Realizing a fantasy with my girlfriend

This is a one-hundred percent true story. I know that a lot of guys think about this too, and this is how I have personally overcome my mental obstacles…

For as long as I can remember, it has been a fantasy of mine to eat my own cum. As many other men with this fantasy, I have struggled in achieving the final destination, which is my cum covered fingers being sucked clean by my own tongue and mouth.

Philosophically speaking, I see no harm in eating your own semen and I certainly do not think it makes you gay. I have absolutely no desire to be with another man, I just feel that it is insanely hot to think about my own cum in my mouth, and oh so difficult to do. In high school, when I was limber and spry, I attempted autofellatio a few times and was able to taste my own cum through this method. I cannot say it is something I necessarily enjoyed at that time, but I was curious and it was obviously pleasurable.

Time progressed and I tried various other methods of penis to mouth/tongue/throat semen transfers. I made bribes and deals with myself, created games that were fixed to ensure the outcome ended with me eating my own cum, masturbated in public places with a high chance of someone catching me so that I would be forced to eat my cum in order to not be caught. Anyone else know how this feels?

Alas, it seemed that every time I convinced myself to eat my own cum, and every time I was sure I would eat it, that this was finally going to be the time I licked my fingers clean, I chickened out. As I have tasted my own cum a few times, I can tell you that I do not dislike the taste…mine barely has a taste. I am not grossed out by the texture at all. I quite like the warm, gooey feeling of it. It is just that every time I begin to orgasm, I completely lose the desire to eat my cum.

Well, having failed so many times in my endeavors, I decided to talk to my girlfriend about this fantasy. Over the years that we have been together, I knew I could trust her with my kinky fantasy. I figured that it was a fantasy of mine and if she had no desire to partake in this with me, then it did not need to progress any further. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? The first time I brought it up to her she was a bit startled. We were living in different states at the time and I brought it up over the phone during phone sex foreplay. We were discussing different fantasies and turn-ons when I casually asked her if she would like me to clean her up when we were done. She was a bit confused and asked what I meant. I told her that it was a fantasy of mine to eat my own cum.

We discussed the details of this for a few minutes and continued our mutual masturbations. She could tell by my breathing that I was approaching orgasm and softly whispered over the phone that she would enjoy it if I ate my cum for her. The thought of licking my fingers clean for her caused everything in my genitals to ache for sweet relief. As I orgasmed, I held the head of my penis in my left hand and this opened my hole. I watched as my semen slowly bubbled out and overflowed my swollen head. My index finger and thumb were covered with globs of my semen.

When I could speak again, she asked me if I liked the taste or not and I confessed that I had not held up my end of the bargain. She asked if I was afraid of it. I told her that I was not afraid of it; it was just that I had lost the desire to. She began whining and said that the thought of me cleaning myself up was so beautiful to her that she did not think she could cum unless I ate it all. After some persuading, she convinced me to gather it all on my index finger and thumb and to just do it for her. She instructed me to not just clog my nose, throw it all in, and swallow. She told me that she wanted me to enjoy it, to try to describe the taste for her. I politely obliged. I slowly licked nearly half of my load on the first swipe. I rolled it around my tongue for a few moments, tasted the saltiness of it and not much more. I asked her for permission to swallow it and she allowed me to.

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