Rcik meant to seduce his sister but mom got hooked instead!

The morning started just as every morning seemed to anymore. Get up, don her robe and begin breakfast for the kids before awakening them for school. She hadn’t slept well since Joel’s promotion. His new job was several hundred miles away and they had decided not to move until the school year was over. Because of that Joel stayed there during the week and then came home most weekends. She seemed to always have a pulsing awareness of how long it was between their bouts of lovemaking. This morning she had awaken rubbing her clit into the sheets with an almost unbearable urge to touch herself. God, she thought and this is just Monday, a day after our early morning lovemaking yesterday. Joel wasn’t the greatest lover and definitely didn’t have the best equipment to perform with but when they were together every night it had sufficed.

“Good morning”, Mackenzie said cheerfully as she walked into the kitchen and plopped down at the table.

“You’re awfully cheerful this morning, you must have gotten a good night’s sleep”, her mom replied.

“Gary called me last night and we talked for hours. He’s so cute and everyone wants to go with him because he’s the quarterback on the football team, but, he asked ME out to the show Friday night. I think he wants my body!”, Kenzie teased her mom.
“KENZIE”…..Kim said, startled at her words. “What do you mean he wants your body??”

“Oh you know, he’s always telling me how hot I am and how pretty I am and all that. Don’t worry mom he’s not gonna get me…….not yet anyway…she said, smirking at Kim’s startled reaction to her words.”

“Kenzie, you’re just 18 and you shouldn’t even be thinking about having sex yet girl.”

“Mom, you’re so old fashioned, I’m probably the only virgin at school….everyone else’s mother put them on birth control in high school to protect them from their hormonal instincts. I bet you don’t even think I should have my own vibrator!”

Kim’s mouth dropped open as she stood thinking how to respond to that. “Do you have one”…she finally asked?

“You should know mom, you go through my stuff often enough.”

Kim’s face reddened as she knew she was caught. She did go through Mackenzie’s stuff but she hadn’t known she knew about it. “I..I put your clothes away for you, would you rather do it yourself?”

“What would you do mom if you read in my journal that I was screwing every guy at school. I’ve started to write that just to see if you’d confront me about it and admit you were reading it.”

Kim felt guilty, and stammered in defense, “I..I haven’t read your journal in a very long time Kenzie. When I did I was consumed with guilt so I never did it again. Are you mad that I pried?”

“No, not really, I understand why you do it but now that I’m getting older I really think you’d trust me to do what is right and not feel the need to spy on me.”

“I promise I will never look at your stuff again Kenzie because what you said is true and I know I can trust you to come to me before you do something stupid.”

Kim felt very uneasy at this conversation and decided to go wake Rick up and asked, “Are we OK then?”

“Yes mom, I still love ya”…and then as an afterthought, “does that mean you’ll get me my own vibrator so I can be like everybody else”…she said laughing loudly!

Kim smiled and said, “I’ll think about it.” As she walked up the stairs she tried not to think of her daughter in bed, thighs spread using a vibrator on herself. For some strange reason her clit began a soft pulsing as that vision passed through her mind.

Rick’s door was partly open and thinking he was up she pushed it open saying, “Breakfast is ready anytime you’re”……..She stopped, stunned by the sight before her. Rick was still in bed, arms folded over the pillow that covered his face and the sheet and cover was partially wrapped around his body. Kim’s breathing immediately became deep, slow, as her gaze took in the scene before her. Rick’s dick was standing at full mast, rigidly swaying and was monstrous in size. She wanted to run from the room but her feet were frozen in place as she stood mesmerized by the enormity of his size. His cock was at least a foot long and thick, so thick that Kim felt a trepidation of the pain it could cause as it forced her labia to accept it. She immediately realized she was thinking of how her son’s dick would feel entering her pussy, his mother’s pussy. Every cell of her being was crying out how wrong it was for her to stand there staring at her 19 year old son’s dick enjoying the incestuous thoughts arousing her. The throbbing need his cock awakened within her body easily overwhelmed any objections her morals presented.

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