Jenny felt her dark nipples harden in anticipation. Part of her wished she could see what he was going to do next. Though, if she was honest with herself, she knew that she really did prefer to be surprised. Her arms were a little sore from being tied over her head for the past hour, but the pain only added to the excitement.

She lay on her back exposed and naked, but for the blindfold. Each ankle was tied firmly to a leg of the bed. This position was her favorite. He had first used it last year on her 21st birthday and this year she had asked him for a repeat performance.

The wet lips of Jenny’s shaved snatch were spread wide open for him. She tried to look under the bottom of the blindfold to catch a glimpse of what he was taking out of the duffle bag, but she couldn’t see a thing.

“Did you just peek?” He asked, his voice raspy and excited.


The slap of the rubber whip to her pussy came quickly. The slight sting made her wiggle as tingles ran down her legs. She wanted desperately to rub her mound and dig her fingers deep into her eager cunt. But all she could do was lay there and squirm. She loved it. She wanted to be his toy. She needed to be played with and punished.

“Don’t lie to me again.”

“I’m sorry.”

Her breathing quickened as she heard him rustle around in the bag again. Her lower lips pulsed and her hips bucked as she waited for his next move.

The distinctive sound of a cigarette lighter frightened her a bit and she tensed. She knew that he would never really hurt her, but why would he need a lighter?

Jenny relaxed as the soft crackling sound of a wick catching fire fluttered from a few feet away. She waited for the scent of the candle that he had chosen. She sniffed, but smelled nothing other than lighter fluid. She sensed him hovering over her, his movements jerky and wanting.

“Ouch! What the fuck?” She yelled. Hot wax burned as it dripped on her tight stomach and ran down over her throbbing clit. It hurt. She didn’t want it to stop.

“Hey, watch your language. Besides, you know you like it. You’re just a horny bad girl aren’t you?”

“No. I don’t like it,” she lied.

“Okay then, I’ll stop.”

“No, don’t stop. . . Please.”

“Oh, you are quite the naughty the girl.”

He slapped her bare pussy with his open hand. She squirmed. She wanted more. She squeaked as hot wax seared red marks on her pussy. He held her open with his finger and a thumb and let the wax run down inside of her cunt. She wanted to protest. She wasn’t sure she wanted wax inside of her, but it felt so good.

She heard him blow out the candle. The wax, still hot but slowly cooling, turned her pussy bright red. She wanted more. She didn’t care what he did next. She just wanted him to use her. To explore her. To treat her like his own personal plaything.

Jenny felt his hands reach under her hips and push a pillow under her ass. She sensed his head between her legs. She arched her back and reached her pussy towards his warm breath. She gasped as she felt his wet tongue probe the rim of her asshole. He had never done this before. It was sort of gross, but oh my god did it feel amazing. She squirmed as he forced the tip in and out of her ass. She writhed and squirmed. She couldn’t take it. It was too much. It was too intense. She had to ask him to stop, but she didn’t want to. With a final lick he pulled away.

Panting for breath, she tried to guess, what he would do next. She wanted him to fill her up. She needed to be fucked hard, like he had no control and had to pound her until he came.

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