Rose The Cowgirl

In a distant future humanity has turned into a space colonizing species. Mankind has spared out across the vastness of space, colonizing planet after planet while gaining ever more understanding about the cosmos. It seemed like humanity had finally grown out of its primitive beginnings, that is, until things started to go horribly wrong. Some colonized planets desired independence from the rest of humanity and civil interplanetary war soon followed. Mankind struggled to keep itself together as a union, but failed. After the war several independent solar systems had formed.
This story takes place in one of them, on the main planet called Odin.
The planet Odin was ruled by a charismatic, borderline crazy, cyborg dictator called Peter the Great, who had full control or absolute power. All who did not worship him like a god where summarily executed by his brutal police force.
Peter the Great was an immoral paranoid ruler. He was also a perverse sex addict, with particular taste. That’s why he ordered the creation of a new species of humanoids through genetic engineering. They were to become a sex-slave race, designed to serve the wealthy elite and the dictator himself. This sex-slave race became known as the cow-people.

Because of his fondness of large breasts and his lactation fetish, Peter the Great decided that a mix between dairy cows and humans would be optimal. He was very interested in the project and keen on every little detail. He spent allot of time in the lab with his top scientists asking questions and making requests, to make sure that the new race came out just the way he wanted. The final product set up for massive cloning was truly amazing and really pleased the dictator.
The cow-people females look extremely beautiful with big eyes, a turned up nose, high cheekbones, and small curved horns sticking out of the skull like on a Viking helmet. They also have cow ears sticking out just below the base of the horns. Their skin color is white as snow, with large black spots, just like classical “Holstein breed” of dairy cow. The skin is smooth as silk and cowgirls never grow pubic hair or armpit hair. The head hair color is black as the void. The head hair is also rarely cut and kept long by the masters. However, the most striking feature is the breasts. As soon as the cow girls hit puberty their breasts start to grow rapidly and produce milk, pregnant or not. (The cow people grow much faster than humans, to minimize the time between birth and possible milk production.) At the ripe age of just 5 years, the average cowgirl will be fully developed and have big fat tits, larger then basketballs. As the cowgirl moves, her wobbling, jiggling boobs bounces upon the chest like fleshy, giant watermelons. Even at this impressive size and weight, her tits will appear perky with her small nipples turned up slightly. As mature cowgirls gigantic tits fills up with milk, the strain on their backs becomes enormous because of the heavy load. Therefore, strong muscles are placed in the back to compensate. The breast milk is highly nutritious and very tasty, but it’s also quite addictive due to certain substances in the milk. The rest of her body is also designed to be sexy. The waist is very slim but the hips are wide, giving the cowgirl a curvy hourglass shape. Her belly is small and fit, but her ass is big and heart-shaped. Her big booty is connected to a cow tail and a pair of long sexy legs. The cowgirl’s vagina is small, tucked in and tight, but it has a great ability to stretch if needed. Her vulva is very pleasing to the eye and it also constantly produces a lubricating slime, which gives off a pleasant scent.
The males of the cow-people are big brutes. They are mountains of muscle, twice as tall as a man and four times as heavy. As soon as they are born, a chip is placed in their brain, allowing humans to control these otherwise dangerous creatures. Males of the cow-people, called bull-men, are literally hung like horsys. A full grown bull-man will have a penis longer and thicker than a human arm, and a pair of balls as big as musk melons. The testicles of a bull-man will produce enormous amounts of semen, which will drive the bull-man mad, if he is not able to ejaculate often. The bull-men are very popular as sex slaves for rich women, but are mostly used as zombie-like workers. They are also needed for breeding, since cow people and humans cannot interbreed.
A few characteristics are shared by both genders, they are both intellectually at a child’s level, and they are both unable to speak. They can hear and understand what they are told, but cannot respond. All vocals they are capable of producing are grunts and moans. The sex drive of both cowgirls and bull-men are increased to the point where they are always horny or semi horny. They also have short memory, and cannot store more than about one week’s worth of events in their heads. Because of this, they live in the now, with no concept of time to speak of.
Some people on Odin think it’s wrong to use the cow-people as slaves; others say that the cow-people are living in a paradise with no obligations or responsibility’s. They live a life of constant sex, free food and housing. Even if they are oppressed, they are not smart enough to realize it.
