Repaying a Debt

Our story begins with a not so young lady by the name of Sarah. She’ll be 42 on her next birthday, and still single, or as she refers to it “safely single”.

No need for a man in her life fulltime to complicate matters, when she’s hungry she reaches for an ever willing body to take care of the particular craving she’s feeling at the moment and after mutual pleasures are satisfied, she sends them on their merry way. It is a practice that has worked well for her and she’s in no particular hurry to change matters.

Sarah owns a boutique where she sells erotic lingerie and sundry items for sensual pleasuring. Business is booming in this small town, as one of her featured services is to host discreet gatherings for the more faint-hearted ladies who are either too busy or too shy to visit her store.

She’s built up a healthy clientele and enjoys the “Hen Parties” she’s asked to host several times per month. It’s quite a hoot standing in front of the gathered ladies, showing them the beautifully made, skimpy lacy folderol’s, the silky gowns in beautiful shades and lengths.

When the time comes to bring out the ammunition, so to speak, an audible gasp is heard as she shows her wares, the ladies ask her many questions and intrepid saleslady that she is, truthfully advises them on the most satisfying ones that are available.

“Of course, it’s what you prefer, I have something here for everyone.”

Questions bombard her from left and right and the evening takes on a rather raunchy tone. By the end of it, the ladies are most excited to return home to either try their purchases on or in, alone or with their mates. Sarah is very well liked in the community by the ladies, both for her ready smile, trustworthy advice and no-nonsense approach to questions of a sexual matter.

As she drives home, she recalls a young woman who had approached her to speak privately to her, while all the other ladies were busy.

“Do you have in your myriad bag of tricks, such a thing as a paddle?”

“A paddle? Um…no I don’t have one with me but I can probably get you one without too much trouble. I’ll just contact my supplier and see what she can do for me.”

She was rewarded with a huge smile from the young woman. “Oh thank you, I want to give it to my husband as a gift for his birthday. ”

Sarah’s brows shot up. “ahhh”

All the way home she’s been imagining herself in that position, over someone’s knee with her skirt hiked up, having her cheeks smacked first by a strong uncompromising hand and then with a paddle.

She’s not too sure she would be able to put up with such punishment, no matter what crime she had been perceived to have committed. There just wasn’t anybody in her life she would trust to wield that power over her.

But the thoughts running through her head were having an effect. She felt excitement, a tingling in her nether regions, picturing herself in that position.

“Oh my goodness,” she thought to herself. “I think it’s time for a wee tumble. I need to clear some of these silly notions from my head.”

She arrived at her apartment building, driving a little faster than she should have. By the time she noticed the car ahead of her it was too late. She did slam on her breaks and turned her wheel to try to avoid hitting the back of the huge black SUV, but the gods were not smiling down on Miss Sarah this evening and she heard a grinding, crunching noise.

She automatically closed her eyes upon impact and waited for the awful sounds to subside. When everything seemed to be at a standstill she slowly opened one eye, to stare into the glowering face of a man standing near her driver’s door. He yanked the door open and unceremoniously helped her out of her vehicle.

“Just what the hell do you think you were doing coming at me out of the blue like that, don’t you have any sense at all in that poor excuse of a head of yours?” he hollered at her.

“Oh Jim, do shut up. I didn’t do this on purpose and please stop making a scene. My insurance will cover the damages. Dammit, let go of my arm.”

He didn’t let go of her arm, instead he looked at her more closely and asked grudgingly, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, how about you? I don’t think the impact was all that severe, you’ve got a busted tail light but my fender looks like it took the major damage. Awww jeez and I just got it back from the shop last week.”

He told her he’d call on her later for the insurance specifics and she agreed.

Gathering her purse and keys, she made her way to her apartment. Just what she needed, another incident to make her insurance rates go up. Then she had a thought, maybe she’d ask Jim to just get his truck fixed and she’d take care of the bill personally and get her own car done at the same time. It would dip into her savings considerably but it would probably be less costly insurance wise for the next few years.

She was just getting herself a glass of wine when there was a knock at her door, she went to open it and there stood a still scowling Jim, looking down at her. She invited him in and offered him a beer which he accepted and put forth to him the plan she had about avoiding higher insurance rates.

Jim was agreeable and they shook hands on their deal. He was a nice man she thought. She’d known him for several years and had always liked him, though they hardly ever ran into each other, his job kept him traveling a fair amount.

They talked for a while and when Jim saw her try to hide a yawn he got up and said it was time for him to go. She apologized, saying it had been a long day but that he should call her to let her know how much the repairs to his truck would be and she’d take care of it.

The next few days were busy ones for Miss Sarah, she was seriously considering hiring someone to help out in her shop, it was getting very busy and what with the added toy parties she wasn’t getting much time off.

She’d just received a shipment from her supplier and was busily checking things out, when she came upon several wooden paddles. Ah yes, she’d completely forgotten about those. Also in the box were several pairs of handcuffs, blindfolds, large feather looking dusters that she imagined weren’t really used for dusting.

