Role playing with client gets out of hand

I work as a saleswoman for a company that markets adult products. The pay is low, the travel constant and the hours unsociable. But it’s all I can get at the moment. Mostly it’s parties or fundraisers I go to, usually held in someone’s home. The fundraisers are nearly always mixed events. Although I sell more this way, I don’t look forward to them. One of the ‘benefits’ of this job is supposed to be meeting people. But there’s little pleasure going into a room where the guys all feel compelled to make grubby comments and innuendos and the women all laugh in an embarrassed way wishing they were elsewhere. And some guy always comments on my looks or what I’m wearing or wants to give me advice about how to use one of the products or calls for a demonstration. It makes me feel like the money I’ve earned is barely worth the effort.

Much better are the parties. The ones I get on my job sheet are mostly all women parties – hen nights, engagement showers, that kind of thing. The lines I use for the different products don’t sound smutty and the atmosphere is much more relaxed. Women aren’t bashful about speaking out when there are no men around, and they’re not worried about being misunderstood. They also say things about their husbands or boyfriends that they would never say if they were in the room. There is much more laughter and although I don’t sell as much, I hand around my card before I go and quite often there are phone calls and sales that way.

Which is how I came to have a very raunchy afternoon late this summer. You may think that a woman in my line of work would have lots of opportunity for a bit of fun. Well only if your idea of fun is half-drunk guys trying to grope you or propositioning you as you fill orders and pack up. In fact, working constantly with ‘marital aids’ and ‘sex toys’ tends to de-sensitise you and it’s only when you see them through other people’s eyes that you can be reminded that they are things intended to give erotic pleasure.

I was at an engagement party one evening. There were around twenty women all getting into the champagne and dancing to some music. I went through the usual routine and they had a bit of fun with some of the novelty items. The bride-to-be was in her late 20s and made a humorous display of fellating a chocolate dildo. There was the usual interest in the leather gear but before long I could sense they were getting bored. I handed round my cards, packed up the travel case and headed home.

The next afternoon as I was on the way to another function I got a call on my cell phone. The woman introduced herself as Monica from the day before. As she described herself, I quickly remembered her. She was 30ish with pale skin and dark hair cut in a pageboy look. Very striking, with good dress sense that showed off her trim body. She had been fairly quiet at the party but I had noticed her because she had seemed more attentive than the others and because she had large dark sexy eyes and large pouty lips.

On the phone she said she would be interested in looking through some of the samples in more detail and making some purchases. We made an appointment for the next day and I jotted down her address. It was some distance and I hoped that I would make a big enough sale to justify the trip.

Early the next afternoon I knocked on the door of a small newly-built house in a commuter suburb. Monica answered looking as well groomed as I remembered and ushered me into the living room. She had coffee ready and poured it as I opened the travel case. Most phone enquiries are about the S/M items that we stock, so I had a good selection of those with me together with specialist catalogues. But Monica showed little interest in those.

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