Punishment for a Cheating Wife

Brad and Bea Forest had been married for 20 years. Lately he has noticed that she has become more aware of her figure by drinking more water, avoiding “snack foods” for being too fattening and even wearing more daring shorts and dresses. She would also spend more time around the pool, working on her tan and showing off her lean body and muscular legs in her light blue bikini.

At 39 years of age, she looks more like a women 10 years younger her age, if it were not for the three children they had. Paul was the eldest at 19 years of age, followed by the twin 18 year old daughters, Kristin and Brooke.

Brad was growing more uneasy about some of his wife’s behavior over the past few weeks. She had become more critical of him and the way he does things, not allowing him to have a meaningful intimate relationship with her as often as he wanted to, and always obsessed with her work-outs at the Pilates Gym in town and talking on the phone often with her friends. She had become more distanced from her family. Brad couldn’t help but get the feeling that there was another man in her life, but she would always tell him he was out of touch with reality and that he was way too jealous and controlling of her life, even after 20 years of marriage.

Then it happened on a Thursday that Brad had Ray walk into his office and tell him that his wife Cara had seen Bea at the Gym flirting with the Pilates-instructor. And to prove it he had asked Cara to get him a copy of the security-camera video that showed Bea coming out of the shower and walking into the instructor’s office, dropping her towel to the ground and having the instructor pick her up in his strong arms and spreading her over the table, while eagerly and passionately kissing her and embarking on sexual intercourse with Bea.

With the video in his briefcase, Brad was going through an emotional roller-coaster as he drove home that afternoon.

At home, Bea was just coming out of the Jacuzzi when she saw Brad. “Hi Honey, how was your day at the office?”

“Oh, it was as usual frustrating and demanding as you know” Brad replied, not allowing himself to let anything of his suspicion show in his voice. “Say, what would you say if we break away to the farm for the weekend – just to get away from everything for a while?” he continued.

“I don’t know, I guess it should be fine to spend some family time since Monday is Labor Day and it is a long weekend” Bea replied.

Brad was quite surprised that Bea was willing to go, but then again guilt feelings can often allow a person to go along with a spouse in order not to raise suspicion or cause him to distrust her.

So the next day the Forest family had packed the car and traveled the 4 hours to the farm where the old log house built by Brad’s Grandfather was awaiting their arrival.

Brooke and Kristin helped to unpack the car while Bea was trying to make a phone call, and since John couldn’t come with due to a previous arrangement to spend the weekend with his girlfriend, Brad had to get the power-generator going as there was no electric power on the farm.

Later that evening, after a light supper that Bea and the daughters had prepared, Brad suggested that they watch a few videos in the big old livingroom, where the only TV set was.

“Sure Dad, what can we watch?” Brooke asked in anticipation, while opening the cabinet next to the TV set.

“O!, we can watch the brand new series on the “Tudors” as I bought it at the store just yesterday” Brad replied.

“Dad that is so gory and not like family viewing!” Kristin replied “”cause it has to do with King Henry the Eighth and how he got rid of his wives!”

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