Punished for perving on the hot girls at school

i was on my way to my next class when i realised i left my gym bag in the locker room. As i was passin the girls changing room out of the corner of my eye i noticed the girls were changing for their p.e lesson, i couldnt help myself, i went closer for a better look.

I saw 2 girls undressing, it was keri and shell, they are both very hot girls and i couldnt resist. At the time of looking both girls were stood around in just their bra’s and thongs. These girls are 2 of the hottest at school and i couldnt believe my luck. I was getting so hard and was touching my cock as i carried on watching. I pulled my hard cock out and started to wank, i was getting so carried away i forgot where i was. This was too good to be true.

Yes it was, i heard a noise behind me and turned around to look, still holding my cock. Shit, it was the girls p.e teacher miss jay. I’d been caught in the act, i didnt know waht to do, i just froze. Miss jay said she had been watching me for about 5 mins and told me that i was a dirty perv and that i was in so much trouble. She called the girls out from the changing room and told them that i was watching them and wanking, the girls were horrified but i could see by their faces that they secretly enjoyed it. Miss jay said that i was to be punished and asked the girls if they wanted to see my punishment. They agreed, of course they wanted to, it would be their revenge. Miss jay told the girls to come back to the changing room after school has finished and told me to be there too.

The last few hours of school were so embarresing, all i could think about was what miss jay had in store for me, i couldnt even look at keri and shell i was so embarresed.

The bell went for end of school and i hung around for a while and then made my way to the changing rooms, as i entered miss jay and the girls were already there. I walked in and miss jay locked the door behind me, she told me to make my way into the showers where my punishment would begin. I refused and went to leave but she reminded me that i was in trouble and that she would report me to the headmaster and also tell my parents, i could be expelled to. I had to do whatever she said, i couldnt live this down otherwise, the consequences were too high.

I went into the showers as directed, miss jay they told me and the girls to strip off our uniforms and put them on the bench. I had to strip off 1st in front of the girls and miss jay, i was so embarresed, i was quite hard though, i couldnt help it. Keri and shell were enjoying watching this, i guess it was their revenge. I was made to stand there while it was the girls turn to change, i wasnt alowed to watch though. I was then told to turn around, i couldt believe what i saw. Miss jay was stood their in her underwear, crotchless knickers, thigh high block stockings, basque and high heels. She looked amazing. Keri was wearing my uniform and shell also had a boys uniform on. I was then instructed to put on shell’s thong, mini skirt, knee socks and keri’s bra and blouse.

What i role reversel, i was now the girl dressed like a slut in front of 2 hot girls dressed as guys and a very hot teacher. They all walked towards me and miss jay pushed me to the ground, i was told to get on all fours, then miss jay threw keri a bag and she pulled out 2 strapon cocks, very big ones too, much bigger than my cock. Miss jay bent over in front of me and pushed her ass into my face, i was told to lick and suck her ass hole like it was the last thing id ever do, she instructed keri to spit on my ass hole and lube me up so that her and shell could take turns fucking my ass and treat me like a sissy slut, it was their payback for me perving on them, the girls were enjoying being the dominant ones so much that they tok no time in thrusting the huge strap ons into my tight ass, they must of took turns fucking me like this for what felt like an hour, all the time miss jay sat on my face and made me lick her ass and pussy, i had to stick my tounge right inside her ass and i could taste her, she was getting so wet, her juices were running down my face.

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