My name is Tyler and my wife’s name is Nikki. After ten years in the Army and four combat deployments she and I separated for about a year.

We did reconcile after I agreed to leave the army as it was to much of a strain on our relationship.

We both slept with some other people during the separation. We discussed it and were both willing to move on with our relationship.

The residual effect for me was I often fantasized about who she was with and what she did with them. Having third person dreams of her having sex with other men.

I never felt jealous about her having sex with these men. I was more turned on by it than anything else.

A little to description of us. My nickname is “Red” obviously for my red hair. Which is really wiry so I keep it shaved low. To avoid still looking like a soldier. I grew out a matching red beard. I’m 6’2 with an athletic build.

Nikki is African American and drop dead gorgeous. She is 5’5” and has a great shape. Meaning shapely legs and an thick solid round ass. Her breast are perfectly proportional to her body, firm with large dark brown nipples.

She is darker complexed with amazing light brown eyes, almost golden in color. She keeps her hair cut natural and very short. Mainly because she is very active.

I was offered the opportunity to join a real-estate brokerage ran by a former commander of mine. I accepted until the condition Nikki could sign on as well.

She and I loved the idea of doing this together. We had had enough money saved up until we could start generating income selling homes.

The broker Sam also gave us a great deal renting one of his properties until we got more settled…free rent.

From the moment I introduce Nikki to Sam I could tell he was attracted to her. Sam was always chasing skirts back in the day.

He was a three time divorcée and currently single. A big guy early fifties about 6’4” and more girth on him than I remembered. He was always a heavy set guy. His hair was grayer and receded some since I last saw him.

Sam was they load spoken gregarious type. Always wanting to be the center of attention. Way to free with his hands when he talked to women.

I could tell Nikki was uncomfortable when he was around her. He would make lewd comments or lay hands on her.

She would tell me often he was crews and sometimes obnoxious. I would play mediator telling her he was always like that and was that way with all the women at the brokerage.

Rumor had it he had a six year old some with Simone a very pretty Puerto Rican woman. Nikki said if it was true she couldn’t understand what a pretty girl like Simone could see in a guy like Sam.

As time went on it seemed Sam’e desire for Nikki grew more intense . He would stop buy her office for small talk. Always complimenting her on her appearance.

Thankfully Nikki maintained her cool. But would vent to me later. She would call him a pervert or dirty old man. Again I would try to play the middle ground. But now my dreams included Sam fucking her.

Nikki and Simone became great friends. She would come over to our house often with her son. Who definitely resembled Sam quite a bit.

One day after a few drinks. Nikki asked Simone if the rumors were true. Simone confided in us that Sam was her sons father.

Nikki’s mouth hung open in shock. I asked Simone if Sam had ever asked her to marry him. She told us he had several times, but she refused.

She explained that same always had prenuptial agreements with his wives. She knew Sam would never be a one women man.

She got more from Sam financially now than she would being his fourth ex-wife. Nikki sarcastically added he was over twenty years older than her.

I asked her what keeps Sam from stopping to provide for her and her son? Simone smiled saying she spends one night a week in his bed.

Nikki about spit her wine out. She choked for a good half minute. Simone told us that Sam wasn’t a bad guy. He loved their son and was good to her.

She looked at Nikki saying, “Yeah he can be over the top a lot. He is a big guy and older. But honestly he is the best sex I have ever had.”

She added it met her needs without a commitment and she enjoyed that aspect. Nikki sat there with a stunned look on her face. Then she apologized to Simone for being so judgmental.

Simone laughed telling her there was no need to apologize. Nikki asked her if she every got mad or jealous with Sam openly flirting in front of her.

Simone laughed saying, “Not at all we aren’t married and I know that is who he is. He has slept with half the women at the brokerage most of them the married ones.”. Now both Nikki and I were dumbstruck.

Simone giggled before saying, “Once word got out about his big dick. Women threw themselves at him.”

A subtle look crossed Nikki’s golden eyes briefly. As if she had a whole different perspective all of a sudden. That night I had a very vivid dream of Sam fucking Nikki with his big dick.

Over the next couple weeks Nikki seemed less taken back by Sam and his comments. One day I was hidden around the corner eaves dropping in them.

Simone caught me and pulled me into her office. She smiled at me saying, “You like Sam flirting with your wife don’t you?”

I stumbled over my words denying it. Simone flashed that bright smile of hers causing her pretty dimples to crease her face.

Simone was very light skin with her hair colored blond. She had beautiful big brown eyes and pretty face. She was about Nikki’s height with an hour glass shape.

She was different than Nikki as her body was softer looking as opposed to Nikki’s hard body. Nikki had that ass you could bounce a quarter off of. Simone had that big ads that swayed as she walked.

I was busted and I knew she had guessed right. So I sat down and told her about my fantasy. I told her about our separation and how knowing she had slept with other men during that time turned me on.

She asked me if I had ever told Nikki. I told her I hadn’t because I didn’t think it would be productive since we had recently reconciled.

Simone sat back silently for a long moment. She broke the silence by asking, “Are you guys going to attend the world wide convention this year?”

