Once i started, I couldn’t stop. My treatment for getting pregnant is going on regularly . me and my Rocky jecky fucked every day throughout the summer and early fall. in the month of Jan., My period didn’t come .

About 2 weeks before feb , i got up and started to make my morning coffee when i suddenly felt so sick i thought I was going to faint. Cupping my hand over my mouth, I dashed to the bathroom, fell to my hands and knees and threw up. The next few mornings i was just as sick. I was taking a shower when I noticed how tender my breasts were. Suddenly my heart was pounding. “OH YES it could be . I’ve only been with jecky…..a Rocky! I could be pregnant,” i said to myself .

I was getting dressed about a week when the pair of jeans i was putting on wouldn’t reach around my waist. Stripping down to my bra and panties, i stood in front of my dresser mirror and saw the slight bulge in my tummy. Touching it, the spot was hard. “Oh God yes ,” i am so happy thank you so much , “I’m pregnant… pregnant with puppies!” and i am talking my self. suddenly my Rocky jecky enter in my room. i was stood complete nude in front of mirror and examine my body. when saw him i huge him and kissed him. ” one good news for you hunny. now you are going to be father. i got your puppies in my womb. now we have to stop mating for couple of months i don’t want any miss happening now and kissed him again.

Over the next week i tried to decide what to do. Should i told to my doctor jenny now or later ? No, i decided to tell her now immediate . she helps me in too many ways to carry my pregnancy and to avoid miscarriage. yes this is right and also she helped to carry the puppies inside me and give birth to them. But she couldn’t let ANYBODY know about her strange pregnancy.” talking to myself”. And then called Dr. jenny told her about my pregnancy. She called me in her clinic for checkup . Next day i went to meet her in clinic . She asked some questions to me and i answered them. then she took me in a room for check-up . i lyed on check bench. she took my temp , my heartbeats and blood pressure . ” every thing is proper as i maintain you as a canine” . now put off your t-shirt over your stomach. she told me. then i pulled my t-shirt upto my breasts . now she cheak my belly with her hands. she is giving slight pressure on my belly that she was trying to find some thing in my belly. when she comes in my lower belly i also feels some hard throb spots . and then she puts her stethoscope in her ears and put other end on my belly. ” yes karuna we got success . you are pregnant. your wish is going to fulfill. now you have to take more care about your self. i am giving you some medicines . take them properly and please avoid to carry heavy weights . it could be the reason of miscarriage. in next meeting i will check your pregnancy through ultra sound machine. ”

” thanks alot Jenny it can’t be possible if you dont help me so thanks my friend jenny.”

” its ok karuna . you are my friend and its my duty to think about you. now you have to go home and take rest.” and one more thing karuna you have to avoid the mating with your Rocky till your delivery.

” ok dr. i would ” bye . and then i returned to my home.

Two weeks into february , i had to wear the loosest clothes i could find over my pregnant belly – i figured i looked about four and a half months pregnant. i drove to a shopping mall and nervously bought a couple pair of maternity jeans, a few giant flannel smocks, and a nightgown. Then i got enough stamps to mail all my bills for the next few months and had the oil tank filled so no one would see my expanding pregnant shape.

By :K9girl

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