One morning, in one of the cubicles, in one of the countless milk plants on the planet Odin, a new cowgirl was born. This story is not about her however, it’s about her mother. The mother licked her daughter clean and quickly brought her to her massive tits. This beautiful mother had skin as white as snow, with black spots and black hair. She was a top of the line cowgirl, with higher milk production and beauty then average. As this mother, named Rose, felt her child suckle she thought to herself, “oh lovely baby, how pretty she is”. She was reacting to the birth as if t was her first. She did not remember the fact that she already was the mother of countless children. She had a baby every four months, and as soon as she was about to give birth again, workers came and removed the baby she currently had. Soon after the removal of her offspring, her short memory would force her to forget her lost child. Rose was completely naked, except for a cowbell that she wore on a chain around her neck. The bell made a soft tinkling sound as she moved.
Her cubical was like a small square room with a single door as the only access point. The walls of the cubical were too high to climb. The floor was covered in hey to provide some comfort for her. A plain metal bucket in the corner functioned as toilet. A large mirror was placed on one of the walls as the only source of entertainment.
When the baby was full from the breastfeeding, it fell asleep. Rose put the baby in one corner of her cubical, where she had put extra hay. Now it was time for Rose to eat. Cow people have to eat a feed that is made up of leftovers from human consumption and raw food materials, mixed with water. This forms a brown, mud-like goo. It’s very nutritious, but tastes horrible. Cow people have such demanding metabolism, that they are always hungry enough to eat whatever they are given.
A human male worker came into her cubical to give her feed. Rose received her feed in a trough on the floor, so she had to kneel down to eat, since she was not allowed to use her hands for sanitation reasons. When she was down on all fours, her huge tits hanged down, reaching the hay covered floor. When she leaned forward and downward to eat, her tits spilled out over the floor like soft dough. She greedily started to eat from the trough like a pig, positioned with her sexy ass sticking up, making pleased grunts as she swallowed. The worker calmly and routinely unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock. He then went down on his knees behind her, moved her tail a bit to the side, and pushed the head of penis into her tight wet pussy. The worker then began hammering in and out of her while holding on to her hips, as Roses strong virginal mussels hugged his cock inside her. The young male worker pistoned in an out of her vagina to a faster and faster pace. Rose could feel his scrotum squashing against her each time he thrust into her to the hilt. With each thrust her cowbell gave of its familiar sound. The worker rammed her, fucking her with all his might, thrusting deep and hard. With her mouth full of feed, she looked over her shoulder and saw the fucking worker in the corner of her eye. He had a strained expression on his now red face, so Rose knew he was about to cum. She hugged his penis using her strong mussels inside her pussy in a pulsating rhythmic fashion. She wanted to cum before he did, since the worker only cared about their own satisfaction. Right now however, her sex drive was about as strong as her hunger so she turned back to eating.
After only about one minute of fucking, the worker grunted “Oh yeah, eat that feed while I fuck you! Oh you sow, I’m Cumming!” As he said the words, Rose could feel him ejaculate inside her. He shot his load deep into her. Rose could feel rope after rope of his cum coating the walls inside her vagina. The sensation of that made her cum too. Rose loved to experience an orgasm while eating, double pleasure. He stopped all motion after his orgasm to rest for an instant and savor the moment, before reluctantly withdrawing his penis from her. “Good girl” he said before got up and left. This happened to Rose so often that It had become normal. She was now an expert of making men cum using her cunt, mouth and anus.
The human male workers live at the farm, but do not receive any pay for working. Instead they get limitless sex as payment and breast milk as food. They have to sell everything they own to the milk farm and pay a large sum to get in, but are free to leave at any time. However, since the milk and the sex filled life is addictive; they all stay as long as they can.
Now that Rose had finished her meal, licked her trough clean and the baby was asleep, it was time for her to take care of her next need. It was time for milking, her most favorite thing in the world. She waited for a while, but then, right on time, the milking apparatus was lowered down from the ceiling. It consisted of a long thick rubber hose, which was divided into two at the end. The two ends where each connected to one transparent, funnel-like plastic cup, about the size and shape of a highball glass, designed to suck on the nipples. A cord also extended down from the ceiling attached to a dial with a start button. The milk would be sucked out of the tits via the funnels and then travel via the rubber hose up and away towards the central milk-tank. Since the funnels and some parts of the hose are transparent, Cowgirls can actually see the milk leaving their boobs.
