Raping My Fat Indian Mother

It was a glorious Sunday morning. The D-day. The rest of my family had left to visit our hometown the previous day and it was just me and my mother left in the house. As the feeling of freedom sank in, my morning wood reminded me that today was the day I was going to use my mother to satisfy myself. We were going to be alone for the next month and I knew that would be enough time to talk her into keeping quiet about it. But I had to make sure I was in total control the whole time or else she might panic and call for help.

I got out of my bed and walked over quietly to my mother’s room. There she was, lying face up on her bed, breathing quietly as her huge breasts heaved up and down in her tight kurti. Her legs were spread slightly apart and her thick thighs looked so delicious and inviting. Her belly was slightly large but not as fat as her buttocks, which were huge and always wobbled when she walked. Her soft hands rested at her sides as I scanned her short form from bottom to top. She was a foot shorter than I was and this only accentuated her huge bulging breasts and ass even more. I took a step closer and inspected her sleeping face. Her mouth was slightly open and her beautiful pink lips were so inviting, I needed to know how it felt to push my hard member onto her pretty tongue. I knew I had to take it slow, though, as much as I wanted to take out my balls and stuff them into her juicy mouth.

I usually slept in boxers, so my erection was now strained against the fabric, longing to come out and rub against this big beautiful woman. I leaned my head forward within two inches of her face. Her perfume smelled so good, I just got closer and closer, and holding my breath, I brought my eager lips almost touching hers. I couldn’t control myself. In an instant I had latched on to her lower lip and was sucking it vigorously. It was so soft and supple that I was almost drooling on her mouth in horniness.

It took her exactly 4 seconds for her to wake up fully, in which time I had made her mouth wet and some of my saliva had dripped inside as well. With a scream of shock she pushed me away and sat up, touching her moistened lips, eyes going wide as she slowly realized that her son’s spit was in her mouth. My adrenaline was at an all time high by now. All I could think of was how badly I wanted to abuse her, and I wasn’t going to give her any time to recover her composure. I put my hands around her plump face and looked her straight in the eyes.

“Mummy, I can’t stand it anymore. I need to have sex with you right here, right now, and I’m going to do it no matter what. You’re mine now. Better to accept it like a good woman. Otherwise I’ll have to do it forcefully.”

She was shellshocked by my vulgarity. “B-but why — how suddenly? What happened? This is so wrong! You’re my son and -”

I didn’t let her finish. I put my hand down and brought it down fast towards her exposed groin. I grabbed her by the pussy and squeezed hard. She screamed and her eyes widened further as the force of my hand caused shockwaves along the fat on her body, making her thick thighs jiggle sway while her belly vibrated and her boobs moved back and forth. Oh, but I could feel her genitals in my fingers through the thin cloth. Her pussy lips were being squeezed by my hand and I could feel her clitoris with my thumb. As she shouted incoherently and tried to get away, the feeling of cupping my mother’s sex cause my hardened cock to leak a few drops of precum into my boxers.

My mother was trying to get away from me, but I had her pinned down against the bed, and the sight of her screaming for help turned me on all the more. I gave her cunt another slap and when her mouth opened to scream in indignation, I moved quickly and dripped my saliva into her gaping mouth, licking her soft pink lips on the way out. I covered her mouth with my other hand and told her to swallow. She shook her head, eyes pleading. I took my hands off her quailing vagina and pulled down my boxers so that she got a full view of my raging boner, bouncing out and ready for action. Her expression was a mixture of amazement and shock and she stared at my dick, holding my spit in her mouth.

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