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Hello friends! I am Ravi back with my new story. The incident I am going to narrate has occurred recently when I got admitted in an institute to learn a software course. It is really great story about my oral and anal sex with a great mature lady. Our class strength was 10 consisting of 3 guys and 7 ladies. The class was for 2 hours each day for 3 months. Among all of the ladies, there was one lady whose age I figured was 26 years and looked somewhat familiar. I could recall that she was living in the lane next to mine. I am damn sure anyone can piss in their pants after just looking at her. Her figure is 38C-30-40 and name is Sunita. She is about 5 feet 3 inches in height and of milky-white complexion. Sunita generally comes to the institute with light-colored siffon sarees with sleeveless deep cut blouse with the MANGALSUTRA hanging around her neck. She wore saree below her navel which makes her looks sexier. Sunita uses red lipstick and her nails are polished red which multiplied her beauty. Whenever she entered the institute, everybody’s attention was drawn to her.

At the second class, Sunita sat closer to me during the practice session. I touched her body and I got a shock. It was electric! And I think she knew it! We chatted for a while and easily became friends. During the chit-chat, I came to know that her hubby wants her to join the software industry. He is working as an IT-recruiter and it is easy for him to push her. Sunita even disclosed that she has just conceived a lovely child. As we get up and down in the bus at the bus stop, I always eagerly waited for her. One day I went closer to her in the bus and started to put my dick exactly in her buttocks. First Sunita didn’t recognize it; but she afterwards recognized and looked at me angrily. I simply smiled at her as if I was unaware of that. As it was very crowded, I gently squeezed her buttocks. The very next day, I saw her standing in middle of the crowd. I went close to her and stood behind her and slowly pushed my dick in between her ass crack. Sunita shacked slightly and stood there itself. I became bold and pushed my dick deep in her ass crack. I bent close to her and showed how much hot I am through hot breath in a turn. I gave a kiss in her cheek without knowing others in the bus. Sunita looked at me and told, “Look! I am married. Don’t disturb me.” I smiled at her and told bravely, “Even though you are married, you possess breasts to press and suck, and cunt to fuck.” She didn’t have expected these kinds of words from me there. Sunita scolded me, “Shut up you bastard!” and went away from me. In the practice class, I sat beside her. She stared at me angrily. Before she could say anything, I placed my proposal. In a slow voice, I told her, “Look Sunita. I love you. You are amazingly sexy. You are just unavoidable. I masturbate thinking of you in the night and make my bed-sheet dirty. I really need to fuck you before any other people seduce you.” She looked into my eyes and sensed the lust. After staring at me strangely for a while, Sunita giggled. And I got confirmed that she gave in. thereafter I passed sex comments to her and even shared sex jokes with her. We both liked company of each other. Whenever I got chance I squeezed her boobs, tickled her and kissed her lips.

One day Sunita wanted me to accompany her to the theatre as her hubby was moving out of station for an off-campus drive. Sunita had already booked two seats at corner. It was an evening show. I visited the movie with her and sat beside her at the proper place. As the film initiated, I looked around the hall. As it was not crowded, I planned a mischief. I thought to seduce her right there in the darkness. I slipped my hand into her saree and caressed her tummy between her waist and blouse. As Sunita didn’t utter a word, I moved my hand to her busts and fondled them over her blouse. Sunita turned to me, leaned her head on my shoulder and whispered me, “Ravi! What are you doing? It is a public place. We may get noticed. Let me watch the movie!” I immediately replied, “Don’t worry Madam! Everyone is busy watching the movie. Cover your chest with the pallu. Don’t disturb me and I will not disturb you.” Sunita answered, “You are simply crazy, Ravi!” Thereafter I undid her blouse buttons one by one. Now I could feel her bra and its outline. I kneaded them for sometime and then removed her bra-strap. Her big melons sprang out of the captivity making me doubly horny. I pressed and twitched them at my will. I rolled her tits between my fingers gently as it could spill out the milk. Sunita got turned on and clutched my hand. She requested me to stop. As she started to tidy up herself, I gently hoisted her saree along with her petticoat onto her thighs. I thought Sunita could sense what I was going to do with her as she said to me, “You are very naughty!” when I touched her fat thighs and ran my palm on them, Sunita began slip her left hand into my pants to grab the shaft unzipping my trouser. I had attained a strong erection as I was playing with her boobs. Sunita pulled it out and fondled it in the darkness with the foreskin moving to and fro. Then I touched her panty and when I inserted my right hand inside it, I found it was clean-shaved. I pinched her pussy lips for sometime and then dragged the panty onto her knees. Sunita helped me in raising her hips to do so. Then I made my fingers wet with my saliva and pushed 3 of them into her love canal. I then massaged and teased her cunt lips expertly and probed for her clit through her parted legs. I thrust my long fingers into her cunt and in response she masturbated me. Sunita put the edge of her saree into her mouth to stop the yelps coming out. I could feel wetness as her love juices began to ooze and her panty was sopping wet. My finger tips massaged her g-spot applying the right pressure and rhythm. I continued mauling her entire crotch with my palm and was ruthlessly squeezing her moms. I could feel the warm sensation emanate deep from her womanhood as it spread up her hips and body. Sunita was going to attain orgasm. She squeezed my rod firmly when an extremely powerful orgasm rocked her and the vulva muscles clamped hard on my fingers. Her absolute shameful orifice (pussy) oozed a lot of juice that flowed freely along her ass-crack and drenched the seat as well as her petticoat. I pulled out my fingers and tasted her gel as it was intoxicating me. Within the intermission, Sunita attained her orgasm twice.

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