She was having a good chuckle as she spied the items her supplier had included when her reverie was disrupted by the phone ringing. It was Jim and he’d had his truck repaired and would drop the bill off to her that evening if that was okay.

She answered yes of course and burst out laughing when her hands lifted out a very sexy leather bustier. Jim asked her what was so funny and she told him about the shipment she’d just received and the surprising array that had come in it. He asked her if she could bring some with her that evening, he had a special lady in mind that he wanted to give a little gift to. She agreed and said she would see him later.

Sarah had showered and changed into her night shirt when the buzzer sounded.

“Who is it,” she asked testily. “Me, Jim,” was the answer.

As he entered she brushed by him saying “Grab yourself a beer while I go change. “Sorry Sarah, you should have said so. I don’t have much time, got to catch a flight in a couple of hours, just came by to drop the bill off”.

She nodded to him and turned to go to her room. He helped himself to a beer from her fridge and went to sit in her living room. There he spotted a box, which he assumed held the samples she’d brought for him to check out. He put his beer on the table, sat down with the box and proceeded to take out all of the items one by one, smiling to himself slyly.

Sarah found him sitting with a paddle in his hand and a far away look on his face. “Don’t tell me you’re going to give that to your special lady?” she asked. He turned to look at her and one brow rose. “You know the other night when you rammed into me, it was a good thing I didn’t have one of these”.

Sarah felt a tingle course through her body, she had never thought she’d ever find the idea of being spanked appealing.

“Well Jim, if I thought you’d overlook that repair bill I might let you use that on me instead”.

Jim looked her squarely in the eyes and said, “You’ve got yourself a deal little lady.”

Sarah was flabbergasted. She’d been joking when she made that comment, but she could see that Jim was very serious indeed. He stood up and she backed away, sputtering, “But, but Jim, I’m only kidding, I didn’t really mean that, I’ve never been spanked and I don’t think I’d like that very much”

Jim smiled at her, “well it’s your choice Sarah, a few spankings compared to a $1200 repair bill”.

Sarah gulped, “$1200. You can’t be serious, it was just the tail light, let me see that bill.”

Jim fished it from his jacket pocket and handed it to her. Sure enough that was the amount. It seemed there was more damaged than the taillight.

“Oh great,” she thought to herself. “Mine is damaged worse than this, how much is that going to cost?”

“What do you mean a few spankings?” she finally caught on to what he had said.

“I mean $1200 worth of spankings Sarah. If you are agreeable, we’ll discuss just how many, how often, where and when.”

She kept thinking how much money her foolishness would cost her and weighed that against the spankings.

“Okay Jim, let’s talk about this, have you ever done this sort of thing before?”

“Uh huh. I was in a long relationship with a lady that would need the odd spanking now and then just to keep her in line. We both enjoyed the benefits tremendously,” he smiled at her. “Want to give it a try, to see if this will be your preferred method of payment?”

“But how Jim, how do we do this?”

“Well first I’ll let you select the implement for your punishment or you can choose my hand if you think you’d prefer that, but I must tell you, you will be over my knee, your skirt lifted and your panties down. That’s just how I do these things.”

“Jim, you mean you’re going to see me bare-assed. I don’t think so. I know we’ve known each other for a long time but this isn’t something…um normal proceedings amongst friends,” she said.

“We’re beyond normal now Sarah. We don’t have to go through with it, you can always just sign a check for me for the repairs.”

She groaned, “Oh all right, I’ll give it a try I guess, but if I don’t like it, will you stop?”

“Ah Sarah, I’ll do better than that. I’ll only give you 20 smacks with my hand and if you don’t think you can put up with even that, choose a word to say that you will tell me and I will stop immediately. Okay?”

Jim smiled and nodded and extended his hand. She placed hers in it and he brought her down to sit on his lap on the couch. He cuddled her gently, telling her what a bad girl she was to drive so fast. Not only was she endangering her own life but other people’s as well. She’d been lucky this time, but what if it had been more serious, what if someone had been hurt or killed, could she live with herself, he queried. She hung her head and waited.

“Okay Sarah, pull your skirt up and your panties down and let’s get on with this,” Jim told her gruffly.

She did as she was told and he helped her to lay face down across his lap. She wasn’t prepared for the first smack of his hand; it had come down hard and quick.

She yelped and tried to put her own hand across her bum to avoid the sting from the next blow, but he grasped it in his and held it while his other one came down again and again.

Sarah was thrashing about on him, trying in vain to get away from the stinging slaps to her tender globes and at the same time as she was trying to control her tears, but they escaped her along with the sobs she’d been valiantly trying to hold inside.

The last few spanks were the hardest and she was praying she wouldn’t disgrace herself. She felt his hand gently rub her reddened backside, then he helped her sit up and guided her head onto his shoulder as he murmured what a good girl she had been to take her punishment so well and that he hoped she’d learned a lesson.

He waited for the sobs to subside while holding her gently, running his hand up and down her back. He could feel how embarrassed she was and tilted her head up and looked into her eyes.

