Ross the Boss has what every student needs

“Have you heard about Ross, Lorna and Ross’ wife at lunch?”

“No, Cindy, what happened?”

“I interrupted them having a threesome in Ross’ office.”

“Gee, too bad it wasn’t me. I would have loved to see that.” Young Natalie blushed as she spoke to her friend, the office receptionist. Nat was a mere twenty-two year old summer student, handed a job because her Dad owned the company which Ross the Boss ran. She had instantly bonded with Cindy, who was only a few years older, but was the permanent receptionist. Cindy also had entertained Nat with true stories of her boardroom romp with Ross and Elena, a reserved but excitable older office worker. Nat had refused to believe Cindy’s claims.

“I bet you would have loved to do more than watch,” Cindy replied.

Redness travelled down Nat’s throat, colouring her upper chest, plainly visible in the deep V of her T shirt. She spoke quickly, breathlessly trying to cover her excitement, but really just highlighting it.

“Well, you know how sexy I find Ross. I think it’s an older guy sort of thing. My own Dad is so powerful; any guy my own age seems very pale in comparison. Especially my boyfriend, Ryan. He’s incredibly good looking, has a cool car and his folks are as wealthy as my Dad, but, every time we make out, as I give him a hand job, I think to myself ‘is that all there is?’. Somehow, we never get past that point. Not only does he not have what I think of as a big cock, but he comes in about three seconds. And I figure if he’s not better at fucking than he is at fingering me, it’s just as well we never get past third base. I need to learn from someone experienced, so I can teach Ryan. Or find out if he’s a keeper.”

Cindy leaned in close to Nat, crowding her in the little store room. “You know I’m experienced.”

Nat felt her friend’s sweet breath warming her tiny titties. For a second she hoped Cindy would just end the flirtation and reach up to cup those breasts, rip them free of the supporting uplift bra, and make them her snack. Instead, Nat said, “if only you had a cock, dear Cindy, I’d fuck you right here right now.”

“Oh, sweetie, I have a nice rubber cock right here in my purse. And two or three others in my desk if you don’t fancy this one. I left my strap on at home, or I’d be able to fuck you for real right here right now.”

Cindy opened her purse with one hand as her other slid up Nat’s miniskirt, stroking her quivering thighs. Nat was almost unable to stand; her knees were shaking so much. Cindy’s fingers reached the warm center of Nat’s desire. On the verge of melting and succumbing to her first Sapphic experience, Nat recovered and said, “I need real meat, not rubber.”

Cindy chuckled, her palm now cupping her friend’s pubes. “If that’s how you feel, Ross is a great choice. He has great meat, and knows how to put it in motion. I’d ask to join in, but I think your first time needs to be straight up. We can always try a three-way later.”

“What? Are you kidding?”

“Not at all. There’s a fax on my desk for Ross. He’s in his office working. Lorna’s at lunch. Take it to him now; you’ll have lots of time before she gets back.”

Cindy abruptly ran her hands up under Nat’s shirt, deftly unsnapping her bra. As Nat, without conscious thought, cooperated by shrugging it off, Cindy reached down and hiked the straps of Nat’s thong above the waist of her skirt.

“Make sure you bend over and give him a really good view. He won’t be able to resist.”

Nat felt the resistance flow out of her as Cindy tweaked her nipples to full erection. “The final touch,” Cindy laughed. “He’ll never be able to take his eyes off these puppies. Even though his wife and I have big boobs, his favouring Lorna and Elena means that he like firm little titties. Yours put theirs to shame.”

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