Rachael and I go even further

“Are you serious?” she whispered.

“Oh, fuck yes.” I replied with a shaking voice. “I’d give anything to feel someone touching me right now.”

“Are you…are you touching yourself?” she asked.

I felt the heat flush through my body, both embarrassment and lust. I took in a deep shaky breath. I was cupping my bare pussy inside my sleeping bag, and feeling the heat and wetness against my fingers was almost more than I could stand.

“I was going to try to wait until you were asleep,” I lied, “because I’ve… I’ve never felt so, so…so needful.”



“Go ahead if you want to.”

I lay there, feeling the heat between my legs against my hand, and grasping to find the right thing to say that wouldn’t ruin this. It was so dark I could barely see her, just a few feet away in her own sleeping bag.

“Rachael?” I asked softly, “are you sure?” A few long moments passed before she answered, and I could sense she was wrestling, as I was, with what exactly she wanted to happen.

“Sure.” she replied, and I heard her audibly swallow. “I don’t want to be the only one.”

I had never been so torn in my life. On the one hand my body was practically begging to feel the sensations of an orgasm, and I’d never wanted to rub my clitoris so badly. But I also didn’t want Rachael to think I was some sort of sexual maniac. I knew she was basically admitting that she was going to make herself cum as well, but I sensed that for me this orgasm was going to be somehow more intense than the ones I was used to, and I was afraid I’d make noises that might make me seem like a degenerate.

“I don’t want you to think…that I’m really weird…” I whispered.

“It’s not weird Emily,” she told me quietly, “I do it all the time. I really want to make myself cum, so if you do it, I’ll do it at the same time.”

That was absolutely the most erotic thing I’d ever heard in my life up to that point. I slid my fingers into my slit and gave an involuntary gasp at what felt like a spark that jumped from my clit to my belly and back.

And I wanted more. I didn’t want to just have an orgasm next to Rachael. I wanted to share this orgasm with her, and I wanted to share hers. She moaned quietly from her side of the tent and I felt a sudden pressure to keep our verbal connection alive.

“How are you doing it?” I whispered to her as my index finger traced a large circle around my clit, without touching it.

“I could tell you and we could do the same thing…do it together at the same time…”

“Oh fuck…please! Yes…please.” I hadn’t meant to beg, but my body was in control by this point.

“I’m just playing with my nipples, pinching them just sets me on fire. Pinch yours.”

I was confused. I’d never really touched my nipples while masturbating. I knew they got hard when I was aroused, and I loved to feel them rub against a soft bedsheet while I touched myself, but I’d never really gotten any specific pleasure from touching them. But in that moment, that night, I was willing to try anything.

I felt for my hard nipple with my finger and thumb and pinched it.

I lifted both my head and hips involuntarily and gasped as I felt my insides twist into what was almost an orgasm. I stayed tensed up like that, feeling the tension hum inside of me until I willed myself to relax.

“I told you…” Rachael whispered, with a smile in her voice. “It’s so good.”

“I didn’t know…I’ve never tried that before.” I replied, staring at the fabric of the tent above me and feeling my heart pound.

And suddenly, soundlessly, she was beside me, pulling my sleeping bag open and slipping in with me. It was the most natural thing in the world to reach out to her, and our arms wrapped around each other. She had removed her panties and her naked body next to me felt both soothing and electrifying.

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