“Do you think this will be an acceptable form of repayment Sarah? It’s your choice. I must tell you though, if you do chose this way, there are 11 more spankings to come, to be given at my discretion”.

Sarah looked back at him with a piteous look on her face and she nodded,

“If you are willing to accept this form of payment for the accident, I can live with that, but what do you mean at your discretion?”

He shifted her again on his lap and this time she couldn’t help but feel the proof that Jim wasn’t immune to her state of undress, her skirt partially covering her very pink bottom.

She sucked in her breath, this was something she hadn’t expected, but she felt a rush run through her body at his next words.

“The spanking is the first part of the punishment, when you’ve calmed down I will expect you to kneel before me and take me into your mouth and show me the respect you feel I deserve”.

Her mouth opened and closed several times without a sound coming out.

She lowered her head and whispered shyly “Now?”

He once again titled her head and said, “Now would be as good a time as any”.

As Sarah eased off his lap and onto the floor. She looked up into his face and he could see the tracks her tears had left, her trembling mouth, the questions in her eyes that she was either too shy or embarrassed to ask.

He didn’t give her an easy way out, he wanted to see what stuff she was made of, if, as he suspected, she was indeed a woman with a submissive heart, who probably did not even recognize that in herself.

She reached for his waist band and unbuttoned it, easing down the zipper slowly, taking him in her hand and releasing him from his clothing. Her mouth kissed his tip gently, her tongue appearing for quick wet licks, and then an all out assault on his member that left him reeling.

He erupted in her mouth, as she gentled her movements and waited for his next move.

“You can get up now Sarah and please fetch me a wet cloth,” he said softly.

She stood up and he watched her hips swaying as she walked away from him.

He heard the water running in her bathroom and decided to join her there. As he walked in he found her staring at herself in the mirror, a look of disbelief on her face.

“What’s the matter Sarah, what has you so confused?” he queried.

“I don’t understand this Jim. I’ve never been submissive in any aspect of my life. Why all of a sudden does this happen to me and why don’t I find it strange or perverse?” she asked as she turned towards him.

“Maybe because you never chose the type of man that could bring this out in you before Sarah,” he said reaching for her and enveloping her in a warm hug. “Could be that you weren’t to give anyone that much power over you. In our case here, you see that there is an eventual end to it, eleven more spankings and then our bargain is over. Afterwards you’ll be free to resume your life as it’s been so far.”

Her head was on his shoulder, face turned towards his neck and he heard her say, “But I think I like this submissive part of me. It was such a release, like atoning for my sins and knowing that I wouldn’t have to carry the guilt around. The spanking let me let go of it. Does that make sense?”

“Oh babygirl, it makes more sense than you realize and I wish I had more time to look at all the aspects of it with you, but I really do have to catch that plane and I have to go now.”

Sarah smiled at him and walked him to her door. “Thanks Jim, for everything. Have a good and safe trip.”

She stood on her tiptoes to place a kiss on his cheek and he turned his head so that their lips met. He gave her a deep kiss that she felt all the way down to her toes.

“Think about me while I’m gone. I know my thoughts will be returning to this afternoon over and over again, making me wish you were with me so that we could continue with these discoveries.”

He let her go and turned to leave, glancing at her one last time with a smoldering look in his eyes that sent shivers to every part of her body. After the door closed she leaned against it, contemplating what had transpired.

Sarah lay on her bed and closed her eyes, seeing herself as he would have laying across his lap, her posterior becoming pinker with each spank, her efforts to stop the punishment, her tears and his gentling touch when the spanking was over.

She sensed a wetness between her legs and brought her hand down, her fingers slowly insinuating themselves between her lips. She touched herself all the while imagining it was Jim’s hand that was there. Her orgasm was quick and powerful and it was his name that she moaned as she came.

It was a week of quiet introspection for Sarah. She questioned her sanity at letting Jim spank her, later coming face to face with the realization that since her earliest fantasies there had always been scenes of being over someone’s knee, of being spanked.

There was a highly erotic element in that picture for her, it never ceased to excite her. The reality of it was, that she’d enjoyed the spanking Jim had given her, the submissive act of kneeling in front of him afterwards and pleasuring him. She looked forward to his return so that she could again feel like the naughty little girl being disciplined. She yearned for his touch and to touch him back.

Jim was also thinking of the events that had transpired.

He kept seeing Sarah’s face, the parts of her body that had been bared for him. He wanted more from her, wanted her to submit to him on every level. He wanted Sarah, all of her and wondered if she would accept a relationship with him.

He knew her track record with men, she was as fickle as a butterfly, her affairs never lasting longer than a month at the most. But he figured he had the upper hand, so to speak, even if he had to postpone the spankings for a time, let them get to know each other more intimately but always leave her wondering when he would decide that she was due for a little spanking session.

He called her at work a few days before his return and asked if she would have dinner with him.

“I’m a fair cook you know and wondered if I could lure you to my cave for a fine meal and a spicy desert, perhaps pick up where we left off last week.” She felt a thrill run through body.

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