I told her we had been discussing it as we had never been to Las Vegas. Simone smiled that smile before saying, “They advertise it as informative and a great way to network. In really it is a six day party and fuckfest. It’s called Sin City for a reason.”.

She told me we should plan on going and see what happens. I left her office feeling somewhat relieved being able to get all of that off my chest.

Right from the start of our trip out to Vegas. I could tell Simone had told the truth. Nikki and I were the only spouses on the trip from our brokerage. I heard the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Many times on the flight out. Most of the time from married women in the group.

We checked in late so we ate in our room and relaxed for the evening. The next day we went to a few seminars. That night was the ice breaker for the event.

Nikki looked stunning in a skin tight red dress and heels that made her calve pop. Sam wasted no time dragging her and I around to meet important people.

The company CEO and other big name brokers. All of them men and all of them taken with Nikki’s looks. She enjoyed the attention as did I.

That night we had sex and she was really turned on. I teased her afterwards all the attention those powerful men heaped on
her made her hot.

She played it off telling me I was the only one that could make her hot. I laughed telling her that it made me hot that those rich men listed after her. That got me an elbow in the ribs.

The next day we were up early and went to the hotel gym. A couple of the gentle men we met last night were already there running on the treadmills.

They greeted us letting their eyes linger in Nikki. She wore a body glove fitting workout outfit that left little to the imagination.

I spotted the men checking her out the whole time she worked out. I was really turned on by it. Nikki and I had sex in the shower after our work out.

This time she asked me what got me all worked up. I was honest telling her I saw those men checking her out and it turned me on.

A funny look came over her face. She asked me why I liked other men ogling her. Taking a deep breath I told her my fantasy…excluding Sam.

Surprisingly she didn’t get upset. But told me she couldn’t do anything like that. Especially after what we had went through. She said she loved me and wouldn’t want to jeopardize us.

I let it go but it still tickles the back of my mind. We attended more talks and seminars. We ate dinner with our group before heading out to a classy dance club.

Again Nikki looked amazing turning a lot of heads. Drinks were being bought in succession coming in from all directions.

We mingled with other tables and then the DJ revved things up. Nikki loves to dance and we did. She was asked many times to dance by other guys and I insisted she go have fun.

Sam was at our table. He wasn’t a dancer but enjoyed watching. He made a comment about all the beautiful women. I agreed with him. He added, “Your wife is the hottest woman here.”

I agreed and we shared a toast. As time went on people were getting pretty toasted. There was plenty of grab ass happening on the dance floor.

Sam regularly had a different woman sitting in his lap laughing at his comments.

One a rare break off the dance floor Nikki was cooling down with a drink. Simone was sitting in the big guys lap at the time.

Niki kept glancing over at them. Simone was dragged out on the dance floor. A slow song came on and Sam got up and asked Nikki to dance. She looked unsure and I told her to go.

When she came back I could tell she was a little flustered. I suspected he might of gotten a little fresh. So I asked her if he behaved himself. She said he did but he got hard while dancing. I laughed saying well so did I dancing with you. She poked me hard calling me a pervert. But at least she did it with her beautiful smile.

We were both pretty tipsy and tired by the time we got back to the room. We fell asleep almost as soon as we get the bed. Again my dreams were about Nikki fucking Sam.

The next morning we slept in and had breakfast in bed. Later I went a seminar and Nikki went shopping with Simone and some of the other women.

Just before the seminar ended Nikki texted me to meet her at one of bar restaurants.

The place was crowded. I found her at a large table with other people from the convention. She was seated between one of the men we saw at the gym. A guy high up in the corporate level. On her other side was Sam.

She was laughing and already into her drink. The exec his name Carl offered up his seat. But before he hit up I insisted he stay and I sat next to Simone. Nikki gave me a look of confusion. I smiled at her before ordering a drink of my own from a passing waitress.

We stayed there for quite some time. Nikki seemed to enjoy the attention. She nodded for me to meet her at the restroom.

She asked me what I was doing. I feigned ignorance. That got me her patented jab in the ribs. She said, “One or both of them have have had a hand on my thigh all night.

Her eyes hit big when I told her I could tell. She looked up at me saying, “Your ok with it?”

Holding her tight I told her I loved her, I loved other men found her desirable. I told her if she was uncomfortable I would ask Simone to change seats with her or we could go back to our room.

She didn’t say anything and went into the restroom. I went back it the table and asked Simone if she mused moving. She was starting to get up and Nikki returned taking her seat between Carl and Sam. Much to their delight, they called for another round of drinks. Nikki never looked my way.

I thought I would get an earful later on. So I just enjoyed the moment. Sam announced the party was moving up to his suite. About ten of us made it up there.

As we walked from the elevator to his room the sounds of people partying or having sex came from many of the rooms. I tried to hold Nikki’s hand but she pulled her away. I didn’t think things bode well for me later.

The suite was large with a fully stocked bar. Sam called to have some finger food delivered. Carl got behind the bar making up a batch of margaritas. I sat on one of the sofas expecting Nikki to sit with me. She stepped past me and sat on the arm of the chair Sam was in.

