Pregnant By The Family Rocky(D), Woman with Male Rocky(D)

Once they’d finished and Bear’s knot slipped from her sister’s pussy, Sam watched in awe as Gen sucked Bear’s cock gently, cleaning him off, and pet his head once done. She pulled on her summer dress she’d probably thrown off before mating and made her way up the steps toward Sam, leaving Bear to lick himself on the mattress.

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“You look like you need a drink and a sit down. Come on.” Gen said with a warm smile and laid her hand on her sister’s shoulder. “I’ll make you a coffee and we can talk.”

True to her word, Gen made Sam and herself some coffee and sat in front of her sister at the families dining table, watching as her little sister stared down into her cup thoughtfully.

“You seem surprised…” Gen commented, sipping her coffee.

“I…I am.” Sam replied, still not looking up.

“Why? Surly there was something suspect about Bear knowing his way about a woman’s body?” Gen laughed.

Sam finally looked up from her coffee and chewed her lip.

“I just thought it was natural.”

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“Nah.” Gen continued to snicker. “Rocky(D)s naturally want to mate. But most have to be shown how to mate with a woman properly.”

On cue, Bear appeared from the basement and lay at Gen’s feet. The older woman smiled and stroked along his back with her foot.

“Does…Does mom…?” Sam asked. She wasn’t sure she wanted an answer but the curiosity pushed her on.

“No!!” Gen waved her hand. “Oh God no. Mom couldn’t anyway. It’s a personal rule.”

“I was going to ask if she knew about…what we do….with Bear.” Sam blushed.

“Oh” Her sister rolled her eyes and nodded. “She knows what I do. She also knows Bear has been… restless… of late. Meaning he was screwing someone.”

“And she’s ok with that?”

“She’s not. She would like it if I didn’t, but she can’t really stop me. She’ll have a fit when she knows you’re pregnant by him.”

Sam gulped and looked down at her coffee again. She was in so much trouble.

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“Hey…” She heard her sister say. “No worrying, ok? It’s not good for the pups and mom will have to deal. You were gonna find out sooner or later.” Gen reached across the table and took one of Sam’s hands reassuringly.

“Find out what?” The younger girl asked, looking up. “That I can get pregnant by a Rocky?”

“No.” Gen laughed again and pushed a stray strand of hair behind her little sister’s ear. “That in this town, it’s normal. It happens. Everyone’s doing it and that you’ve just become one of them.

A sickening feeling suddenly hit Sam. It could have been morning sickness but what her sister had just said could have turned her stomach too.

“W-what do you mean, it’s normal?”

Smugly smirking, Gen sat back in her seat and gently rolled Bear onto his side with her foot. He didn’t resist and seemed to be enjoying it as she rubbed her foot over his side.

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“You seriously don’t know? You haven’t realised that there are more Rockys in this town than any other? That there are more Rockys in this little town then men?” Gen could see the confusion in her sister’s eyes and shrugged. “Do you know how many children our dad has just in this town alone? Our dad is one of the few men here and they’re just here to boost the female population.” Gen explained.

Sam visibly sank down in her seat as she listened.

“Our dad fucked mom, she had me and then you and he moved on. That’s how things go here because woman here, breed Rockys for the most part. See, we’re more fertile here. It’s been proven. Woman in this town can breed with anything. Old lady Jackson down the road breeds with her pigs.”

“But why?” Sam’s mind couldn’t add any of this up.

“Why? Because it’s more profitable. That’s why. It’s better for people outside this town too. Old lady Jackson knows exactly where the pigs she slaughters for meat have come from. And she must enjoy pig cock but that’s another story. Your friend Kate? Her mom breed’s champion show Rockys, doesn’t she?”

Sam nodded.

“Have you ever seen the bitch that bred the Dane that won crufts a few years back?” Gen asked. When Sam shook her head dumbly, her sister snorted. “Of course you have…. You’ve met Kate’s sister Jay haven’t you?”

“No!!” Sam gasped. She wasn’t sure if she was appalled or impressed.

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“Yep. Do you have any idea how much money Kate and Jay’s mom made from that Rocky? It was stupid and easy.”

Sam sat in silence then, watching her sister’s foot under the table as it began to rub Bear’s stomach.

“We’ll sell your pups too. They make a nice little profit considering…”

“But…” Sam scowled and hugged her stomach protectively. “These are my babies…Mine and Bear’s!”

