Pregnant By The Family Rocky(D), Woman with Male Rocky(D)

Once they’d finished and Bear’s knot slipped from her sister’s pussy, Sam watched in awe as Gen sucked Bear’s cock gently, cleaning him off, and pet his head once done. She pulled on her summer dress she’d probably thrown off before mating and made her way up the steps toward Sam, leaving Bear to lick himself on the mattress.

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“You look like you need a drink and a sit down. Come on.” Gen said with a warm smile and laid her hand on her sister’s shoulder. “I’ll make you a coffee and we can talk.”

True to her word, Gen made Sam and herself some coffee and sat in front of her sister at the families dining table, watching as her little sister stared down into her cup thoughtfully.

“You seem surprised…” Gen commented, sipping her coffee.

“I…I am.” Sam replied, still not looking up.

“Why? Surly there was something suspect about Bear knowing his way about a woman’s body?” Gen laughed.

Sam finally looked up from her coffee and chewed her lip.

“I just thought it was natural.”

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“Nah.” Gen continued to snicker. “Rocky(D)s naturally want to mate. But most have to be shown how to mate with a woman properly.”

On cue, Bear appeared from the basement and lay at Gen’s feet. The older woman smiled and stroked along his back with her foot.

“Does…Does mom…?” Sam asked. She wasn’t sure she wanted an answer but the curiosity pushed her on.

“No!!” Gen waved her hand. “Oh God no. Mom couldn’t anyway. It’s a personal rule.”

“I was going to ask if she knew about…what we do….with Bear.” Sam blushed.

“Oh” Her sister rolled her eyes and nodded. “She knows what I do. She also knows Bear has been… restless… of late. Meaning he was screwing someone.”

“And she’s ok with that?”

“She’s not. She would like it if I didn’t, but she can’t really stop me. She’ll have a fit when she knows you’re pregnant by him.”

Sam gulped and looked down at her coffee again. She was in so much trouble.

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“Hey…” She heard her sister say. “No worrying, ok? It’s not good for the pups and mom will have to deal. You were gonna find out sooner or later.” Gen reached across the table and took one of Sam’s hands reassuringly.

“Find out what?” The younger girl asked, looking up. “That I can get pregnant by a Rocky?”

“No.” Gen laughed again and pushed a stray strand of hair behind her little sister’s ear. “That in this town, it’s normal. It happens. Everyone’s doing it and that you’ve just become one of them.

A sickening feeling suddenly hit Sam. It could have been morning sickness but what her sister had just said could have turned her stomach too.

“W-what do you mean, it’s normal?”

Smugly smirking, Gen sat back in her seat and gently rolled Bear onto his side with her foot. He didn’t resist and seemed to be enjoying it as she rubbed her foot over his side.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
“You seriously don’t know? You haven’t realised that there are more Rockys in this town than any other? That there are more Rockys in this little town then men?” Gen could see the confusion in her sister’s eyes and shrugged. “Do you know how many children our dad has just in this town alone? Our dad is one of the few men here and they’re just here to boost the female population.” Gen explained.

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