It does keep our sex life hot and horny.

Horny is right, when we are on the road, my husband shuts down sexually. He spends the days behind the wheel, and once we get to where we are going, boom, his sex drive returns with a rush. He strips me and if I wasn’t so horny, it’d be a rape, as he fucks me wildly, then licks my pussy, then rams back into me again, going back and forth. I’m cumming like a horny bitch, over and over, until he rams me one last time, and with grunts and growls of pleasure, I can feel the heat of his hot sperm filling my more than receptive pussy, his cock pulsing over and over, as he pours his built up passions into me.

We were still another two days from North Cascades National Park, and we hadn’t had sex in three days. At the RV parks we stopped at along the way, I’d get myself off in the ladies shower room, masturbating my horny pussy during my morning shower, stifling my cries as I came, getting naughty feelings surging through me as I heard other ladies attending to their washing in other shower stalls. It made me wonder if any of them were also attending to horny desires, rubbing themselves off to a mind blowing climax, like I was.

“Aimee baby, can you get me a glass of water?”

John’s voice broke into my reverie, and I did so. I felt the seat of my red shorts and white panties pasted to my ass, and my naked back prickled with the perspiration. It was getting warmer, I was glad that I’d worn just my shorts and my halter top, it left more of my body bare. Any more of my body covered and I’d be roasting.

I wandered back, curious as to how far back the jam went. I stepped into the back bedroom, and pulled up the blinds. The interstate curved to the right about a half mile back, and the line of traffic was backed up to beyond the curve. I sighed, hoping that this wouldn’t delay us too long. I looked at the vehicle behind us, it was a Volkswagen bus, wow, I hadn’t seen one of those since my Dad’s VW bus. I looked at the driver, just as he looked at the window. Our eyes met and he gave me a small smile, and I felt my pussy twitch. Umm, he looked good, an older, more mature man. I smiled back, and we made no effort to break our gaze. I could feel the prickles of need start teasing my pussy. He reminded me somewhat of my uncle Dennis, I’d always been a sucker for the older, more mature gent, ever since my Uncle Dennis had deflowered me when I was 16, and he was 36.

Such a pleasant memory, I’d been curious as all heck, wondering what my first time was going to be like. Dennis and I had been close since I was a toddler, he’d become a confidante, someone who would hold my secrets, and never betray me. I confided in him that I was a virgin, eager to no longer be a virgin, but not let any boy in school take my cherry like some trophy.

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