Redhead fantasizes about backdoor love – Anally Deflowering

I am a 25 year old, redhead. I live in an East Coast big city. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall (in heels), long legs, large breasts (with nipples the size of a half-dollar) and an extremely pert ass. I am very proud of my ass and that is the reason for my fantasy. I exercise regularly, especially my ass. My cheeks are tight. Between my cheeks, my anus is pink and delicate. I take great pride in my body, especially my ass.

I had dated the same man for the last five years, but suddenly I found out he was cheating on my so I dumped him about 6 months ago. I haven’t dated since than, not because I wasn’t asked out, I just haven’t gotten over the betrayal. This has made me particularly horny lately. We had a fairly active sex life, but it was more routine. While we had sex often, I refused oral sex and anal sex was a definite taboo. Some of my friends had told me they had tried anal sex (most did not get very far until they made their partner stop) but did not like it because of the intense pain. Even those that did finish refused to do it again. I guess the forbidden is what we are deepest fantasies are about.

I have resorted to masturbation lately to satisfy my lust. My vibrator has become my sex partner. I would lie in bed at night, my vibrator gently rubbing my clit as I dreamt of having sex. My latest fascination was with anal sex. I often fantasized of how I would be anally deflowered. While I would not do this in real life, it often consumed my fantasy life.

I had come home from work, ate dinner and took a leisurely bath. I put on a shirt that covered my ass, no bra and panties and decided to go to bed. Not to sleep yet, but to masturbate again. Masturbation relaxed me before I went to sleep. There is nothing more comforting than an orgasm.

I lay on the bed and reached into the drawer to retrieve my vibrator. If was not very big, but when applied to my pussy lips and clit, it never failed to satisfy me. I put my hands into my panties and began to gently stoke my pussy, the vibrator becoming wet. I closed my eyes and began to drift off into my fantasy world. I moved the vibrator further back toward my anus. My body shivered as the vibrator, wet from my pussy, played across my tight anus. I ran it around and began to push it in. The tip slowly entered until I pulled it back out. This always happened. I wanted to be anally deflowered, but was afraid of the pain. The vibrator moved back to my pussy, slowly running up and down my slit, moving over my clit. I slowly began to fade off into my fantasy world.

I felt hands take the vibrator from my hand and turn me over so I was lying on my stomach. My hands were grasped and I felt rope being tied around each wrist. First one wrist was tied to the bed rail, than the other. The knots were tied tight.

“Who are you, what do you want?” I cried, suddenly afraid.

“My name is Michael and you know what I want.”

“No I don’t, untie my hands and get out of here before I scream for the police” Sue said.

“You wouldn’t do that because it will not do any good. I am here to fulfill your fantasy. I am here to anally deflower you”.

“Please don’t hurt me, I only dream about that, I don’t want to really do that. Just let me loose” Sue begged.

“Sorry, but you made up the rules for this game. The only way you can stop me is when you cum. Until that time, you are mine to play with,” said Michael. “Let’s get you into a better position”.

Sue could feel him slide his hands under her stomach and push her up until she was on her knees. Her short shirt now just barely covered her ass, her breasts hanging down. She felt him tie more ropes around her thighs and he began to pull her thighs open.

By : Powerone

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