Rape And Marriage

A newlywed couple get an unexpected wedding gift from
the bride’s parents that’s exhilarating for the bride,
but far from that for the new husband.


“A lesser man would feel jealous and panicky, that is,
knowing his wife was out with another man, or men, and
having wanton, unbridled unprotected sex with them.
While he, the faithful husband was home with an aching
throbbing erection because his wife hadn’t given him any
for a few days, or weeks, because she was too busy
putting out for other men, many who may be strangers.
And then when she does open her legs for her husband,
she wants him to lick and lap and suck where so many had
recently placed their throbbing dicks and left their
slimy masculine deposits.

“After orally attending to his wife, the husband, may
find his wife requiring him to wear a rubber sheath,
thereby prohibiting him from enjoying her hot, wet, and
raw, on a prick skin to soft wet pussy flesh basis.

“Additionally, the wife may also come home inseminated
by this other man, or men, and present the baby to her
husband as his and her child.

“However, a very secure man would not flinch a bit, but
accept all I’ve described in the knowledge that his love
is unselfish and that the love his wife has for him is
not based solely on physical endowments, but strong
emotional bonds. Yes, Kevin, others may fuck and fill
her cunt many times, but you should be comforted knowing
that others can’t take her away from you just because
they can fuck here better, or even if they knock her up
with child. Her love for you will still bring her back
home, even with the other man’s child that she will
deliver and add to your growing family, composed
entirely of children she’s had from her affairs with
other men.

“The mere fact that others will clearly see that you
didn’t sire any of your kids, will send a very strong
signal to other men that your marital bond is too strong
for some home wrecking stud to break up. Sure, the stud
may convince your wife to add his offspring to your
family, but by him not being able to convince her to
leave you or break up your marriage, now that’s true
love Kevin. That’s what Karen can give you as your

I recalled my mother-in-law’s words of wisdom that were
told me sometime ago right after my marriage. They were
a bombshell to me then, and as I ponder them today, they
still have a similar effect as they did when she first
spoke them.

However, I’ve learned to live with and accept the
conditions of my marriage. I do still love Karen a great
deal, even though she and I have had to deal with the
consequences of her urges to fuck big brawny, well
endowed, handsome men.

Whenever she gets a yearning to risk pregnancy by
fucking them unprotected, and almost always feeding me
their fuck juices from her messy sloppy snatch, I do my
part of helping her to deal with her wicked craving. I
lay back and let her grind her wet mucky semen soaked
pussy over my licking sucking mouth. I grip her gyrating
bucking hips just the way I know it pleases her and
feast on her oozing cunt smothering my face.

After she settles down from her very exhilarating orgasm
or two or three, which she usually has, as a result of
my tonguemanship and suckmanship, we talk very earnestly
about the foolish irresponsibility of her actions as
well as the wickedness of her wanting me to eat her
messy and very spermy creampie she and her illicit
lover, or lovers, or strangers, made for me.

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