Again not looking my way. I thought she was just trying to prove a point to me. Soon every had drinks and the toast started.

I would glance Nikki’s way occasionally. She was in an animated state. Laughing and talking. Her hand would touch Sam’s arm or shoulder as she talked. He would pay her knee or thigh.

We got back to our room late and she was giving me the cold shoulder. While in bed I apologized if I upset her. I told her I would never bring up anything thing else about other men.

She kept her back to be and acted as if she was asleep. The next day I gave her some space. I went for a work out. She was gone from the room when I got back.

I didn’t see her until dinner. I wanted to talk to her but we were with a large group. After dinner most of us went to the big Ferris wheel. Each car held thirty people and had a full bar.

We all mingled and had drinks as we viewed all the city lights. Nikki was with Simone and the other ladies. The guys hung out and talked business and sports.

After the event we all went back to Sam’s sweet again. Drinks were provided as well as some potent edibles Simone had purchased.

I was surprised Nikki ate one as she normally would admonish me for partaking in some occasional weed back home.

Simone asked me how I was doing. I told her Nikki was pissed at me. Simone laugh saying, “Don’t worry she will be fine.”

I hoped so we still had a few days left in Vegas. People were getting pretty wasted on both alcohol and weed. I tempered myself hoping to I could set things straight with Nikki later.

Niki had stopped drinking but was clearly high. I did at least get her to say she wasn’t mad at me. But she still spent most of her time talking to other people.

I could have sworn Sam touched her ass briefly and she didn’t do anything. I then wondered if it was my imagination or I was high myself.

As people finally stumbled out of Sam’s suite. I assumed Nikki and I would leave as well. Sam asked us to stay for a nightcap. I was about to say it was getting to late. When Nikki asked for a mojito.

I sat on a sofa making myself comfortable. Simone brought me a beer and Nikki her drink. Sam and Simone sat across from us. She was snuggled up in the crook of his arm.

We talked a short while about how much fun we were having as well as getting to learn more about our craft.

Then out of the blue Simone straddled Sam’s lap and started to kiss him. Nikki and I just sat there silent. I nudged her hand and nodded towards the door.

She looked at me then shook her head no. It dealt awkward sitting there watching Simone driving her tongue down his throat as his big hands caressed her naked ass cheeks.

Simone knelt between his legs and unbuckled his pants. Again I looked at Nikki and she was mesmerized.

I didn’t nudge her this time. I watched her watching them. She was biting her lower lip. Her eyes were were glassy and her breathing was becoming more noticeable. Most noticeable was here nipple were hard and showing through the sheer material of her dress.

Simone stood up and let her dress drop to the floor. She helped Sam off with his pant and shirt. She moved back onto the sofa with her face over his lap. Her hair obscuring his cock.

Same had a gray hairy chest and belly. His head was back as Simone’s head bobbed up and down. One big hand massages her big ass.

When Sam pulled her hair away from her face. A sharp gasp escaped Nikki’s mouth. I looked to where her eyes were locked. I might of made a sound myself I’m not sure.

Simone’s hand gripped the lower very thick half of his cock. Her big soft lips were stretched around the other half as she glided them up and down his shaft.

She took it out of her mouth for just a second to reveal a large mushroom shaped head. She moan as she plunged back down again.

Simone got up walked towards us and took Nikki by the hand. Nikki looked at me and I nodded yes.

She stood up and Simone kissed her softly. I watched her hand deftly unzip the back of Nikki’s dress. The dress fell to the floor revealing Nikki gorgeous hard body.

My cock hit even harder seeing her in just heels and a thong. Her dark skin in contrast to Simone’s. Her firm tits were rising up and down with each breath and her nipple were so hard they looked like they might be hurting.

Simone had her get in the opposite side of Sam. I watched as Simone held his big dick as Nikki started to lick it slowly.

Other than a soft moan Sam remained silent. After her initial timid ness. Nikki was now matching Simone’s eagerness to please Sam.

Nikki’s head was now bouncing on his cock as Simone licked the shaft and his big balls. The switches back and forth stopping only to share a kiss.

I had my own eight incher out watching the scene in front of me. Sam said something I couldn’t make out. The girls got off the sofa and he stood up. His long thickness swinging side to side and shiny with saliva.

He took Nikki’s hand this time she didn’t look to me. He led her through the open French doors. I panicked for a moment thinking he would close them but he didn’t.

He led her to the bed and had her lie down . She squealed a little when he pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. Sam knelt down pushed her legs back and dove his tongue deep into her pussy.

Nikki let out a yell arching her back. One hand went to his slick back hair the other dug into the sheets. I had forgotten all about Simone.

She sat on the sofa next to me and started to softly stroke my rigid cock. She smelled amazingly. I couldn’t believe how much of my cock she could take. It felt amazing.

Nikki let out another yell. When I looked up they weren’t visible. Simone stopped sucking me. I got up and she helped me off with my clothes. Another loud yell from Nikki.

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