Rose got excited to see the apparatus, as soon as it was low enough; she grabbed it and sat down with her back against the wall. The baby had only consumed a small amount of her milk that morning; not nearly enough to please her overfull udders. The feeling she had in her chest now, just prior to milking can be compared to the feeling of badly needing to pee, combined with a tender, sensitive and bloated sensation in her big fat tits. Cowgirls where at all times forbidden to drain their tits themselves, using their hands and fingers. They must hold out and wait for the milking apparatus every day.
Rose pushed that start button on the dial. The apparatus began to rhythmically suck in air through the transparent plastic funnel-like cups, almost like a vacuum cleaner. She placed both funnels on her nipples. Her nipples and some of her tit flesh got sucked into the funnels. Her milk started to flow out of her tits and Rose felt an amazing feeling of pleasure and release. The apparatus increased its tempo, sucking on her udders harder and faster. Rose started convulsing with an orgasm and was in total in total ecstasy. This was her main purpose in life. Her eyes rolled back as the tempo increased even more. At first she just moaned, but as she was hit by orgasm after orgasm she started to scream with pleasure. Soon the whole milk plant filled up with the sounds of thousands of cow-girls, all having orgasms from milking. Milk from all the plants cowgirls started to flow through pipes into the central milk tank. Worker could monitor exactly how much milk the plant produced, and how much milk each individual cowgirl gave. The information they gathered served as a basis for future production targets. Rose could feel how more and more milk sprayed out of her big boobs, and she could also see it splash into the funnels, and then travel up the hose. Each of her massive breasts will give about 3 gallons of milk per day, so every day, Roses fat udders produces about 6 gallons of milk. After about 15min Rose fainted. This was normal, because the pleasure of the milking will be too great, causing a sensation overload. This is the main reason for why cowgirls have to sit down while being milked.
Rose was woken up by another male worker who had come to inspect the final phase of the milking, among other things. An hour or so had passed while she was passed out, she was still on her knees and her legs had fallen asleep. As soon as she woke up she felt that milk was still being drained from her and she moaned with delight. She felt something warm end wet on her cheek and the side of her mouth, pushing against her. She had been woken up by a rather large erect penis. She quickly realized that the worker wanted oral sex, so she turned her head towards the worker and licked the head of his cock. Du to her short memory, this cock was the biggest one she had any memory of. “Hmm so big” she thought as she grabbed his rock hard cock.
The worker moaned as Rose took his penis into her mouth and began to suck. He grabbed her by her horns to dominate her and stabilize her head. Rose was getting pleasure while sucking him because she was still being sucked on as well, by the milking apparatus. Her milk was still being sucked out of her boobs, but now she had not much left. The worker reached down to caress the upper part of her massive tits, while she sucked him. His hand began to knead the soft tit flesh like dough. As he did this the milk flow increased a bit due to the pressure from his grip.
“That’s it Rose, you keep it up. Mmm… Your tits have got bigger… and I can see that you are giving more and more milk each week… good girl” said the worker with a smirk on his face.
Rose gave a slow and gentle blowjob; her hand softly jerked him into her sucking mouth. After a short period of time, the workers grasp on her tit got harder and he said “Oh, suck me slut!” Suddenly, the worker began to spew cum like a horsy. Rose calmly let her mouth fill up with thick sperm as she continued to softly jerk him. She then swallowed and sucked for more, her hand still pumping him back and forth.
Eventually, the flow slowed and then stopped and the worker got shivers all over. Rose continued to suck, trying to get the last few precious drops. He took a deep breath and reluctantly withdrew his penis from Roses hovering mouth, before leaving her. The taste of sperm was better than the taste of her feed, so she did not spill one drop. Sperm was like liquid candy to her, she loved both the taste and the consistency of it.
