Rosa’s First Affair

Rosa and I had been married for seven years before
the idea of her having sex elsewhere than our
marriage bed ever really came up. Both in our early-
30s, we had an active, varied, satisfying sex life,
unlike so many couples that have been married for
years. While I am a tall, slim, fairly average-
looking gringo, she is a stunning Latina from South
America, petite with big brown eyes, rich auburn
hair, beautiful firm breasts, lush hips and the
cutest little tush you could ever want to caress.

Whether at the mall or the beach she turns heads no
matter how she is dressed, and I am always filled
with pride to be seen with her. Though not a virgin
when we married, she was relatively inexperienced,
and my very thick, though average-length, dick was
the largest that he had ever known.

She works as a departmental supervisor in a national
discount chain store, often with odd hours and random
days off. One day a new employee started at her
store, and when she came home she had to tell me how
cute he was. Five or six years her junior, Bernie was
slim with dark hair and blue eyes, very respectful
and soft-spoken. She seemed to hit it off with him
immediately. Later that night, while we were in bed,
the topic of conversation somehow turned to her new
friend. After a moment we realized that talking about
Bernie was getting her very turned on. Instead of
being jealous I found myself getting excited thinking
about her talking to him as well. We discussed this a
little, began fondling each other, and discovered
that the more we talked (“Would you like him to kiss
the back of your neck?” “Oh, yes, and down my
shoulders . . . “) the more excited we became. We
ended with over an hour of hot, wet sex, inspired by
a fellow that she barely knew and whom had I never

We moved to another city the next year. Although she
and Bernie had become friends in the intervening
time, he was too conservative and respectful to make
a move on her and she was too shy to bring up the
topic of having an “affair”. We had many hot nights
inspired by him, however, and poor Bernie will never
know what he missed.

It took a while for her to get accustomed to her new
store, but she eventually settled in and found her
place. Her schedule is arranged so that she closes
the store at least one night every week, and then has
the next day off. The closing schedule overlaps with
that of the graveyard shift crew, who tidy up the
store and unload the trucks carrying new merchandise
every night. Most of this shift are Mexicans, who
prefer the shift premium instead of a normal
schedule. Although she always turns heads wherever
she goes, these nights one fellow in particular would
stare at her, undressing her with his eyes every time
that she passed. Jose was short and dark-skinned,
very thin and not particularly attractive. She found
his constant attention annoying, but he was always
very polite and quiet around her so she couldn’t
really take offense.

Our verbal love play had developed in the meantime,
and she had quite a stable of fantasy lovers.
Sometimes she imagined that I was one of them, and at
other times I imagined that she had just come to our
bed after being with one or more of them. She was
getting frustrated, however, that they were only
fantasies. None of the guys that she was interested
in would make a play for her. They all knew that she
was married, and evidently believed the common myth
that Latin women are forever loyal to their men.

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