Quality female control ~~ Naked bodily inspections

Usually the first day of a new job feels like a whirlwind, but for newly promoted Olivia Wong, the first day was a hurricane.

She had taken a flight across the country with her famously strict boss and spent an uneventful night with her at a hotel. In the morning, after breakfast, they drove a rental car to their destination.

Upper management at the corporation had been impressed with Olivia’s incredible attention to detail and sharp eyes. A wizard with organization and corporate compliance, she was promoted at a relatively young age.

It was approximately 9 am on a Monday morning when they parked in the lot outside of the branch location. Both women wore nearly identical tailored suits: well-fitted jackets, pencil skirts and black pumps. Looking like typical white-collar workers at any upscale office, no one would have guessed that their jobs were more hands-on in nature.

“Ms. Wong, be sure to follow my lead,” Genevieve said as a reminder. “Don’t speak unless spoken to, and observe the manner in which I communicate.”

Olivia liked the fact that her boss used last names when on the job. It made Olivia feel more important than she actually was. And considering the unconventional requirements of this particular job, she found it rather hilarious.

She gulped. “I understand. Do you get nervous for these sorts of assignments?”

“No. I’ve been doing this for too many years to be nervous.”

“You’re a force of nature,” Olivia pointed out, with awe in her voice.

Genevieve was unmoved. “The job involves following rules and corporate regulations. This branch will either be in full compliance, or not. Feelings are irrelevant.”

“You make it sound so simple. But I’m excited.”

“That’s good. Be confident.”

Olivia nodded. “I am.”

In truth, she viewed Genevieve ‘s ironclad confidence as the mark of a successful businesswoman. Olivia also found Genevieve ‘s ruthlessness appealing, but it was certainly a double edged sword. Clearly, if Olivia was unable to meet the requirements of this job, she would be out of work.

SueDanymSecrets was a company known for high standards. Their lingerie and customer service were renowned for amazing quality. Produced in Europe, their pieces appealed to women who wanted to tempt their partners into wildly erotic moments.

The two women exited their rental car — with Olivia holding a briefcase — and they paused outside of the storefront. The window display was appropriately staged to showcase their products in a seductive, but classy manner. In exactly one hour, the store would open and the display would be bathed in bright lights.

Though the front door remained locked, the employees glanced through the window and saw that Genevieve had arrived for a surprise inspection. They scurried over, opened the door and welcomed the women to come in. To a former college bookworm like Olivia, she was impressed by the influence her boss wielded. This was a sign of true power.

Olivia briefly scanned the store as they remained at the entrance. The walls and floor appeared spotless and the space was well lit. All the lingerie and undergarments were perfectly organized on each rack. On the surface, nothing was out of place. But she’d give a deeper review later, per guidelines.

When the Manager came over to greet them with hugs and kisses, the amount of stature Genevieve possessed became even more obvious.

“Such a surprise to see you,” Ms. Sinclaire gushed with her thick French accent. “May I get you two lovely ladies anything? Tea? Coffee?”

Genevieve barely cracked a smile. “No thank you. Since the store opens soon, we’ll keep this brief.”

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