To Roses disappointment, the milking apparatus suddenly shut down. The funnels dropped from her tits with a pop and the apparatus started to elevate back up towards the ceiling. Rose stood up, feeling rather light and mobile now that her milk had been drained. She was a bit shaky after so many orgasms and with her legs just waking up. She remembered her baby who was still asleep in the corner. As soon as it woke up, Rose fed it again. She was not all out of milk. Rose got bored since the baby just fell asleep again as soon as it was full. “Eating and sleeping are all babies seem to do” thought Rose to herself.
She put the baby back in its corner and stepped in front of her mirror. Her own refection was the most beautiful thing she knew. She turned her body this way and that, getting different angles of views. As she took it all in, Rose had a big smile on her face, a smile of pleasure and pride. She was a sex goddess. Time flew by as she stared at herself. She studied her own beautiful face, her humongous breasts, her feminine shoulders and her small waist. Because of the size of her tits, she could only really see her stomach in the mirror. Every time she saw her own mirror image, she fell in love with it. This is why all cubicles have these mirrors, if left unattended; Rose would stare at herself all day long. She would often masturbate to her mirror image for hours. Due to her weak mind, she would sometimes forget that it’s just a mirror image, and she would then try to kiss the mirror. The workers sometimes walk in on her liking the mirror and that always seems funny to them, funny and hot.
She finally got pulled out of her trance in the evening by another male worker, how had come to feed her the last meal of the day.
The worker poured the feed into her trough from a plain metal bucket, which looked the same as her latrine bucket.
Rose got on her hands and knees and started to feast on the feed in a manner that revealed how hungry she was. She greedily ate from the trough as always, making pleased grunts as she swallowed. The anonymous worker routinely unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock. He then went down on his knees behind her as usual, but this time, the pulled her tail up and first pushed his cock into her vagina to get it wet, then pressed his penis against her anus. It was a tight fit, but Rose relaxed her butt, allowing the head of his penis to pop into her butt. The worker pulled her tail upward with one hand and held on to her hip with the other, as he watched more and more of his penis disappearing into her ass, as he pushed himself in. Roses bowels also seemed too suck him in, pulling his manhood into her. Soon his entire penis was buried in her ass, all the way to the hilt. Rose moaned, wiggled and bucked her hips, still eating her feed, even with a rock hard cock wedged in her ass. “Who is the boss now, milk machine? Yeah, take my cock up your ass you dirty bitch…” grunted the worker. He then started to pound her, he pulled his cock almost all the way out of her sexy ass, and then he slammed it in all the way, in one thrust. With each thrust her cowbell gave of its familiar sound. He then repeated this motion faster and faster. Rose tightened her hole around the workers shaft to increase his pleasure. In response, he made faster and shorter thrusts, deep inside her. “Oh yes, Oh yes!” he hissed as his penis started to quiver inside her ass. Rose could suddenly feel him emptying his balls into her. She felt his ejaculation splash against her insides. Even after he was done cumming, the worker continued fuck her butt for a while. He was letting her tight ass milk the last drops of cum from his penis before reluctantly withdrawing from her.
After he left and she had licked her trough clean, Rose squatted down and reached behind with one hand to get to her anus. She then started to push the workers sperm out of her ass and into the palm of her hand. When her cupped hand was full of thick sperm, she brought it to her mouth and ate it all. She always did this shameful thing after anal sex. Because of her love for cum eating, Rose preferred oral sex from the workers compared to regular or anal sex.
After this, Rose went to sleep next to her baby. Her day had been typical, much like the day before and the day before that. As far back as she could remember, most of her days were like this.
One morning, after about a week, Rose heard a roar outside her cubical. A worker came in and removed her baby, disregarding Roses protests. Shortly thereafter he came in again with an enormous Bull-man following him. The worker said “I’m going to release this monster from our mind control in your cubical Rose! This is your reward for having the plants biggest set of tits and giving more milk per day then the rest of the cowgirls. Have fun, ha-ha!” The worker left the cubical and closed the door behind him, leaving Rose alone with the bull-man. Rose was terrified; she believed this was her first encounter with a bull-man. She just could not remember all the times she had been fucked by the likes of this monster. Due to her short memory, she had no idea what was about to happen. A loud “BEEP” was heard and the bull-man seemed to wake up from a kind of trance.

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