Rose and Natalie

Ever since they were kids, Natalie was always bossing her little sister Rose around. Being the three and a half year age difference, Natalie acted like she was the chosen one, and Rose had to suffer the indignities of being the kid sister. Natalie was always telling her what to do, ordering Rose like she was a fucking servant for the chosen one. She was always flouncing around, nose in the air, bragging about her virginity, and proclaiming how no one except some Prince Charming would take it on some future wedding night. Rose was sick of her sister’s attitude, Rose had given up her virginity just after her 15th birthday, and good riddance to it.

Her daddy’s business partner, Mr. Fields, had done the honors. Mr. Fields was married, him and his wife had enjoyed a healthy sex life until two years ago, when she had gone nutty religious, deemed sex sinful and immoral, and cut him off from any sexual activity. He got off the built up loads by masturbation, but there was nothing like good, solid fucking with a hot and willing partner. His frustration at being denied the pleasures that him and his wife used to enjoy so freely, it weighed heavily. He didn’t want to start an affair, or use some hooker, he had to protect his reputation. He was also terrified of picking up some deadly sexually transmitted disease.

When Rose turned 14, puberty kicked in, giving her a more nubile shape, filling out her body, plumping her boobs up from tiny little bumps to a healthy 34C. She noticed that whenever she was around Mr. Fields, he’d check out her developing body, and sometimes he had to disguise the fact that he had a hot, stiff erection. Knowing that she was making him hot made her hot, her nightly masturbation fantasies had him driving his hard cock deep inside, plucking her cherry, riding her until she climaxed to the imagined rush of his hot seed spraying deep inside her.

When she turned 15, she took the bull by the horns. She got herself on the pill, when it was in effect, she sent Mr. Fields an e-mail, with very explicit pictures of her nude body. Her suggestion to come and see or better yet, touch her in person, she knew that she would be in the house alone Friday afternoon, and she said she hoped that he would take her invitation. He wasted no opportunity, and Rose knew that he was there to collect, and she intended to deliver. A suggestion that they go up to her bedroom, and get comfortable, and she enjoyed giving him a private strip show, watching his pants tenting way up as he fattened his eyes with the sight of a very horny, very eager 15 year old. His eyes were everywhere, from her 34C chest, her perky nipples, stiff, erect and achy with need, and his eyes were wide and staring as he drank in the sight of her bare, shaved mons, and he was quickly naked.

Rose saw his cock, 8 inches of hard, horny male flesh, she savored the idea. Looking at the hard instrument of her deflowering had really ramped her up, her pussy wanted it, NOW.

She had purred, “Come and fuck me Mr. Fields, I’m all tight and virgin for you, you’ll be the first man to fill up my tight little pussy!”

Her legs spread, she watched with wide eyes as Mr. Fields was quickly in position. He ran his cockhead up and down her lips, bringing the juices bubbling up, and he coated his cockhead in that hot lube. He wanted to be well lubed up, he wanted her first time to be something she could look back on with pleasure and fond remembrance. He nudged his cockhead against her, ready for the plunge.

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