Rough Sex for School Administrators

Hello i am Jean, a 59 year old woman in great shape from exercising and eating right, who is an administrative worker for a local high school . I date regularly but for several years now all of the men I have been dating have not fulfilled in me what i have always needed. When i was a young woman I engaged in a lot of sex while going to school to men who knew how to satisfy my sexual desire to be used and manhandled by them for their sexual pleasure. Using me for that purpose is something that really gets me off is a factor in myself enjoying sex, my being the object of a man or men’s attention and doing what i am told.

I have been a married woman, but divorced after a few years for several reasons, a couple being that of my husband’s, but i have to admit a weaknesses of my own concerning sex and the attention i need, that being a slut. What is it with men today?……. When I was younger I could easily find a man who could satisfy this sexual desire within me, as well as his own strong sexual drive and was not apologetic about taking from me what he wanted. Today the men I’m dating seem more apprehensive, less aggressive in fulfilling this as well as my desire. Is the American male becoming less a real man, and more of a cowed individual with a cock he does not know how to use it on a amorous woman that will help him fulfill the rough masculine sexual drive within him from a woman like myself who enjoys a man being a man.In dating these days, i have had men who actually begged me for sex, which of course I never did being such areal turn off for me.. Although I’ve been fucked, and sucked cock on my dates with some men I am dating they have not been fulfilling that strong need within me to be treated the way i like it, taking from me what they want and what I need so desperately as part of my own pleasure.

But things have changed for me after a few certain events took place at the school last winter. It started out as a rough day at work, paperwork and my duties there were overwhelming, plus people were parading in and out of the admin office wanting something only made things worst. My headache i had was killing me and by lunch time i was not hungry and i decided to get away from things for my half hour break. Taking some pain medicine and going to my car for some quite time to relax from things i felt would be good for me. While in my car and the snowed continued to fall, I leaned my seat back and rested for a while keeping warm with my heavy coat as my headache eased and i began to feel better. I must’ have laid there for almost the half hour before I begin to hear voices of some of the young students near my car.

Most of the time i don’t listen to them, because their generation and mine have not much in common, but hearing a few choice words caught my attention. What I was hearing surprised me at first but was very exciting and begin to make me warm inside and hang on every word being said. Of the young men talking, one of them was discussing a sexual relationship he was having with one of my coworkers to the other two students, the young man was giving the others details of what both of them had been doing loud enough that I could hear every word, and what I was hearing definitely turned me on and made my pussy wet from his telling it. Of course they believed no one else was listening being we were the only ones out there in the parking lot for lunch and not knowing i myself was hidden behind the snow covered glass of my car. When the conversation began to fade and my curiosity of wanting to know who they were, made me crack my car door open enough to see the young men walking away not knowing but now desperately wanting to know. I could see them heading into the side entrance of the building as I got out and hurried in the same direction. Entering the side door to my surprise all three were standing inside but stop talking and looked at me as I entered. I smiled at them, saying “hello” as I continued on but getting a good look at each of them.

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