Ready for sex, son finds his mom naked and tied to her bed

Author’s introduction to my story, Son Blackmails his Mother for Sex. I wanted to give the reader some insight into sons having incestuous sex with their mothers and mothers having incestuous sex with their sons. Incestuous sex happened between consenting adults more than you think.

Under the guise of whatever floats your boat, or in this instance, hardens your cock or shrivels your cock, the thought of having sex with one’s own mother may be despicably disgusting to some or sexually exciting to others. How many sons out there would have sex with their mothers if they could and if no one knew? Who really cares what someone thinks? Throwing stones at glass houses, who’s to judge you when they’re no better than you?

Not me. I’d never judge you. That’s for sure. I’m just the writer. There are no judgements here. With my sexual background, I’d be the last person to through a stone. Trust me. I’m just as bad if not sexually worse than you. In the way that you love pussy, I love cock.

“Let’s see a show of hands of all those men who had sex with their mothers and/or are still continuing to have sex with their mothers? Let’s see a show of hands of all those men who wished they could have sex with their mothers and would if they could without anyone knowing? Wow, that’s quite a lot of hands.”

Yet, and, of course, as long as one doesn’t actually have sex with one’s mother, the incestuous fantasy of having sex with one’s own mother may be sexually arousing. Just a fact, something that most men may not publicly admit, even if they haven’t had sex with their mothers and never would have sex with their mothers, many sons have done more than just imagine having sex with their mothers. What about you?

“C’mon. Be honest. Tell me the truth. I promise not to tell anyone. Are you guilty of being sexually attracted to your mother? As long as no one knew your dirty, little secret, would you have sex with your mother if you could?”

# # #

A good place to start, let’s start from the beginning, shall we? A normal occurrence and a natural rite of passage, especially when growing up in the same household, at one time or another, many sons have been sexually attracted to their mothers. Why not? There’s nothing wrong with that. The first woman they ever met, no woman is more beautiful and sexier than their mother. Perhaps, the first breast they’ve seen and the first nipple they’ve ever suckled, one could understand why some men may be sexually attracted to their mothers.

Something most grown men would never admit to but, one time or another, many sons have masturbated over the thoughts of imagining their mothers naked and having sex with their naked bodies. Let’s see a show of hands. Be honest. No one can see you raising your hands. How many of you men have masturbated over imagining your mothers naked? How many of you men have imagined having sex with your mothers’ naked bodies?

“Holy Hell. That’s almost everyone in the room and some men even have both hands raise.”

Further, I dare write that, even if their son was a priest, a monk, a medical doctor, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the President of the United States, it wouldn’t matter. We’re all the same. We’re only human. Many sons, no matter their occupations or their financial and sexual successes in life, wouldn’t look away if they saw something of their mother that they shouldn’t see. That’s a fact.

Undoubtedly, whether she was beautiful and sexy or fat and ugly, instead of looking away, many sons would stare at something they shouldn’t see of their mothers. Instead of protecting her privacy and respecting her modesty by looking away, especially if she was unaware that they were there watching, they’d stare, they’d leer and, later, they’d masturbate over all that they saw of their mothers. With men always horny, even if it’s their mother, sometimes, especially if it’s their mothers, it’s only natural to be sexually curious of what Mom looks like naked.

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