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Shaking her head, Gen looked hard at her sister. “Bear has no attachment to them like you do. He’s done his job. Besides, if you keep those pups around, the males will fight and, God forbid, start interbreeding with you. You can’t do that. It’s wrong. That’s why mom doesn’t breed with Bear.”

Sam’s eyes went wide with shock. “Bear…is mom’s pup?” Gen sighed and began to rub down Bear’s body. He wiggled and rolled onto his back. “He’s our brother??” her little sister asked again in horror.

“You could say that, but I don’t like to think that way. He was just the runt from mom’s litter a few years back. He’s not the same as you and me.”

Somewhat heartbroken at the information, Sam pulled her legs up to her chest and hugged them as best as she could around her pregnant tummy.

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“Sam?” Gen looked remorsefully across the table at her younger sibling. Maybe she shouldn’t have added that last part. “I’m sorry. Please, don’t worry. Everything will be ok. What’s happened is normal. Here at least. You won’t get into trouble and if anything, everyone will be pleased. Puppies are babies. Everyone’s pleased when a baby is born. Only difference is these ones start to look at you differently when they reach a certain age.” Gen reached over the table once more and stroked her sister’s face.

“All kids leave home. Look at it that way. That’s what mom told me.”

Gen held Sam’s hand that night when their mother came home. They didn’t need to say much, Sam’s bulging tummy being an easy giveaway.

To Sam’s astonishment, their mother wasn’t as angry as she had expected but instead, seemed sad about it.

“I knew it wouldn’t be long…” She said as she sat in the armchair in the living room. “If anything though, I’m glad it’s with Bear and not some stray in an alleyway.”
Before their mom had come home, Gen had told Sam that all the stray Rockys that wondered the town’s streets, were puppies that had been abandoned. They lived out of trashcans and were well known for chasing lone woman down and more or less raping them. There were women however, that searched them out and could be found fucking these strays, one after another, in alleyways or the junkyard at the other end of town. Those women were frowned upon. They used the Rockys for their enjoyment only and the puppies they had were usually dumped, creating more strays. A lot of Gen’s school friends had gone that way and their mom had been worried one of them would follow.

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“Me, Gen and Doctor Phips will help with the birth when the time comes.” Sam’s mom said and kissed her daughters head. “You won’t be alone.”

“I’ve had four litters by Bear.” Gen said proudly, stroking the Rocky in questions head as he sniffed her crotch. “And if you don’t mind Sammy, I wanna start trying for another. Hence the position you found us in today.”

Sam nodded without a word and watched as he beloved Rockygy lover trotted off after her sister as she made her way to her room.

“I think maybe I should have left the explaining to mom…” Gen mumbled absently as she closed her bedroom door behind her and Bear. Bear jumped onto her double bed and stood panting, the tip of his cock already showing.

“I’ve gotten all hot and bothered, and so have you, haven’t you boy?” She cooed to him and kissed his nose.

Pulling off her dress and discarding it on the floor, Gen sat on the edge of her bed, laughing as Bear jumped on her back, trying to mount her.

“Oh no. Not that why Bear. We do it my way now lover.” Gen told him and pushed him down. He jumped off the bed, getting the hint, and began lick at Gen’s pussy excitedly.
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“Good boy. Good boy Bear.” She panted, opening her legs wider and parting the lips of her pussy with her fingers. “Get me nice and wet. Ready to make babies.”

Bear nibbled her clit hungrily and licked from her back to front. Soon, Gen was shivering and moaning and her slit dripped with her readiness.

“come one boy!” She gasped and lay back.

Bear jumped up and pressed his front paws down onto the bed, either side of her shoulders. Gen split her legs as far as she could and groaned as Bear tried desperately to enter her. His cock poked at her thighs and rubbed her clit a couple of times before Gen grasped his sheath gently and guided him in

“Good boy!” She cried as he began to thrust harshly into her. She raised her legs, just a little, allowing him to push deeper and begin to set a good pace.

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“That’s it. That’s it Bear. Oh yes! This is a good one.” Gen moaned and arched as his cock swelled inside her. “Keep fucking your bitch Bear! Give her more babies!” she hissed, his knot starting to push against her entrance.

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Bear pushed with everything in him and caused his bitch to give a sharp cry of pain and pleasure as he knot entered her pussy and the pointed tip began pushing into her womb, ready to deliver his sperm straight into the right place.

They were knotted for a good twenty minutes before his cock slid out of her and the two curled up on her bed.

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